New York And The Ever Increasing Prices Of Real Estate

Town Residential is a real estate company that began just five years ago in New York by its founder Mr. Andrew Heiberger. They work in the luxury real estate services industry in sales and leasing and offer outstanding service to their customers by their top of the line employees. They handle residential listings, commercial listings, and retail listings as well as property development that they marketed to their clients to meet any needs they may have. They have experience in the industry with unlimited potential and knowledge in the real estate arena. The were voted as the ”Best Firm to Work For,” and also chosen as one of the “Top Fifty Best Places to Work “ in New York.

They have nine offices in different parts of the New York  City luxury real estate area so that everyone in New York has access to their services. They are in Gramercy, 5th Avenue-Flatiron, Greenwich Street-in the Financial district, Astor Place, Soho, Upper East side, Fifth Avenue-at the other end of 5th Avenue. Each office has their own set of experts that can meet all of their client’s needs including a Corporate Relocation Program to help people to find the property they are looking for. They are assigned their own experienced, specialist who gives them the best service in locating of whatever property they want. Their staff offers the newest information and reports on the most up to date properties in real estate and what is available that meets their requirements including lifestyle and housing needs, price parameters, and other information will be gathered to find the neighborhood and property that meets your needs.

Real estate prices are forever rising with Central Park properties now reaching over the one million mark and other areas of New York not far behind. As salaries and income are rising, real estate is rising with it, far higher than anyone expected. The next thing that has to be asked is how many people can keep affording these prices and continue to buy the ever rising real estate properties? Not everyone is rich and even the ones that are may not continue to be at this rate. There is a development being built with one hundred eighteen apartments under construction at Central Park West in a building with sixty five stories that has half of the units already sold already. Fourteens condos were sold for at least fifty million dollars plus and experts say that more and more of these prices will become more common in New York.

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  1. Kiera Aden August 11, 2017

    New ideas have to be explored in making the sure improvement in the real estate bearable for all people income levels. With the best result would be seen in places that would have more people afford the homes. Rising prices would even drop if more people are improving the economy in market apartments.

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