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Leadership approaches adopted by Rick Shinto in Transforming InnovaCare Health

The success of any organization is often influenced by the leadership and management approaches that are adopted by the leaders. Visionary and committed leaders help create a positive organizational culture and improve the performances. Since joining InnovaCare Health in 2011 as the CEO, Rock Shinto has overseen the introduction of sustainable and cost-effective models that have positively transformed the healthcare sector. The InnovaCare Health is regarded as being the leading healthcare management provider in North America. The improved performance of the InnovaCare Health can be linked to the contribution of Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides and their experience in the healthcare sector.




Rick Shinto serves as both the CEO and the president of InnovaCare Health. He has also excelled in other organization where he previously worked. Before joining InnovaCare Health, he worked as a pulmonologist in Southern California. He later moved to MedPartners and served as the vice president and oversaw the medical management activities. In the early part of his career, he worked in Cal Optimal Health Plan, Orange Country. He served as a senior medical officer and oversaw the delivery of quality health care services. Shinto has worked as the operations manager of Pathways Management Company. In 2008, the entrepreneur moved to Aveta Inc before being appointed as the CEO of InnovaCare Health in 2011. For more details visit LinkedIn.




Shinto has also collaborated with other professionals such as Penelope Kokkinides who is experienced and qualified in innovating clinical programs. Penelope can be defined as having an in-depth understanding of healthcare management systems, and she has in the past worked for Medicaid and Medicare. She has also worked with other organization such as Touchstone Health, AmeriChoice and Center light Health Care. Through her skills, she has coordinated the services and models of InnovaCare Health through the Medicare Advantage and Provider Networks avenues. For more details visit Bloomberg.




The InnovaCare Health Group




The vision of the InnovaCare Health is to redefine the healthcare management sector. The group holds the view that the quality of health care services can be improved while also lowering the operating costs. Shinto and Penelope argue that the adoption of lost cost and sustainable models, enhanced collaboration of stakeholders, technological innovation and integration of healthcare systems can lead to improved efficiency levels. Healthcare management is argued to work in settings where all stakeholders are accountable and committed to transparency. By working in this industry, Shinto is committed to serving the healthcare needs of the Americans.


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The Benefits of Joining the AIA According to Robert Ivy

As a professional in the architecture field, Robert Ivy has become a member and the leader of the American Institute of Architects. This is the premier professional organization in the field. According to Robert, there are a number of benefits to joining the American Institute of Architects. These include getting access to educational resources, job hunting help, networking opportunities and also gaining credentials. With all of these benefits, a number of architecture professionals will be in better position to enhance their knowledge as well as advance their careers. Visit to know more about Robert Ivy.

Robert Ivy has been the chief executive officer of the American Institute of Architects for seven years. He was appointed to this position in 2011 and has helped expand the organization to many other parts of the world. As the chief executive officer of the organization, Robert Ivy provides the daily management as well as the policies that make the organization operate. Within his brief tenure, Robert Ivy has helped make the American Institute of Architects one of the leading professional organizations in the entire world. Follow Robert Ivy at Twitter.

At the beginning of his career, Robert Ivy worked as a writer where he would draft a number of articles about architecture. During his tenure as a writer, Ivy would put together a number of quality articles that would reveal information about the latest developments in the field. With Robert’s articles, a number of professionals in the field were able to enhance their knowledge and become more informed architects. After a number of years, Robert would become an editor where he would evaluate architecture related articles and decide on which ones to publish. Ivy would continue to publish articles that provide key information about the latest trends in the field.

Recently, in June of 2018, Robert Ivy won the Lifetime Achievement Award. This award is given to those who make significant contributions to the performing arts and creative fields. Ivy won this award due to his contributions in the field of architecture. Over the years he has proven himself as a practicing architect, writer and editor. By winning this award, Ivy has added yet another credential to his impressive list of career achievements.


Alex Hern Is The Productive And Always Focused CEO Of Tsunami XR

Alex Hern is an entrepreneur who has been working to help build early stage companies for many years. Most of the companies he has worked with are in the technology industry. Hern is the founder and chief executive officer of Tsunami XR, which is a company that is headquartered in San Diego, CA. He was once asked where the idea for Tsunami came from, and he responded that it started, for him, when he realized that computers were moving into a new era where they will be ran by GPUs instead of CPUs. This transition will be opening up a new market where customers will desire software apps and platforms that are compatible with a GPU.

Alex Hern focuses on improving his productivity by working on one single thing that will make his company better every day. He is a man who likes to set up goals and then accomplish them and is a believer that multitasking is a waste of time. He points to hard science to back up this claim and has also discovered for himself the value in focusing on a single task at any given time. Alex Hern brings ideas to life by spending time alone at night when everyone else is in bed. During these later hours, he is able to focus without all of the distractions that the day bring.

Alex Hern is excited about artificial intelligence and machine learning and is also interested in how cloud-based computing can improve applications that are graphics-heavy. He is curious to see the future of how all of these will assist with augmented reality. When asked what advice he might give to his younger self if this were possible, he commented that he would tell his self to take his time because life is not a sprint. Alex Hern believes that one of his best habits as an entrepreneur is to wake up early and to stay productive. As a technology enthusiast, he loves to use the software that his company creates and feels that TsunamiXR is the way of the future for collaboration projects and more.

Felipe Montoro Jens Share Why So Many Public Works Projects Don’t Get Completed

There are a lot of construction projects in Brazil that are frozen in place. One study, “Great works stopped: how to face the problem?” pegs this number at 2,796 as of the end of 2017. 517 of these are public works projects such as those building sanitation or roads. The cost of these stopped projects is R $ 10.7 billion according to Felipe Montoro Jens, one of Brazil’s top infrastructure project experts.

It is sanitation that is the public works area most affected, Felipe Montoro Jens says. 447 of these type of projects are paralyzed. Also affected are waterways, ports, railway, airports, highways, and urban mobility works. These projects consume resources from the public coffers that don’t generate any benefits at all for Brazilian society. The main issue is the way that the public sector goes about working on projects which is ill thought out and disorganized. More about of Felipe at

Felipe Montoro Jens says that even simpler projects are held up in purgatory. He points to preschools, sports facilities, and day-care centers as ones that are stalled even though they are not that complex or expensive to finish. The study he cites says that there are issues at play such as financial difficulties, expropriation, and mistakes made in who owns the land the project is being built upon.

Another problem is that small companies were working on a number of these construction projects. Felipe Montoro Jens says that once the economy hit a recession these small companies didn’t have the resources to carry on the work and then abandoned it. As for what to do about all of this, those in the public sector need to plan better, provide teams more resources to do their jobs, create more balanced contracts, and strengthen internal control in order to prevent waste and fraud. Unfortunately, Brazil never seems to learn from these types of studies and so the problems continue.



Deirdre Baggot Has Some Ideas About Bundled Payments That Are Starting To Make Some Ground

Deirdre Baggot has been leading the charge for bundled payments for many years, and with many years of experience under her belt as a hospital executive, people are beginning to listen. She has worked with more than 200 hospitals to improve relationships with clients and to design and roll-out programs that improve the experience of patients in a clinical setting. Hospitals and physicians have both benefited from her work, and her time as an advisor in the industry has also improved the way that the industry works with payments. Find out more about Baggot at Beckers Hospital Review

Deirdre Baggot has been recognized on a national level for her work in the field of medicine with bundled payments and has been a keynote speaker at many different conferences related to medicine. She has spoken at the Bundled Payment Summit, Medtronic, the American Heart Association, Healthcare Financial Management Association, and the American College of Healthcare. She has also written many different papers related to bundled payments as well as reform in the healthcare sector.

Deirdre Baggot studied at the University of Colorado and earned her Doctor of Philosophy while there. She went on to study at Chicago’s Loyola University Graduate School of Business where she received her master’s degree in business administration. Shen is also a Gregory LaVert Scholar and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. Baggot does plenty of reading and research before she begins to take any idea seriously. If she thinks she is onto something, she will write her idea out next. After this, she takes her idea and presents it to her team who is full of the kind of people that can help to refine the idea. She has learned not to stray too far from her focus and specialty, which is the healthcare industry, and this has helped her tremendously as an entrepreneur.

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Southridge Capital Investment Group is a finance solution company that was formed in 1996 and has been active up to date. The firm is based in Connecticut where it provides investment banking and securities brokerage services to its clients. Stephen Hicks sits at the top management of the company; he serves as both the Chief Executive Officer and the Principal of Southridge Capital. He brings in over 30 years of experience in business development and execution in the investment industry. Stephen Hicks holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from King’s College in Briarcliff Manor, New York. He went ahead to complete his MBA degree from Fordham University, New York.


Since it was formed, Southridge Capital has invested over $1.8 billion in growth companies globally. The company is known and respected for offering financial advisories and structures to public companies. The firm also provides an ecosystem of innovative business solutions and expertise. Over the years, the company has put in place an executive team that has a deep understanding of the financial marketplace. The organization has executed financial plans for over 250 public companies since its formation. The services offered by the company range from individualized financial techniques to optimized balance sheet management among other services. To see more visit



During his recent interview with Ideamensh, Stephen Hicks revealed that the idea to start Southridge Capital, his company, came while he was still working with NY hedge fund where the principal allowed Hicks to continue working for him as he began his company. On a typical working day, Mr. Hicks starts with reviewing the portfolio and makes a list of the things that he should accomplish for both himself and his staff members. The rest of his working hours are divided between looking for new clients and coming up with creative ideas to maintain the existing clients.


When asked about his advice to young entrepreneurs, Stephen Hicks noted that they should always strive to do fewer deals and focus on cash instead of return and never put good money after bad. This is something that he observed while working at Southridge Capital. You can visit for more details.