To the utter surprise, in 2009 and 2010 more than 125.2 million bags of coffee were produced throughout the world. A statement by the Association of National Coffee, with this production of coffee, it has become the second at the rank of beverages and drink which are most used and consumed throughout the globe after water. Coffee stands out everywhere, whether it’s a coffee shop at the corner of the street or it’s packed in packets in different grocery shops and stores. Relying on coffee and its production can be best in regards to economic terms as well. Organo Gold Company, a Canadian coffee brand provides several ways to the people and individuals sellers to promote and upgrade their coffee products.

History and Staff

Bernardo Chua who is an experienced member belonging to the marketing industry founded the coffee company Organo Gold in 2008. He used to look after the selling and production level at the company himself. The company has its offices and units in the United States and Canada.


The company Organo Gold doesn’t sell their products on their own at the stores. Instead, they sell the coffee to the different buyers and individual sellers as a wholesale. Then the sellers or the distributors sell the coffee to the general public and through this they are able to earn more than 50 percent accreditation on the sales. The company uses the technique and strategy of marketing at multiple levels to promote their products on a daily basis. The sellers or distributors, the team selling and the company, divide the profit among them through a domino effect.


The product despite being a hidden one has different ingredients in it. Bernardo Chua combines a Ganoderma, a mushroom with coffee beans of gourmet. The company assures that the products used are safe and healthy as well.


The company Organo Gold has earned more than $35 million throughout the world.

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