Talos Energy And Its Growth Strategy In The E&P Industry

Talos Energy is a little more than six years old, but it is making such an impact in the exploration and production (E&P) industry that one would think it has been around for decades. This success could be the result of the company’s leadership, as the founder and president of the organization is Tim Duncan, who was not only born in the oil industry but has studied it and formed his career in it. The company may also owe its success to its growth and expansion strategy. Since 2012, it has created numerous partnerships and made various mergers and acquisitions with entities such as Stone Energy Corporation and Whistler Energy II, among others.

One of the reasons that are making Talos Energy to dominate headlines in the E&P industry is its presence in the privatized Mexican waters. This entity was one of the first foreign companies to be awarded a contract by the government in Mexico during the first round of bids. Out of the fourteen blocks that were in the bidding process, Talos Energy won two of them. The company is also the first of all the private organizations in Mexican history to drill an offshore well.

Talos Energy, which has set its focus on the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf Coast, is not only interested in the leases producing oil currently but is also aims at identifying drilling prospects. Through the intuitive growth approach, the company is taking advantage of the azimuth seismic data. The entity will reprocess it to facilitate the re-mapping of the reservoirs active currently while identifying ways of generating more drilling prospects.

Duncan knows that the E&P industry does not support hesitant or stagnating organizations; hence, he has chosen to take the intuitive approach as a fast way of putting in the effort needed to make Talos Energy grow. The company competes with some larger multinational organizations that have been in the industry for decades; hence, there is need to make some quick and unconventional decisions. This aspect of the industry makes it easy for Talos Energy to make transactions with companies such as Hokchi Energy to ensure that it has the assets and resources relevant to thrive.

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