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How George Soros Plans to Help the Migrants

George Soros is a name that anyone will recognize from the 1992 bet against the British pound. He is well known as a democratic donor during election years – having spent over $20 million to help oust President George W. Bush from office in 2004, and now $8 million to support Hillary Clinton. Soros is even known in the financial world, partly for his famous bet in 1992, and partly for his prowess in trading.
Now, Soros has made his opinion on the Syrian migrant crisis known. He gave an interview with Market Watch on September 29, 2015 regarding the subject.

He has given six different things the European Union could be doing to make the situation much better for all involved. All the steps are important in their own way, but some are more important to be acted on first.

One of the suggestions that should be acted upon first is his suggestion to streamline the asylum seeking process. As of when the interview was given, there were 28 different processes a migrant could potentially go through to attain asylum status. There is one process for each member of the European Union. These processes currently produce drastically different results for each migrant.

By slowly streamlining this process, migrants will be able to – sooner or later – expect the same answer no matter where in the EU they go. A single process, Soros thinks, will help make it easier for migrants and those seeking asylum to get the help they need.

The second suggestion George Soros made is that the EU should take in at least one million migrants a year for the next few years. While that may sound like a lot, the migrants would be spread as equally as possible between all the member states of the European Union. It would be difficult. It will be a lengthy process to get all the migrants situated. However, as fewer and fewer come into the system, this process will get faster and faster.

Another suggestion Forbes billionaire George Soros has made on Bloomberg is to support these migrants. This financial aid would be a tremendous help to the migrants, but the EU needs help to reach the needed amount per migrant. Soros believes that if each migrant received 15,000 euros (or $16,800), they would be able to do more to start their new life off right.

Fourthly, George Soros suggests getting many foundations involved in raising said money. Churches, for example, often help raise money to help people; why shouldn’t they raise money to help asylum-seekers? Furthermore, he believes that anyone who can help should. IT technicians can help put migrants into jobs. Families can help them find the best places to shop for low prices in the neighborhood. Neighbors can be friendly.

The other two suggestions Soros of the Open Society Foundation made go pretty much hand in hand. One is to make getting migrants to Europe, and giving them hope they will make it, a priority. The other is to provide funding for migrants in Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan, respectively.

Sergio Cortes Explains Zika, Dengue, and Chikungunya

A recent article on R7 Noticias explains that it was recently discovered that in addition to dengue, the Aedes Agypti mosquito is also responsible for the spread of two other viruses: zika and chikungunya. According to experts, the symptoms of all three illnesses are quite similar, namely, high fever, body aches, eye pain, muscle pain, and skin rashes, according to Dr. Sergio Cortes.
As a result of these new viruses caused by the same mosquito, it is important to highlight how to distinguish each illness. The main symptoms of dengue as compared to the other illnesses are body aches and eye pain. Dr. Sergio Cortes adds that in order to tell the zika virus from chikungunya, Nurse Bruno del Guerra, with the Itapetinga Epidemiological Control Unit in Sao Paulo, has identified certain symptoms as being found mainly in each specific illness. The zika virus is associated with itching throughout the body and eye redness, whereas chikungunya causes rather intense joint pain.

Despite the recorded increase in microcephaly among newborns, these data are still being studied. Therefore, the threat posed by the zika viruses is difficult to establish. Dr. Sergio Cortes added Del Guerra’s observation that, on the other hand, that hemorrhaging is a well-known possible symptom of dengue. In addition, Guerra also stressed the importance of seeking medical care when symptoms of these illnesses arise. Dr. Sergio Cortes also added that according to Nurse Del Guerra, studies are underway to determine whether a single person can be afflicted with more than one the viruses simultaneously.

There is no known antiviral therapy or any other type of treatment to prevent the illness. Sergio Cortes explains that according to Del Guerra, treatments for these illnesses are under investigation. For the time being, oral rehydration therapy is the standard treatment, or if necessary, intravenous rehydration can also be administered at first-aid centers. Rehydration should be followed by at least five days of bed-rest to ensure a full recovery. For five years, the Butantan Institute in Sao Paulo has been working to create an effective cure for these illnesses. Their drug is currently in Phase Two clinical trials, and the Institute is hopeful that the drug will achieve Phase Three status and be approved for large-scale production, according to Sergio Cortes. Researchers are hopeful that ANVISA (the Brazilian Public Health Agency) will give approval to the drug this month for Phase Three trials.

There have been 17 million patients in the clinical trials under the close supervision of the researchers. According to Sergio Cortes, the drug must be at least 80% effective in order to reduce the incidence of the four strains of dengue. As of yet, there is no established timeframe for the completion of clinical trials. According to Anvisa, application for approval is still pending. Until a solution to these problems comes to be, experts say that the best approach is prevention and the elimination of the nesting grounds of the mosquito that carries the viruses.

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Donald Drumpf’s Wikipedia Family Page

The entire country realizes that Donald Trump is running for President of the United States. The fact is that very few people know about Trump’s real family history. One man that knows the inside story on Trump is television host John Oliver. The fact is that Oliver has some very amusing and factual things to relate about the Presidential Candidate. For example, a Wikipedia page was created for Trump under his real family name, which is Drumpf. The Wikipedia page includes a picture of Trumps’ grandfather, Frederich Drumpf. The Wikipedia page also includes some surprising revelations about Trump’s grandfather. 

Wikipedia Benefits
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Premium Dog Food Increases In Sales


More pet owners are starting to realize the benefits of premium dog food, and its effects on or beloved pets. For many years, we didn’t pay attention to what our dogs were consuming. We bought the food that was cheapest, or the food that we thought was quality before we really started looking into the ingredients. Some of us may have purchased the most expensive dog food, assuming it was the best, but later finding out that it was really full of fillers and artificial dyes. Let’s talk about chemicals, because we know those were in the food as well. Preservatives were added that weren’t necessary and additives were combined with ingredients that couldn’t be pronounced. Fast forward to 2016, and take note. We, as careful and concerned pet owners, are taking pride in knowing the wholesome ingredients that are being provided in premium dog food today.

Beneful is actually made by Purinastore, and is one of those brands we can trust to add wholesome, natural ingredients that we can actually see and pronounce. Not only can we see the ingredients in the dog food, but we can visually see the different being made in our animals. They are happier and their mannerisms are excellent. Their fur becomes resilient and silky, offering bounce and beauty. Beneful offer different dog foods that are geared towards different breeds or different problems they are experiencing at the time. Some dogs have allergies, skin problems, they are aging and need special senior dog food, or maybe they just need a good, quality dog food with vitamins, minerals and an excellent choice of ingredients like Beneful.

This billion dollar market is taking off for many consumers who are looking to provide the best dog food available for our furry friends. More people are spending the extra money, and they don’t mind doing so. They know that they are feeding them exactly what they need. Many of the manufacturers are relating their quality, premium dog food to follow the diet of their ancestors, the wolves. They eat a well-balanced diet full of grains, vegetable and delicious lean meats.