How Shaygan Kheradpir Has Continued To Perform Extremely Well In His Career

Shaygan Kheradpir is well endowed with business and technology leadership and has a wealth of experience that surpasses 28 years. Currently, he is the Board of Directors Chairman as well as the Chief Executive Officer of Coriant, a reliable, proven and respected supplier of networking solutions affiliated to network operators in not less than 100 countries in the Communications Service Providers (CSP) niche. Shaygan’s experience cuts across financial services, telecoms to technology. His career debut was made at GTE Corporation and out of delivering excellence, got appointed as the Chief Information Officer to Verizon.

While at Verizon, he was a member of the prolific executive leadership team that was responsible for the company’s modernization in its operating systems, innovation, increased efficiency as well as pioneering epic product initiatives. During that era, the company owned FiOS, the biggest infrastructure program in US soil and that had a capital investment surpassing $20 billion.

As part of his career growth, he would later join Barclays as the Chief Technology and Operations Officer, who unlike those he preceded, was given the rare opportunity to sit on the company’s Executive Committee. In the company, he held a very integral leadership role and was very instrumental in creating and implementing its TRANSFORM program. The program made Barclays a force to reckon with when matters related to having 21st century technology felt are concerned in more than 50 countries and to not less than 150,000 employees.

Before getting appointed for his current role in Coriant, he was humbly serving the company in the role of Operating Partner at Marlin Equity Partners where his main focus was on matters technology investments and strategic telecom. His academic qualifications also go in sync with his rare achievements. He is a Ph.D., Masters and bachelor’s holder in electrical engineering from Cornell University. He is also the proud owner of multiple patents in different engineering and telecommunication niches.

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