James Dondero: The Philanthropic Entrepreneur

The world is slowly running out of genuine philanthropists. Nowadays, people would pose as philanthropists yet expect something in return. But that’s not the case for Mr. James Dondero. Thanks to him, there is still hope that there are people out there who give back to the community with sincerity and without expecting any favors in return. James Dondero has been seen as one of the entrepreneurs who apply business acumen to complement their philanthropic work. In his position, Mr. Dondero made sure that his firm was involved in charity events right from the start. His activities act an example that entrepreneurship can be used to bring tangible impacts onto the surrounding community with the aim of making strategic improvements that will benefit all parties.

Dondero’s Passion on Improving Texas

Dondero had had the passion of making Texas a better place ever since he decided to move to Dallas from Los Angeles in 1994 when they decided to relocate Highland’s headquarters. Although the firm operates globally, James Dondero has decided to focus the firm’s charitable events to the local community in Texas. This is what has led to the exemplary development impact created by Highland in its backyard.

James Dondero’s Investment Concept

Dondero’s 30 years’ experience in the high yield credit industry has enabled him to successfully manage separate accounts with dignity. He focuses on a total return approach that works better than the available benchmarks. Other than that, Mr. Dondero uses a bottom-up fundamental assessment approach that gives qualitative results on matters relating to portfolio positioning and underlying collateral. Currently, Highland Capital Management is ranked as the largest bank loan manager in the whole world. They manage over $13 billion bank loan assets — their management team champions for credibility and accountability. James Dondero’s investment tactics give the satisfaction that entrepreneurs can be of a good cause to the surrounding community. His philanthropic activities have contributed to the success of Highland Capital Management. Therefore, his business model should be emulated by entrepreneurs all across the globe as it has been proved to be results-oriented.

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