Richard Mishaan Design: Leading Interior Designer from New York

Richard Mishaan is one of the best architects and interior designers in the world. The reason for this opinion is because his touch of finesse in coming up with unique designs is just awesome. He has a taste for interior design and architecture that not, many professionals can match up to. For the lover of jaw-dropping and marvelous artwork, Richard Mishaan is your best bet. His career has been full of some of the magical artworks that have ever been witnessed. In this article, we will look at more details about who Richard Mishaan is, what he has been able to achieve and some of his achievements.

Richard Mishaan is from New York though he was born and raised in Columbia as well as Italy. The design is not something that Richard Mishaan adopted in his later life. From his early life, he was always interested in coming up with unique designs. He was enchanted by architectural designs in his neighborhood. Richard Mishaan was joined the University of Columbia school of architecture for a degree in architecture. He later joined New York University for a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Richard Mishaan started his career in architecture when joined Philip Johnson offices as an intern. What drove his success is actually his skills in combining both traditional lavish designs with modern architectural concepts. Since he was raised in a deeply cultured society he was able to realize and establish architectural designs that were both extravagant and ones with good quality.

On top of the practical work that he has done, in which he has developed very stunning spaces, he has written two books which offer insight on the architecture and design work. These books are “Modern luxury” and “Artfully Modern. These books were published by Monacelli Press.

It is clear that Richard Mishaan is learned and highly skilled in the architectural and design work.

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