Paul Mampilly Provides a Portfolio Boost With Profits Unlimited

Paul Mampilly is an analyst who regularly writes articles on market trends and potential investments that could be poised to vastly outperform the indexes. His analytical skills propelled his excellent career as a hedge fund manager who enjoyed success within every chapter of his professional life. Read more articles by Paul Mampilly at Banyan Hill.

A recent article by Mampilly highlighted a tremendous bull market in an underexposed sector that has flown under the radar of most investors. It’s not darling tech stocks or biotech favorites; it’s good old-fashioned sneakers whether they are Air Jordans or Lebrons. That’s right, the large athletic shoe manufacturers have been seriously outperforming most sectors as noticed by Paul Mampilly. This is a great example of his research abilities which have driven his portfolio forward and also have powered his advisory services.

Profits Unlimited is one of his advisory services and it’s focused on two trends which should dominate the markets for many years. The rapidly growing Internet of Things and the Millenial generation should be the key market drivers that supercharge portfolios in the years ahead. This newsletter contains all of his commentaries on the best opportunities as they develop.

True Momentum is another outstanding product developed by Paul Mampilly and it is based on one of the most widely studied strategies. There have been many academic studies performed over the years on the veracity of momentum investing strategies. It’s a great way to invest and even better with a former star hedge fund manager at the wheel.


The bitcoin investing phenomenon has been garnering big headlines in recent months as these vehicles have skyrocketed higher. According to Mampilly and his decades of investing experience it has all the earmarks of a bubble about to burst. He remembers very well the vast fortunes made and lost in the remarkable tech bubble and feels bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are in the same category. Tulip bulbs anyone?

Paul Mampilly enjoyed a tremendous run of success as a hedge fund manager in the first two decades of his career. He got his start at Bankers Trust and then managed million dollar accounts for the likes of ING and Deutsche Bank. His time with Kinetics Asset Management was characterized by extraordinary success as he grew their hedge fund dramatically. He was their key manager and Barron’s noticed their outperformance and named them as one of the World’s Best hedge funds. He is also the winner of the Templeton Foundation’s investing competition as well as being featured on CNBC and Fox Business News. Read more about Paul Mampilly at Talk Markets.

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