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Why Cancer Treatment Centers of America is Encouraging Prostate Cancer Screening

Many are unaware of how prevalent prostate cancer has become in our aging society. While most enlargement of the prostate is benign, an experienced physician needs to rule the other option of prostate cancer out. When caught early enough, prostate cancer survival rates dramatically rise. This is good news for those at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. They even participated in a free cancer screening this past fall. Joining with NFL alumni organization members and Labcorp, CTCA performed free screens for eligible males. They also reduced the costs of these easy screens so more men could take advantage of this recommended health care preventative screen.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is again leading the outcry to ward off future prostate cancer deaths. They are continuing the fight to end this senseless male disease that takes lives every single year. With faster detection, most prostate cancer cases can be treated effectively with new advances in cancer treatments. CTCA is always on the cutting edge of any new cancer treatment that is discovered. This is one reason why so many cancer patients trust this health care organizations with their very lives during specialized cancer care treatments. This health organization is advocating for many more prostate screenings for the immediate future.

Until a cure for cancer is found, Cancer Treatment Centers of America will continue to provide outstanding cancer care with many advantages over traditional modes of care. This facility encourages a whole body system approach to treat the invasive cancers so common in today’s mainstream population. This holistic care is making Cancer Treatment Centers of America a new household name for encouraging cancer care support and hope to cancer patients, survivors and their loving and worried families. These people have come to understand the depths of compassion and dedication that CTCA offers.

Neurocore expounds

Over one third of a billion people suffer from the ravages of some form of depression making it one of the most cited reasons for disabilities globally. The disease occurs often, but there are multiple types of the disease. So Neurocore feels it is important to be able to identify some of the misconceptions that prevent people from seeking medical attention when faced with depression.

One of the largest misconceptions is that depression is sadness. Sadness is definitely an accompaniment of depression, but depression is infinitely more complex. Read more about Neurocore at

Additionally, it requires more than antidepressants to treat depression, and patients should not feel that they have no options when medication is not effective. There are multiple effective alternatives, and patients do very well on them with or without the addition of medication therapies.

Many people that have close relationships with people with depression will at some point assume that depression is a form of weakness. However, depression is a disease, and just like anyone is susceptible to some form of disease or another, the same is true for depression.

Depression is such an insidious disease that no two people experiences it the same. Additionally, there are still more variations of diagnosed depression. However, major depression is the most common type, so it is this form that most people encounter, but there are multiple types. Follow Neurocore on

People not sensitive to the ravages of depression often assume that all that is require to combat depression is that people adjust their outlook on life, and the depression will just go away. This signals a massive misunderstanding of what depression really is. If a lifestyle change alone cures what is believed to be depression, then that person did not have clinical depression.

Neurocore approaches the diagnosis and treatment of neurological issues like depression with a scientific approach. This approach is centered on in many cases, training the brain. Additionally, it utilizes certain medical approaches like EEGs to understand the issues surrounding depression that are present in the brain. Then they combine these scientifically forward approaches with time tested approaches that are common to the diagnosis and treatment of depression and other mental disorders.


SahmAdrangi’s Achievements by Just Betting Against a Single Stock

SahmAdrangi is the founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management which is located in New York. Recently, the company managed to raise around $300 million from investors and to which it plans to bet against a single stock. Most hedge fund managers prefer to raise money and use it on a specific investment thesis such as residential mortgage-backed securities. Kerrisdale Capital, on the other hand, plans to use the raised money to sell stocks to a public company. According to the founder, they managed to raise such a massive amount of money within a short period by providing topics of importance to different communities. He added that they managed to purchase a company worth $10 billion and they needed every individual to understand all the information provided about it.

Kerrisdale analyst, Sahm Adrangi and Shane Wilson, put more attention on the campaigns to ensure they worked on a website, video, and report to be able to convince more companies on their thesis. Later, Kerrisdale took one of the targeted companies from the companies that forwarded their thesis and then purchased stocks to settle on its position in the company.

Kerrisdale currently manages $500 million which includes the raised funds. It has been able to bet against companies for some time now and always takes their case public. Its main hedge fund bets against and for company stocks have resulted in an annual return of around 28% in the past five years. However, since 2016 to March 2017 it has been down to 7%.

About Adrangi

He is the founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management. He founded the company in 2009, and since then he has always been involved in the way it works. The company had grown from $1 million when he founded it to $150 million. He became famous after he exposed fraudulent firms from China.

Adrangi had his education at Yale University where he studied a bachelor of Economics, Arts. His career in finance began at Deutsche bank, Longacre Management, and Chanin Capital Partners. In his company, he ensures they focus on specific sectors where they are experts. He has also been featured in various publications, he has appeared in interviews, and he has been a speaker at many conferences.

Bernado Chua, The Direct Sales Guru

Bernardo Chua is a Philippines native who is well known for his prowess in business. His direct sales method of approach has seen him achieve enormous success in his businesses.

He founded Gano Excel in his own country then later expanded it to other countries including the United States. In the year 2008, Chua also successfully created Organo Gold a company that specializes in teas, coffees and wellness products.

With his vast experience in multi-level marketing, Chua has been able to pioneer interests that spread and gain popularity worldwide. He has created a great name for himself and won several awards among them the Business and Industry Dangal ng Bayan Award. Read more: Bernardo Chua Recommends Grapeseed Oil As The Next Big Healthy Supplement

Chua’s prowess in business has as well seen him hit media outlets like Direct selling and Marketwired. Several of his initiatives to promote his business have also been featured alongside like the program to reward loyal customers with huge discounts on buying ORGANOTM products.

Among his widely consumed products is Organo Gold Coffee. Coffee consumers on several occasions have been warned on consuming large amounts of coffee as a result of the health implications they are thought to bring about.

However, Organo Gold coffee unlike any other type of coffee is made with a very nutritious and medicinal mushroom by the name Ganoderma. Drinking this coffee is not only enjoyable from its unique and appealing taste but also beneficial to your health with its ability to fight some common ailments such as diabetes and cholesterol. It is one of the safest coffees to drink anytime without any worries.

Bernardo Chua began his journey in business in the year 2008 with minimal resources but a great passion for growing. He had very few employees, but his unwavering focus and patience saw him climb the radar of success. Right from his hometown, he managed to secure a place for his coffees on the global market.

He is still passionate in nurturing the upcoming leaders and especially those struggling to have a breakthrough since he has once been there. He also gives support to different projects and activities to enable them to achieve their goals.

Learn more about Bernado Chua:

Sentient AI- AB Testing

It is quite impossible to talk about the leading technologies in the world in terms of digital marketing without mention the great Sentient AI. The company is renowned for facilitating marketing activities and commerce in the digital world. In the wake of the stiff competition in the current world, every company is struggling to gain and maintain a competitive edge over their competitors. This is why Sentient AI introduced A/B testing.

What is AB Testing?

A/B testing is equipped with tools that efficiently and effectively perform the evaluation of a particular marketing idea. The ‘A’ in this case represents the current technique or design being used in a company while the ‘B’ represents a new idea that is yet to be implemented. The test is used to discern which of the two will yield the best results by using certain performance indicators. The idea that wins the test is then adopted and will also act as the basis for the next A/B test.

Why Perform an A /B Test?

The performance of an A/B test is a paramount step to the success of any company. This is because it goes a long way in helping the company study and genuinely understands their customers. They are able to gain deeper insights into their challenges and grievances and will, therefore, know how best to meet these needs. This way, the company will be able to gain a larger customer base leading to the general growth of the company.

Why use the Sentient AI Technology?

AI has proved to be the best tactics to gather digital intelligence in the business world. This can be attributed to the fact that the technology is able to parse large volumes of information and generate very reliable data out of it. All these is done at a supersonic speed devoid of any form of lapses and delays.

Additionally, the technology also helps you gain further knowledge on social media trends and specific events relevant to your line of business.

The results obtained from the AB test can also be communicated very easily internally and also to the company stakeholders using the Sentient AI technology that is always being improved to cater for your needs in the most effective way possible.

The world today lives on the internet. Do not be left behind in the competitive business world. Call us today on ±1 415-422-9886. You can also fill out our online forms and be on your way to scaling the greatest heights in your business.

Rocketship Education, its acquirements, and the associated success story

There exist certain classes of individuals with regards to their income levels. The category of income often has a lot of impact on the living standard of individuals. This entails the kind of homes they live, their lifestyle in line with nutrition and even the education that their children acquire. Even though some groups are satisfied, the low-income earners often struggle with making ends meet. It at this point that Rocketship Education comes in.

Rocketship Education is extensively known for not being a profit-making network about the public charter schools. From the time of establishment up to date, the initiative has enhanced consistency through its service with the community organizations, the educators, and parents. This is in line with the establishment of a platform of public schools of high quality. This should be able to ensure that the children of the low-income within San Jose as well the learners of English acquire the necessary skills to enable them to maintain the path that facilitates their direction towards college.

Consequently, it is worth appreciating the transformations that the initiative had undergone from 2007 when the launching of the first school took place. As at now, twenty-five such schools have already been established.

From the view of CREDO at the Stanford University, those learning English as well as the student from humble backgrounds within San Jose benefit from an extra learning that exceeds a month. It entails both mathematics and reading annually that they get to study at the charter schools performing well.

It is remarkable that the school districts such as Alum Rock Union Elementary as well as Franklin-McKinley are partners with the school regarding the betterment of the achievements of the students as well as boosting their readiness for college.

Additionally, the business leaders around the area also lend a critical support. Recently, the CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings, inaugurated a funding worth $100 million meant to support the education locally.

Preston Smith is not only the co-founder but also the Chief Executive Officer of the Rocketship Education. It is because of the effective leadership that the company has been able to undergo the drastic transformations from time to time.