The real estate sector is a money-making machine, and many people have invested in the industry. However, not all have been able to meet the standards and become the most sought after development companies. Boraie Development does not fall under this category as it has proved to be capable and reliable during the years they have been around.


Boraie developers have a strong portfolio that has attracted private investors to assist them to create worthwhile projects. Their 30-year track record also speaks on their ability to come up with property management strategies for both residential and commercial development. Boraie has the expertise in all fields of real estate industry including marketing, maintenance, accounting, leasing and customer service.


According to NJBiz, Omar BoraIe, vice president of Boraie development, and the whole of Boraie team have continued to excel in the field and The Aspire, New Brunswick rental tower joins their many achievements. The Aspire Luxury Apartments has provided the people of New Jersey with one of a kind architectural design with 238 residential units ready for leasing and residents can enjoy the services of doorman 24/7. Check out



There is more to the building as it is strategically located near the New Brunswick Train station, adjacent to Robert Wood Johnson Hospital, has private parking, state of the art fitness centre, indoor and outdoor residents club, ample storage space and a rooftop garden.


For Borale development, this is not the first time to delve into such a project. They have partnered with the great basketball star, Shaquille O’Neal to bring affordable residential and commercial solutions to the people of New Jersey. This partnership has seen the renovation of CityPlex12 Newark for $7 million.


Shaquille’s gesture to lend money to aid real estate development is a way to give back to the community, and Boraie Development has the experience to make the investment worth the money. Besides CityPlex 12, O’Neal and Borale have ventured into other projects together including a $60 million rental complex in Newark, a retail complex, movie theatre among others. Mr O’Neal stands out among many experienced athletes who have tried to venture into the real estate sector and his partnership with Borale, one of the best developers, has been key.


Boraie is able to utilize investors’ money to come up with projects that benefit all parties including the people of New Jersey. This is why Borale Development has been around for so many years and has had nothing but successful projects.



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