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Whitney Wolfe Herd: A Brief Overview Including Origin Of Her Dating App

The Founder and CEO of dating app Bumble is Whitney Wolfe Herd from Austin, Texas. The app got started up in 2014. It allows the starting move to be made by women. This is the first app of it’s kind to do that. She’s been named to the list of Forbes “30 Under 30” for 2018. She also was featured on cover of the magazines of WIRED, Forbes, and Fast Company. Wolfe Herd could have gotten very lucky with the app she made. It is valued by Forbes at one billion dollars. It has given Wolfe Herd a fortune of $230 million.

Whitney Wolfe had original plans to go back to the online dating world. Rather she was keen on establishing a social space for women that took place online. She had her idea pitched to Andrey Andreev. Andreev is Russian billionaire and the establisher of Badoo, a dating app. Andreev didn’t jump at an idea like that but did really enjoy her “passion and energy”. The two had met more than twelve times previous Whitney Wolfe Herd established the Bumble idea.

Andreev made an agreement offering a beginning $10 million for about seventy nine percent of the company. He would also allow Wolfe Herd to be tapping into Badoo’s systems and software. Wolfe Herd received close to twenty percent. In the first both of Bumble in 2014 it got a total of 100,000 downloads. It’s been around for four years and has had users of more than 35 million. The dating app has been America’s fastest-increasing. Users have increased seventy percent throughout the years.

Whitney Wolfe Herd was also recently included on Imagine Entertainment’s board of directors in the position of a non-voting member. This was by Brian Grazer and Ron Howard the two chairmen. She is joining on the board Jeff Sagansky, Richard Rosenblat, Michael Lynton, and Tom Freston. That is the newest in a group of expansion advances by Imagine. Particularly, which had not that long ago expanded into the space of documentary and branding with the opening of Imagine Documentaries.

You can get more of of your day with Upwork and Click Up

To-Do lists are a life changing habit, and that has been proven to be a true statement, but many still don’t maintain one. Keeping track of all the different locations and mediums on which To-Do lists are kept may be the barrier, but now Click Up is here (

Keeping a To-Do list with reminders speeds up your day by freeing you from having to remember them. When you make your list is also important. Many make theirs in the morning, but doing it the night before allows you to do it without a time constraint. Consolidating all of your tasks into one location is a no brainer, and with Upwork’s Click Up, it is. This centralized app syncs across all platforms and helps create a less stressful day. You can also set time tables with Click Up. Start date, start times, end times, or the number of minutes for each task.

Click Up allows you to assign priority levels to different tasks. Using this feature will assist in planning around unexpected events, or unusually difficult tasks. With this, it becomes easier to choose between conflicting tasks. Upwork also suggests evaluating all of your tasks weekly, trimming unnecessary tasks and events regularly. With a company that offers over 3,500 jobs and provides a billion dollars’ worth of services a year, they may know what they’re talking about.

You can also use Click Up to generate tasks from comments, and delegate seamlessly to team mates, all on one platform. Upwork is the largest freelancing website in the world, and they suggest breaking up large tasks into smaller tasks, making them more manageable and approachable. You can assign categories to tasks and use Batch Processing, completing similar tasks such as phone calls or e-mails, allowing you to stay in the mindset. Finally, you can assign energy levels to each task. If your early to rise or stay up late, you can use this feature to tackle the most intensive tasks when you have the most energy.

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End Citizens United Makes Midterm Endorsements

Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission was a highly controversial decision by the United States Supreme Court in 2010, in which it struck down limits on political campaign spending by corporations as a violation of the First Amendment. The result of the decision was that corporations can now contribute endless money to political campaigns and organizations, provided that the money is to political action committees as opposed to the candidates directly. The term “Citizens United” has now become synonymous with rampant corporate political influence in politics and the drowning out of the voice of individual voters. Read more about the group on Wikipedia.

End Citizens United was founded in 2015 with the aims of reforming the broken campaign finance system. The group has been active at the grassroots level in trying to elect pro-reform candidate and advance ballot measure campaigns at the state level to spark reform. End Citizens United attempts to level the playing field that is currently tilted in favor of large corporations by supporting candidates committed to its agenda.

Recently, End Citizens United made a group of endorsements for the 2018 midterm elections. The candidates endorsed by the group have demonstrated their support of campaign finance reform. One of the top endorsements made by End Citizens United was of Texas Congressman Beto O’Rourke, who is running to replace Ted Cruz as United States Senator. O’Rourke has demonstrated his commitment to campaign finance reform by eschewing political action committee money and relying solely on individual donations. Even without taking corporate money, O’Rourke has dramatically outraised the incumbent senator and O’Rourke has received plaudits for this position. O’Rourke supports legislation that would overturn the judicial result of the Citizens United decision.

Another candidate endorsed by End Citizens United is Wisconsin Congressional candidate Randy Bryce, who is running to replace Paul Ryan. Bryce became a hero to the working class nationwide after one of his campaign advertisements touting his working class roots went viral. Voters have related well to the no-nonsense Bryce and his campaign has raised a large amount of money, an overwhelming majority of it from individual donations of $25 or less. Learn more about the group on Crunchbase.

Sheldon Lavin’s Commitment To The Environment

Sheldon Lavin is an easy guy to root for. He has been running a food supply company called OSI Group for the last few decades. He has overseen the expansion of this former meat supplier into a global food supply conglomerate. Now, that doesn’t sound too interesting but the story of OSI Group is pretty astonishing.

You can trace the origin of the company all the way back to a Chicago neighborhood in the early 20th century. A German immigrant by the name of Otto opened up the meager butcher shop in 1909. He worked hard and was eventually able to parlay his butcher shop into a meat supply company. And then he really lucked out when he met Ray Kroc.

Ray Kroc famously founded the McDonald’s chain. In the early 1950s, he reached out to hundreds of meat suppliers to supply the beef for his hamburgers. Otto and Sons were one of these meat suppliers. But it was a shrewd move by the Otto and Sons meat supply company that really vaulted them to the top.

The Midwestern meat supply company invested all sorts of time and money into cryogenic freezing technology. This breakthrough allowed them to deliver more meat over a larger geographical area. Eventually, Otto and Sons became the main meat supplier for the McDonald’s chain. The company’s expansion was meteoric.

Now the company is known as OSI Group and its CEO, Sheldon Lavin, is committed to sustainability. And that’s quite impressive coming from a global conglomerate that operates 65 different facilities across 17 countries. The company employs more than 20,000 people.

Sheldon Lavin directed his company to construct two different research facilities. One of them stands in the United States while the other performs research in China. These facilities search for innovative ways to lessen the company’s impact on the environment.

Sheldon Lavin and his respect for the environment grew out of the company’s roots in the Midwest. OSI Group still retains that Midwest earnestness. After all, the company’s headquarters is just a few miles down the road from the first McDonald’s restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois.

The life of Inventor and Philanthropist, Adam Milstein

For awhile now,many people in today’s society has been dedicating their time and money into investing. Investing in something is sure worth your hard earn money. Not only is it a great way to stay afloat, it is also good to know you’ll always have something valuable to fall back on. There are so many investors around the World. One in particular is a man name Adam Milstein.

It is with great pleasure to write and tell about Adam Milstein and his life and accomplishments. Not only is he a real estate investor, but he’s a philanthropist as well. Being a native of Israel, Adam Milstein had in mind about what he wanted to do and be in life. He attended UCLA earning his MBA and later got involved in the commercial real estate business. All of his hard work will eventually pay off and he would become a managing partner at the firm Hager Pacific Properties.

Adam Milstein is not only a business man, he is also a man who has great compassion for helping others by doing charitable causes. Many, but not all investors sometimes forget where they started from and what made them who they’ve become today. Adam Milstein cared so much about giving back to his community and other organizations that along with his wife, he founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation and Sifriyat Pijama B’America.

Adam Milstein was all about caring and unity. Especially from what has happened awhile back with the U.S. and Israel. His charitable services are provided to strengthen the people of Israel and the U.S. The services also has resources to educate and train upcoming students who wants to be investors/philanthropists. Students learn the basics fundamentals of investing. Investing can at times be stressful and somewhat of a burden. The programs that the Milstein’s provides gives the students a sense of clarity to what they love and is it worth investing in. When it comes to investing in what you love , the sky’s the limit and you can share all of your struggles and accomplishments with others who are striving to do the same.

Dr. Mark McKenna

Mark McKenna M.D., has shaken-up the beauty industry once again. This man is well-educated in the field of medical aesthetics, and he uses this background to enrich people’s lives. Dr. Mark McKenna is a Tulane Medical School graduate. He is originally from the city of New Orleans, but he has resided in other areas like Atlanta, Georgia. Streamlining the process of elective surgery is one of his main goals, and he has definitely achieved this goal with OVME. OVME, pronounced “of me,” is an advanced medical aesthetics facility. The entire concept of the project has come directly from McKenna himself.

So, what exactly is OVME and how does the consumer benefit? Well, OVME is a medical aesthetics office that possesses a spa-like atmosphere. Dr. Mark McKenna is the founder and CEO of it all. This facility is located in the Buckhead community of Atlanta, and it’s loaded with technologically advanced features as well as luxury treatment rooms. The idea of OVME is to create a warm environment that makes the patient feel comfortable. In addition to that, Dr. Mark McKenna has designed the company to provide these minimally invasive services at your home. That’s right! OVME’s certified clinicians will travel to you if you don’t want to make the trip to the office. McKenna has also developed an innovative app that will allow consumers to make appointments. This advanced application also connects the consumer to specific medical practices in the immediate area.

You won’t find any other medical-aesthetics practice that is willing to push the envelope like this. OVME is basically an advanced version of ShapeMed. ShapeMed was Dr. Mark McKenna’s first successful practice that catered exclusively to this field, and it was a major hit. All in all, Dr. Mark McKenna has revolutionized the game in more ways than one, and that’s a guaranteed fact.

Entrepreneur Dick Devos

Dick Devos is one of the top businessman in the world. He is known for putting Amway Arena on the map globally in sales, and he is also known for his partnership with CEO of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. His passion for aviation continues to grow, as he joins the Federal Aviation Administration’s Management Advisory Council. The council will meet every three months to discuss policies, regulations, budgets, and future growth. There are members from all types of travel and transportation authority groups, as well as former airline executives.


Devos comes from a mixed background of global business sales, education, and aviation. He has co-founded his own aviation academy with his wife, US Education Secretary Betsy Devos, and he has worked alongside the CEO of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport for many years. In fact, he has been helping the CEO since 1999, when the airport re-launched.


The airport has been around since the early 1900s, but it was only recently remodeled and expanded thanks to the help of Devos. It was Devos who brought in new airlines and expanded destinations, allowing travelers to book flights to several new destinations. It was also Devos who worked with airlines to support the growth of the airport, leading to a $45 million renovation that will be completed at the end of 2018.


Devos has been working with his company The Windquest Group for some time. He has also run for governor and worked with several companies. There have been a number of airline CEOs who have complimented and even praised the appointment of Devos to the FAA’s new council because of his blend of business and aviation understanding. He can help with budgets, future growth, and business relations to promote the American industry.


That is the whole point, after all. The FAA has called together this council after experiencing serious dips in security, technology advances, and other issues that are facing the aviation industry in America. The council will meet every quarter to discuss and provide advice to the FAA. Devos has been a member since September 2017 and continues to work with the FAA as well as run his own business The Windquest Group.


Visit to learn more.

Sahm Adrangi on Exposing Ad Fraud

Ad fraud has become so rampant in the recent years but the good news is that many people have opened their eyes to these kind of fraud and activist are not getting tired of calling out these fraudsters either. One stern short activist, Sahm Adrangi , early this year had an amazing presentation on the same at the Kase Learning during a conference on short selling.

So how does ad fraud occur? Sam explains that hackers manipulate computers to click on your ad displays to create a substantial amount of clicks, impressions, and conversations instead of having actual humans who are the targeted customers click on your ads. This means that there is no actual ROI for a company investing in online ads. According to Sahm Adrangi,the more the ad frauds occur the less the advertising buyers are going to spend on online ads thus missing out on revenue from legitimate publishers.

So what is making it slow for all the interested parties to act? Sahm believes that all these parties that are supposed to be fighting against ad fraud do benefit and that is why they are slow. The ad agencies, ad exchanges, and the advertising companies all do benefit in a way, he insists.

This ad fraud takes so many forms, Sam adds, there is click fraud that occurs in paper click, there is click online ads and then there are fake websites with no content but have lots of traffic. All they do is use the same traffic for different ads. There is also ad tagging and stuffing where an ad is hidden behind a certain ad which the clients don’t see but see the video only but once they click, it reflects as an ad click.

In all these ad frauds, the ultimate loser is the ad buyer, concludes Sahm. Therefore it is high time that they work together with the activists to put all these frauds to an end. Otherwise, they will never really realize the economic value of online advertising.

About Sahm Adrangi

Sahm Adrangi is the Founder and CIO of Kerrisdale Capital Management which was launched in 2009. Sahm’s highest achievement has been exposing the fraudulent Chinese companies and has since been keen on short seller activism

GreenSky Credit Opens New Avenues

GreenSky Credit is a leading financial technology company that helps connect customers with lenders. It gives customers a way to access funds to be used for home improvement projects. GreenSky Credit is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and it’s lead by David Zalik, CEO.

By dealing with local banks, merchants, and professionals, GreenSky Credit can reach a wide audience base around the country. Their success is due, in part, to the fact that today’s market consist of people who want convenience and mobility. Instead of requiring an individual to head out to the bank with a stack of papers in hand, much of the work can be done through a mobile device. Since today’s routines are governed by our phones, it makes sense that obtaining lines of credit for small projects can also be handled this way.

David Zalik has always been good with numbers. He skipped high school and went straight to Auburn University, starting his first business in his first year of college. This venture, MicroTech Information Systems, involved selling refurbished computers to fellow students and eventually to corporations. Zalik ended up dropping out of Auburn and going on to sell MicroTech, then later launching the Phoenix and Outweb companies. He found his way into the credit business in 2006, when he had a new idea to become a sort of hassle-free middleman.

Now, Zalik oversees an operation that allows people to instantaneously access credit so that funding home projects and medium-sized purchases can be made easier. GreenSky Credit speeds up the process so that customers can scan their driver’s licenses instead of typing in all of their information.

The whole process can take just a few minutes, so you can do all of this in the aisle of a Home Depot while shopping for materials for a new kitchen. What GreenSky Credit does primarily is to open up new options for everyday consumers. The credit that Zalik and GreenSky Credit can provide include loans up to $65,000.

Giving people options is what many businesses are all about, and GreenSky has certainly found a smart way to open up new pathways to making improvements.