Rocketship Education, its acquirements, and the associated success story

There exist certain classes of individuals with regards to their income levels. The category of income often has a lot of impact on the living standard of individuals. This entails the kind of homes they live, their lifestyle in line with nutrition and even the education that their children acquire. Even though some groups are satisfied, the low-income earners often struggle with making ends meet. It at this point that Rocketship Education comes in.

Rocketship Education is extensively known for not being a profit-making network about the public charter schools. From the time of establishment up to date, the initiative has enhanced consistency through its service with the community organizations, the educators, and parents. This is in line with the establishment of a platform of public schools of high quality. This should be able to ensure that the children of the low-income within San Jose as well the learners of English acquire the necessary skills to enable them to maintain the path that facilitates their direction towards college.

Consequently, it is worth appreciating the transformations that the initiative had undergone from 2007 when the launching of the first school took place. As at now, twenty-five such schools have already been established.

From the view of CREDO at the Stanford University, those learning English as well as the student from humble backgrounds within San Jose benefit from an extra learning that exceeds a month. It entails both mathematics and reading annually that they get to study at the charter schools performing well.

It is remarkable that the school districts such as Alum Rock Union Elementary as well as Franklin-McKinley are partners with the school regarding the betterment of the achievements of the students as well as boosting their readiness for college.

Additionally, the business leaders around the area also lend a critical support. Recently, the CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings, inaugurated a funding worth $100 million meant to support the education locally.

Preston Smith is not only the co-founder but also the Chief Executive Officer of the Rocketship Education. It is because of the effective leadership that the company has been able to undergo the drastic transformations from time to time.

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