Donald Drumpf’s Wikipedia Family Page

The entire country realizes that Donald Trump is running for President of the United States. The fact is that very few people know about Trump’s real family history. One man that knows the inside story on Trump is television host John Oliver. The fact is that Oliver has some very amusing and factual things to relate about the Presidential Candidate. For example, a Wikipedia page was created for Trump under his real family name, which is Drumpf. The Wikipedia page includes a picture of Trumps’ grandfather, Frederich Drumpf. The Wikipedia page also includes some surprising revelations about Trump’s grandfather. 

Wikipedia Benefits
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  1. Robot Erik September 6, 2017

    The truth of the matter is that Wikipedia pages constantly rank high in the web index list items. In this way, if a man or business makes an I.B.C for the Wikipedia page, they are getting an awesome advertising apparatus that each entrepreneur should exploit in all their showcasing endeavors. I have also been expecting that for them because a Wikipedia page can really be up and doing in a very few minutes in which most people don’t know.

    The sweetest part is that it does not take much of a time to rank in Google which is lacking in most of of other Wikis around the web which is very interesting indeed.

    Another thing is that these Wikipedia pages get linked from other pages in the Wikipedia which would boost their page authority and might be useful in ranking the sites in them.

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