Talos Energy Company.

In the exploration and production of hydrocarbons, Talos energy has been recognized to be among the top. Talos Company has adopted a strategy which involves using geological, geophysical and a team of experts to oversee the continued growth of the company. Talos energy has established a sizable seismic database and various reprocessing techniques to ensure that they acquire, exploit and explore the basin assets. In every operation they ensure that they remain in control of production since Talos company believes that by doing so they will;

• Enhance the production performance in all their planned projects.

• Increase hydrocarbon recovery using the improved drilling techniques.

• Fulfill their commitment to health, safety, and environmental compliance.

Talos Energy area of specialization is Gulf of Mexico and the Lower Gulf Coast of Louisiana region. Using the modern drilling system enables the company to remain on top in the oil and gas products industry. Talos Company strives to;

1. Focus on the geological trends related to the company’s assets. Research is conducted to find out the areas where exploitation and exploration will be a success.

2. Allocate capital for all its exploration and exploitation programs. The company ensures they venture into projects which will have the highest returns.

3. To ensure that they hire a team of experts to analyze and asses the company’s assets.

4. Acquire under-valued and under-exploited assets which will in return benefit company as it will earn more profit. Talos Energy focuses on exploring the resources which generally were thought to be unreachable.

To add to the already existing exploration facilities in Phoenix and Gryphon, Talos Energy has decided to expand their headquarters within Allen center. Talos plans to move from their previous One Allen center office to a 98, 000 square foot space located in three Allen center. The relocation aims at providing enough area for expansion and growth. Talos Company has decided to acquire Lafayette, Louisiana- based Stone Energy Corporation. in a merge. The combined company Talos Energy Inc. is estimated to have an initial market capitalization of approximately $1.9 billion in an enterprise value of roughly $ 2.5 billion.

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