How Securus Technologies is Helping with the War on Drugs

Inside the prison that I work as a corrections officer we are fighting our own war on drugs each day. Normally calm inmates turn into raging animals if they take the wrong drugs or too much of one particular drug. The alarming thing for corrections officers is that these inmates tell us that they have easier access to these drugs right inside the jail than they would if they were back on the streets. To limit the flow of these drugs into the hands of the inmates, we have to make use of a few resources.


Inside the visitor center, we have several scanning devices we can use to look for any types of contraband that may be changing hands inside the jail. The goal here is to get the contraband before it gets to the inmates, but many times this is easier said than done. If we suspect a serious problem, we will then utilize surprise cell inspections to try and clean up anything that may have slipped by.


Securus Technologies is responsible for the call monitoring system in our jail, and it is one of the more powerful resources we have in the war on drugs behind prison walls. The call monitoring system allows us to listen to the inmates on the phone, and the new LBS software is capable of doing the work of many officers and allowing us to fight on multiple fronts at the same time.


When the monitoring system does alert us, we discover places the inmates are hiding drugs and how they are receiving those drugs too. We have been alerted to calls where inmates were giving orders how to smuggle drugs to family, what days to come, and even where in the prison these inmates have been hiding the drugs from officers.


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