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Adam Milstein Support for an Upcoming Meme Competition

The Adam and Gala Milstein Family Foundation in collaboration with other organizations supporting Jewish ideology will be awarding cash prizes to meme creators. The award goes to competitors with the best memes expressing patriotism to Israel. Adam Milstein’s organization will be accepting submissions to its global competition for the Pro-Israel memes. Many talented meme creators have been given a chance to make money from their talent in the Milstein Meme Competition.

The competition accepts dramatic, funny or poignant memes. The competitors can submit photos or any social media tool that can go viral. The contest looks forward to creating a meme stash from classics such as Bad Luck Brian macros and lolcats to emerging memes like Snapchat’s hotdog and MS Paint tributes filter for pro-Israel activists.

Adam Milstein stated that he is using the competition to express the love that pro-Israel activists have for Jewish. The panelists who will be judging are top authorities in social media in meme sector. The contest will start on August 3 a.m. Eastern Standard Time and end on August 14 after voting takes place. Adam Milstein and his team will conduct a reasonable evaluation of each meme before posting on the website for public voting. The public will vote via Facebook reacts such as sad, like, wow, angry, love among others.

After the public votes, the winners of the day will be picked by a board of high school and college student pro-Israel activists. Winners will be announced on August 17 which will include cash prizes given first place will be one winner, second-place winners will be two,and third-place will have five winners and finally ten runners up.

Adam Milstein is a top America’s pro-Israel philanthropist. Adam was born and raised in Haifa, Israel.Adam Milstein and his family migrated to the United States in 1981 where he pursued his studies in the business school at University of Southern California.He focuses on “life path impact” as his priority for effective philanthropy creating programs to maintain a broad and continuous connection to his target population.


Beneful Changes The Face Of Pet Foods Advertising

Ever since the company was formed in 2001, Beneful has been one of the most innovative and adventurous advertisers on the planet with a range of television and billboards aimed at pets or showing the benefits of owning a pet. Beneful commercial has gone so far as to use TV ad’s complete with high pitched sounds only audible to dogs to attract them to the commercial’s produced by the brand.

In recent years, Beneful has placed the focus of its television advertisements more on the relationship between pet and pet parent in ads such as the “Einstein” ad where both the dog and his owner are given a voice in the ad. The advert includes details of how beef is the number one ingredient in the Beneful Originals pet foods that are loved by dogs as the canine star of the ad, Einstein, states through his human voice.

A fun way of looking at the innovations developed by Beneful over the course of recent years is found in the “Doggy Licks” commercial produced by the brand. Every pet parent knows the problem of their dog having bad breath which is addressed in the commercial with the issue of bad dog breath seen as something that can be overcome with the aid of Beneful Healthy Smile. The “I Stand Behind Beneful” series of ads remain some of the best-loved from Beneful and give us a glimpse into the lives and dogs of those responsible for creating the pet foods bearing the Beneful name.

Why Ricardo Tosto is the Mentor that Brazilian Law Students Should Look Up To

The large number of law schools in Brazil has contributed to the country having many lawyers. Brazil was ranked third as having the highest number of lawyers in 2010. The government of Brazil is dedicated to working towards ensuring better education and highly professional and well-trained graduates from the law schools of the country. The ministry is planning to do inspections of all the law courses to ensure that they are in accordance with the basic standards of the world. This will also help to reduce the cases of law students that are not approved during graduation and raise the number of graduates who are approved after the Bar examination and more information click here.

Brazil uses the civil law system that has its origin from the Roman law. Civil law is based on legislations enacted by the power of federal legislature and legislation of states. Being a federative republic formed by the states municipalities unions, it was suitable for Brazil to adopt the civil law system. The government of Brazil is made up of Judicial, executive, and legislative arms. There are several law firms in Brazil that handle emerging legal issues and learn more about Ricardo.

The highest legal system in the country is the Federal Supreme court that has the responsibility of reviewing and safeguarding the Constitution. The court’s decisions play a major role in the country’s legal system for harmonization and law development. The Supreme Court issues interpretations of the constitutional law of Brazil. It is meant to prevent the multiplication of law suits. Since 2004, all the legal systems in Brazil are bound by the sumulas of the Supreme Court and contact him.

Ricardo Tosto went to the University of Presbiteruana Mackenzie where he studied law. Ricardo Tosto is the most prominent lawyer at Tosto and Barros. He is also recognized as a market leader in the Brazilian law field. Tosto and Barros is a firm that offers legal services and is known for providing litigation services. Clients appreciate Ricardo Tosto for his excellent legal services and dedication to his work. All young lawyers in Brazil should look up to Ricardo Tosto as a mentor in their law career. By following his footsteps, one is likely to be successful and Ricardo’s lacrosse camp.

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Avaaz Is Changing The World Every Day

Avaaz is a global civic organization that was launched in 2007 that brings millions of people from all walks of life together to take action on issues like human rights, animal rights, climate change, corruption, conflict, and poverty. The word Avazz means voice in several European, Middle Eastern and Asian languages, and the idea of the organization is to give a voice to the countless people who are not represented in the world in order to create a better world for everyone. Avaaz campaigns in 15 different languages, has thousands of volunteers, and its main team can be found on 6 different continents. By lobbying governments, taking part in protests, signing petitions, and funding campaigns run in different media, the group hopes to change the world.

Avaaz has made a huge impact on the world already and plans to continue to do so. The group supported the civil uprising that came after the Syrian Civil War by funding $1.5 million of internet communications equipment that was given to protestors. It also helped to train more activists and donated $2 million worth of medical equipment to rebels there. On top of this, Avaaz smuggled 34 international journalists into the area to shed more light on the situation and helped to evacuate a British Photographer who was injured. Avaaz also helped produce internet proxy servers that helped protestors get videos online during the 2009 Iranian presidential election protests.

The great thing about Avaaz is that it doesn’t have a core group of people that make decisions about what to protest and what not to protest or what to support and what not to support. Instead, Avaaz sends out emails that poll its members about what global issues they want to support or protest. It only chooses issues that a large majority of its members want to do something about. It is then that the group mobilizes and begins to change the world.

The Latest Advertising Trend Thanks to Podcast One

Advertising via radio is in today’s society mostly viewed as a reasonable standard. However, until recently barely any studies have been done analyzing the effect radio and TV advertising has on sales numbers. In 2016, two companies – Edison Research and Podcast One, participated in a partnership to conduct a study on how radio advertising affects the number of sales as well as the awareness of brands and their campaigns.

On behalf of Edison research, the expert, and Vice president of strategy Mr. Tom Webster conducted the studies. Edison Research has been working in the business for about a decade. The company does research in audio. Over the years it has been partnering up with a vast number of businesses including some large international brands.

Mr. Tom Webster was working with five brands over the course of six weeks. After a few months and two primary stages of research, the study had some highly encouraging results which have transformed the advertising industry in some aspects. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

First of all, it is worth mentioning that this research revolutionized a significant part of advertisement as we know it. Podcast One was established by Mr. Norman Pattiz over ten years ago. He has established a few other radio programs that have also grown substantially over the years. Crunchbase believes that Mr. Norman Pattiz had established as an expert in the industry of live broadcasting.

Over the course of the research, the listeners of the radio heard the campaigns of all five of the participating national brands. The campaigns were broadcasted twice – once before the podcast show and a second time during a brief pause. The interval of broadcasting helped listeners remember the campaigns of each individual company.

After the advertising stage was complete, Podcast One and Mr. Tom Webster conducted a poll among the listeners of the podcasts. The campaign awareness of the audience has jumped significantly. The average increase of awareness was 30 % and the highest individual result was 76 %. The national brands had done very well and the research was concluded as a successful one.

Up to date, podcast advertising has become extremely common. This research was complete only a year ago and the results were announced halfway in 2016. The marketing industry moves quickly. Podcast advertising will become one of the most preferred methods according to experts. Podcast One has millions of listeners across the United States of America and so it has a wide reach of people.

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Sheldon Lavin: A Proud Legacy in the Global Food Processing Industry & Beyond

Sheldon Lavin is the CEO and Chairman of the OSI Group,, located in Chicago, Illinois. He has been a great asset to the company since 1970 when the company was known as Otto & Sons. He was involved in financing of company at that time, and he has acquired extensive industry knowledge. And with Lavin on the company’s side, they grew expeditiously from a local domestic food processing organization to a global industry leader. His company is now located in 16 different countries in over 60 locations. His focus for the OSI Groupon includes food safety, sustainability, and green practices. Lavin also serves as the President of OSI International Foods Ltd, and as the General Trustee of Rush University Medical Center. He previously served as National Fish & Wildlife Foundation’s Director.

Award Recognition

Due to Lavin’s extraordinary service and devotion, he was rewarded a Global Visionary Award on February 20, 2016 by India’s Vision World Academy. The awards ceremony was held at the Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. This award honors visionaries in different industries who’ve turned dreams into reality with the demonstration of persistence and perseverance to accomplish their goals. Lavin stated that he was humbled and honored to be awarded this highly prestigious award, and he is really proud of his life’s work in assisting OSI Group growth level of being the international powerhouse it is today.

Charitable Causes

For several years now, Lavin has been involved in the Ronald McDonald House Charities. He also has been participating in other charities. Lavin also gives generous donations to charities for college funds, chronic illnesses, and Jewish organizations. One of the things he’s mostly proud about is helping the community while growing his company. He has a wife and three children.

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David Mcdonald Adds Sustainability to the Hearts of OSI Group

David Mcdonald, the President and Chief Operating Officer of OSI Group, drives a global sustainability mission inside the organization. He believes that the current generation should not harm the development and resource needs of future generations, and he implanted the concept to the firm’s sustainability efforts. Under the leadership of Mcdonald, OSI Group works in three key areas to bring a revolutionary change in the mission, and that includes social responsibility, the environment, and sustainable supply chain. As a leader in the food processing industry with a global foot print, OSI Group provides a safe workplace for its employees, offers positive contributions to various communities it serves, and ensures highest quality food products with stringent safety measures to its customers.

While shaping the firm’s commitment to sustainability, Mcdonald also ensures that strategic business decisions are made to contain the growth demands of the company. He is known for some critical acquisitions that paved ways to access to some of the important markets and expansion of the business. For instance, in August 2016, Mcdonald played a significant role in the acquisition of Baho Food, a food and meat processing company based in Netherlands. It should be noted that the firm has plants in Netherlands and Germany, and it holds five subsidiary companies with a distribution network in 18 European countries. “Bringing Baho Food under the roof of OSI would improve our business and give a broader presence for OSI Group across Europe,” said Mcdonald. “The line of products and brands are aligned with the reputation of OSI and add capabilities that help us to serve our customers better.”

Mcdonald joined the group in 1987, and currently, he has 30 years of experience in food processing industry. He is serving as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of North American Meat Institute and collaborating with Marfrig Global Foods S.A. as its independent director. Mcdonald completed his Bachelor of Science in Animal Science from Iowa State University before venturing to the food industry. He is credited with expanding the firm’s operations across the world beginning from the 1980s and led it to a global brand with aggressive growth strategies.

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The Kabbalah Centre Presents Truths about Circumstances

One thing that people have a hard time with is the different hard circumstances that come up. One of the things that people have to come to terms with is the truth behind these circumstances. For one thing, it can be tempting to believe that everything happens through chance. However, The Kabbalah Centre International makes it clear that nothing happens on accident. There are no circumstances that come to anyone that he does not have the strength to overcome. This is a lesson that is hard for people to understand, especially when someone they truly care about is in deep pain and more information click here.

The Kabbalah Centre definitely teaches people how they can let go and continue on their own journey so that everyone can grow. The good news is that often times, when one accepts a circumstance and learns from it, this is when things change for the better because the person has the tools needed to make sure that the circumstance is done away with. The Kabbalah Centre has tons of comforting teachings that can be learned while in class or listening to one of the videos online. These insights can definitely change the world for people that are interested and learn more about Kabbalah Centre.

The only way for such insights to make significant impact on one’s life is if he meditates on it. Once he has thought on it enough, then he will be able to overcome any challenge that is brought his way. Afterwards, then he will be able to move forward to the next challenge. One of the most important aspects of this lesson is that one can only take the journey for himself. It is not right for the person to take on someone else’s journey. To do so would be to interfere with the growth that each individual needs to undergo for preparation for the next part of the journey and Kabbalah Centre’s lacrosse camp.

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