You can get more of of your day with Upwork and Click Up

To-Do lists are a life changing habit, and that has been proven to be a true statement, but many still don’t maintain one. Keeping track of all the different locations and mediums on which To-Do lists are kept may be the barrier, but now Click Up is here (

Keeping a To-Do list with reminders speeds up your day by freeing you from having to remember them. When you make your list is also important. Many make theirs in the morning, but doing it the night before allows you to do it without a time constraint. Consolidating all of your tasks into one location is a no brainer, and with Upwork’s Click Up, it is. This centralized app syncs across all platforms and helps create a less stressful day. You can also set time tables with Click Up. Start date, start times, end times, or the number of minutes for each task.

Click Up allows you to assign priority levels to different tasks. Using this feature will assist in planning around unexpected events, or unusually difficult tasks. With this, it becomes easier to choose between conflicting tasks. Upwork also suggests evaluating all of your tasks weekly, trimming unnecessary tasks and events regularly. With a company that offers over 3,500 jobs and provides a billion dollars’ worth of services a year, they may know what they’re talking about.

You can also use Click Up to generate tasks from comments, and delegate seamlessly to team mates, all on one platform. Upwork is the largest freelancing website in the world, and they suggest breaking up large tasks into smaller tasks, making them more manageable and approachable. You can assign categories to tasks and use Batch Processing, completing similar tasks such as phone calls or e-mails, allowing you to stay in the mindset. Finally, you can assign energy levels to each task. If your early to rise or stay up late, you can use this feature to tackle the most intensive tasks when you have the most energy.

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