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The Lip Balm That Hatched a Nest Egg

Seven years ago, EOS lip balm, an egg-shaped container of natural, organic lip balm was introduced to the market with unexpected success. The creators of this product took the time to research a market that was otherwise overlooked to expose any vulnerabilities and found that this over-played market was ripe with opportunity.

This opportunity was born out of potential competitors assumption that the lip balm market was saturated and therefore and new product was doomed to fail. However, Sanjiv Mehra, EOS co-founder and partner, spent time to better understand the lip balm market and found that even popular products on Amazon like Chapstick and Burt’s Bees were resting on their laurels when it came to the product.

Devoted research found that lip balm is for women and aimed to design a balm that could please all five of the senses. Creators wanted something new that would be more than a fad and once they had an incredible balm, their secret weapon was millennial pop culture. Advertising traveled through Youtube, Facebook (, and Instagram via fashion bloggers who fell in love with EOS and put a spell on their viewers too.

The evolutionofsmooth pod is adorable to look at and the shape feels good in your palm and is suggestive of a balm pot without the mess. It has a pleasing taste when you lick your lips and smells unique and natural. There is even a satisfying tiny “click” when the pod is closed. This is one egg, that like their company tag line states, will make you smile.

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Discover The Ability To Utilize Vibrant Makeup Colors

There are thousands of women around the world that are currently using Lime Crime. The founder and CEO of this exhilarating collection of eye shadows and lipsticks, Doe Deere, has recently been named female entrepreneur of the year. Her makeup creates a color revolution that leaves girls and guys feeling unapologetic about the choices.

Her makeup was one of the first to offer the velvetine matte and a superfoil base. More importantly, their products go on with a one of a kind moisture that dries to a perfection. They offer beauty products that are affordable on all budgets.

Have you wrestled with the decision of boring dull cosmetics or pricey advertised beauty products? According to Doll Skill, Lime Crime offers a 95% organic, hypoallergenic free line of cosmetics that is goes on easy and silky smooth on the skin. Love the skin you’re in and find the freedom of color choices that include distinct colors like Mint Kisser, Purple Sorbet, and Radical Metallic. Your makeup gives you the option of bold new colors that will transition your everyday makeup routine, giving you versatility and a great way to transform from a day to night look.

Your favorite celebrities have chosen their cosmetics 10 to 1 because they are waterproof and hold extremely well under the camera lights. Their velvetine matte line is smooth to the touch. Get the luxury of having to do far less touch-ups throughout the day. They’re proud to have a vegan collection of cruelty free products.

They offer magical colors that gives you the freedom to be you. Visit their exclusive website and have their products shipped to your door. They offer free shipping on all orders over $50 and many promotional offers for first time orders.

There are YouTube tutorials from actual users of Lime Crime products. They give you creative ways to mix, match, blend, and accessorize their makeup. They inspire you to be creative with their cosmetics, giving it a fair opportunity to accent a new hairdo or outfit. All your friends will want to know who does your makeup, believing you spent a fortune.

I Received A Magnises Membership As A Gift From A Friend

I was given a Magnises Black Card membership by my best friend, who already has a membership of her own. I noticed that whenever we would go to certain places, she was getting discounts, and I wondered where they were coming from. She explained to me about the card, but I never thought about getting a membership, but now, I couldn’t do without one. I’ve been a member for just under six months, and even though I haven’t paid for the membership out of my own pocket, it’s definitely paid for itself. I like going to nightclubs all the time, and I can easily go to a club up to three times a week.

Since I’m a club head, I chose to add the ClubPass to my Magnises account, which has been so amazing because I’ve been able to cut to the front line, I always gain entrance to every club that I choose to visit, and I visit a lot of clubs around New York City. Even the hottest club had a rapper performing there, and everyone had to stand in line to gain entrance, but a lot of people were turned away. I was so surprised that my Magnises credentials were able to get me through the door to see the rapper.

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Some other great perks that I’ve enjoyed while using the card is the alcohol bottle service, which has been fantastic. I can purchase a bottle to get another one free, depending on where I go, which not only saves me money but makes the membership so useful. I’ve been to all types of restaurants that I used to have a hard time getting a reservation to, but my Magnises card got me through the door. I also was able to obtain discounts at these great restaurants too.

One particular pass I also decided to add to my Magnises account in the HotelPass because I may have times when I need to stay in a hotel around the city because I’m traveling or because I had too much to drink and won’t be able to make it home. The Dream Hotel is the one I stay at the most, and I get such great discounts to stay there that I frequent the hotel at least a couple times a month. I’m paying as little as $79 for my luxury room, and I even received upgrades in the past for free.

I almost feel guilty that my friend bought me the membership, but when my renewal date comes around, I will be paying for it myself because I am sold on Magnises and its benefits. I’ve been to several of the Magnises members-only parties because they have been extremely beneficial to me and the work that I do. I met a guy at one of the parties who worked in industry I was interested in getting into, and he gave me such valuable information that it made my night and was able to give me some perspective.

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Who Needs Chemical Sulfates When WEN By Chaz Cleansing Conditioners Do It Naturally?

Ladies, don’t we do enough damage to hair on a daily basis by constantly running blow-dryers, plugging in heated styling tools and coloring with ammonia and peroxide?

Then, when you go to shampoo, condition and deep treat your tresses, you’re piling on chemicals like nasty sulfates. Do you really want all those synthetics abusing your mane?

WEN Hair By Chaz offers a totally different and rewarding experience for hair of any type and texture found on the planet. Curly, pin straight, overly processed, his formulas cover them all. The brand has created a healthy way to care for hair and transformed so many peoples’ lives around the world and all through a unique no lather shampoo concept.

Famous west coast stylist Chaz Dean developed the system, and his loyal Hollywood clientele continue to use the WEN by Chaz hair care routine. It works and consists of one bottle with multiple benefits. WEN’s special cleansing conditioners do not need a lather to begin their magic. You’re getting five products in one bottle, so it’s quite economical in the long run. WEN’s cleansing conditioners replace your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, de-tangler and leave-in conditioner.

These luxurious formulas have been carefully developed and designed to offer amazing strength, super shine and manageability to one’s hair. For instance, WEN’s very popular Sweet Almond Mint contains natural and effective ingredients like wild cherry bark, panthenol, chamomile extract, glycerin and rosemary extract. These fragrant blends support the hair’s structure and even allow better color coverage. There are also Pomegranate and Lavender cleansing conditioners to try.

Your hair will respond immediately after using one of WEN By Chaz’s unique cleansing conditioners. Your head will enjoy the careful massage of the rich, creamy product for the scalp and tresses. You can really feel the body building in your hair. Wow.

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