Victoria Doramus from consumer trends to philanthropy

Ever since she entered the media, Victoria Doramus has always been a valuable asset to her employers thanks to her wealth of experience as a trend specialist. Victoria who focuses on areas of style, design, and fashion is known for her proficiency in marketing products to media vendors as well as her abilities in market research and analysis, budgeting and networking among many others.

Mistress of all trades

Victoria Doramus is what we refer to as the mistress of all trades. Her BA in journalism and mass communication has seen her rub shoulders with a long string of roles in the media arena. For instance, she has been an assistant planner at Mindshare which is where she first worked. Here her work involved bringing A-list media vendors on board while at the same time ensuring that nothing breaks budgetary parameters.

On top of that, Victoria has also worked as an assistant to Peter Berg and has also tapped on the creative consulting arena where she was an art director at Stila cosmetics. She is also excellent when it comes to pen and paper and has written on art, marketing, lifestyle and trends on platforms such as Trendcentral, The Cassandra report, USA Today, Cosmopolitan and even the Huffington Post. She’s been a ghostwriter for many other publications proving that it is possible to multi-task in this fast-pacing world.


When we say, Victoria Doramus is a mistress of all trade we mean it in every bit. Besides her flourishing career, she is heavily involved in charity work. For instance, she works hand in hand with Room to Read, an organization established in 2000 focusing on the provision of quality education to children who come from poor backgrounds. Victoria is also heavily involved with the Women’s prison association, a women advocacy group bent on walking with women every step of the way during their involvement with the Criminal justice system.

Apart from doing all she can to make the lives of other human beings better, Victoria also extends her generosity to animal as well by working with the Animal best friend’s society, a non-profit organization which helps rescue animals designated to be euthanized in kill shelters.

Her battle with addiction

We all have our struggles and Victoria Doramus being human has had her share of that as well. Victoria struggled with drug addiction some time back. Fortunately for her, she successfully managed to fight it off, and now dedicates her time to informing the youth about the effects of drugs, as well as supporting those who are at risk of becoming addicts as a professional recovery expert at the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

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