Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff Is An Engaging Novel By Sean Penn

Sean Penn just released a novel named “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”, and readers are wanting to know is this book worth reading, knowing that a celebrity is a lot more capable of making it easier to release a book than the “average person”.

After recieving the reviews for Sean Penn’s book “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” it turns out to be more than a man who has gone wild, speaking on his country, which is controversial to some readers who have read the book, because the lack of having just a formal plot. Sean Penn’s book has a lot to do with individuals ordering the kill of the elderly who is looked upon as a distraction when it comes to setting in place globalization and marketing, but is still described as unquantifiable and perplexing to read. The character Bob has within the book, is relatable to the fact that in his adventures through the read, you can find him also helping victims of Hurricane Katrina and just overall living by instinct instead of sticking to a normal day to day routine.

“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” is admired by the reader, with the thought in mind that they are able to get through reading the whole novel. Readers has been able to also relate to the character Bob has towards the way politics are played out in today’s society from his perspective on America, and what our country has become from the results of certain leaders. Readers are stratching their heads in disbelief and are eager to read up on the madness for truths to be denied, on how the writer Sean Penn has been able to be so blunt with how he is able to portray the contract serial killer Bob’s actions throughout the book.


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