The RealReal Gets Real About Beauty

The RealReal is an online site that provides consumers with luxury brand items at a great savings. Their business model is built on the consignment business model. Consumers take their unwanted luxury clothing to the store representatives and they are offered to the public at an enormous savings. The RealReal states that they are constantly improving their business. Their goal is to provide their customers with the best high-end luxury items possible. Now, the company has tapped into the beauty market. Clearly, The RealReal is getting very serious about providing luxury beauty items to their customers.

The RealReal

The RealReal is basically a consignment shop that sells luxury clothing. The company provides two ways for their customers to purchase their goods. Either shop at their website or at a local store in the community. The fact is that the company has built up a trust with luxury loving consumers. Now, the company would like to build on that trust and take it to the next level by providing their customers with beauty products. According to the company’s representative who states that the company is in the midst of testing a selection of luxury beauty products in their online store and the local area shops. Now, is just the beginning, states the representative. The company plans to add many more high-end and luxury beauty products in the future.

New Products Only

At first thought, most might think that the beauty products are luxury beauty products that were previously used. Similar to the clothing lines provided by the shops. Sources report that the beauty products are all brand new products and include product lines that are some of the best around.

The RealReal is one of many retailers that are branching out into offering their customers beauty products. Clearly, they realize that selling beauty products will drive up interest in their business and make more sales.

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