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Guest of a Guest gives an interview to young-lady businesswoman in the cosmetics industry named Doe Deere about Lime Crime. Doe Deere comes to the USA from Russia at the age of seventeen. At first, the years start with a life in Manhattan and eventually she finds her Brooklyn as her turf. Deere admits to having imagination and ambition from an early age, even when she lived back in Russia. Deere does not know that she held on to a big dream though. She recalls having a desire to be musician and following through on that while in New York City. The experience as a musician holds as a learning model for long term thinking and commercial value. However, finding make up turns out to be a most beautiful thing for her. It kind of coincides with her time in Russia selling temporary tattoos as a novelty and for fun. It’s all about discovery and playing up a value. It is fourteen years of experience in New York City for Deere. This experience includes playing in a band. This I how she met her husband and business partner.

Her best advice for other ambitious young women is to follow their hearts she believes every person has something special about them and when they find their unique skill they tap into their truest potential and talent. “Go where you love.” Deere says. She advise to really explore that area where ever it is. For her, it is important to be in touch and know yourself to find the best value. This is the train of thought that ushers in the creation of Lime Crime. This is circa 2008. It is the result of her affinity for light and bright colors of make up in an industry that mainly focuses on natural colors. Learn more:

Deere started making her own colors of make up after finding none of she wants available on the market. The results on her and the reaction of girls who saw her makeup is stunning. As a result, the company makes profit. Deere thinks make up gives her, and the women who use Lime Crime, more freedom of expression. She even has a little experience in fashion and design. She says the two go head in hand. Deere understands that hair, wardrobe and face are mediums of expression. All she has to do now is stay smart and light hearted. Being herself and expressing what is in her mind works well for Deere. When she sees a need for beauty and change she goes for the win. And that is the secret to her success in life, business and personal beauty. This advice is a good way to go for anyone, not just other ambitious young ladies.

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