Nick Vertucci: Successful Real Estate Investor Shares His Secrets

Real estate mogul Nick Vertucci is the founder of the highly successful Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. Started in 2013, Nick’s goal is to share his considerable expertise in all aspects of real estate with people across the United States. His journey to being a leader in his field wasn’t an easy one. His father passed away when Nick was just ten years old, and his mother worked hard to take care of the family.

At the age of eighteen Nick was living in his van, but later in his adult years he ran a profitable computer business on In the year 2000, he lost everything in the financial crash and was deeply in debt. Luckily, a friend invited him to a three-day real estate seminar and it changed his life. A decade later Nick Vertucci was one of the most educated businesspeople in real estate, having researched many different aspects of the industry.

Nick Vertucci has created an easy to follow system to make money in the real estate business. His Real Estate Academy teaches hard working students a variety of tactics so that they too can be successful real estate salespeople. Nick Vertucci offers a hands-on approach to his students with classes taught by experience tradespeople. The course work covers a variety of real life topics that include flipping houses and contracts, house rehabilitations, protecting your assets, commercial investments and cash flow systems.

Students learn how to take control of their financial future and turn their goals into real wealth. They have a community of likeminded business people in their network to seek assistance from or to share ideas on Interested entrepreneurs can attend Nick’s free live workshops to learn how to get started in the real estate market, investment tips, how to build passive income, no money down buying tips and how to secure your investment money. These free seminars at are being held across the country from Denver, Colorado to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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