Isn’t It Perfect’s Rebel Wilson Is Invited For A ‘Trouple’ This Valentine’s Day By Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth

February 14 is just a few weeks ago and everyone can feel the love in the air. People are planning for dates with their special loved ones. However, there are people who are still single this Valentine’s Day, and Rebel Wilson is encouraging fellow kindred spirits who don’t have a date this coming February 14 to watch her upcoming movie.

Wilson’s first ever main movie, “Isn’t It Romantic” will be available for release on Valentine’s Day. And while Wilson doesn’t have a date to accompany her in this day, Miley Cyrus said she and her husband Liam Hemsworth is willing to take the Aussie actress for a “trouple”.

Rebel Wilson took it as a chance to promote her upcoming movie in her Instagram account. She posted a video with her movie’s trailer and captioned it with “I’ve never EVER had an actual date on Valentine’s Day.” Wilson continued with “…if you’re like me, now you definitely have a date to come see my movie and be kindred spirits!”

Her movie, which is her first movie with the lead role, will be out this February 13, 2019, a day before the Valentine’s Day. This release date is for the United States and Canada release only. Fans from other parts of the world who want to watch this movie will have to wait until February 28, 2019, until it became available on Netflix.

Miley Cyrus is quick to respond to Wilson’s post with “OMG! Let’s be a trou-ple! You can be our date!” Cyrus’ respond was answered by Wilson with heart and koala emojis. It can be remembered that Wilson’s co-star Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus just said their wedding vows last December.

In addition, another co-star, Priyanka Chopra also married Nick Jonas. Wilson even made a joke that she might be the next one to get married because her co-stars are tying the knot one by one.

Isn’t It Romantic is about a character named Natalie who doesn’t want to do anything about Romantic Comedy shows. One day, while she’s on her way to work, a man tried to rob her. Although she defended herself successfully, she hit her head in a post which made her unconscious.

When she woke up, Natalie will find herself inside a hospital with a very handsome doctor taking care of her. She will also notice how everything looks like it has beauty filter applied. To go back to her old life, she needs to make a guy fall in love with her. And to help that happen, her neighbor and gay sidekick Donnie will be helping her to get a date.

Rebel Wilson’s other co-stars include Adam DeVine, who will play as Josh, Natalie’s best friend, and other love interest. Liam Hemsworth will play as Blake, Natalie’s love interest and also a client. Priyanka Chopra will play the role of Isabella, a yoga ambassador.

Betty Gilpin will play the role of Whitney, Natalie’s assistant, and best friend. Brandon Scott Jones will play as Donny, Natalie’s sidekick. Tom Ellis will be the handsome doctor while Jennifer Saunders will play as Natalie’s mother.

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