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Avaaz on effecting change through civic organization

Avaaz is described as one of the globe’s largest and most powerful online activist network. This, not just a title that has been assigned to it lightly but rather due it’s online reach with a presence in six continents and over thirty countries and counting while at the same time it’s able to reach its wide membership in over 15 different languages. It is considered as one of the largest and most influential self-funded organization as it does not accept any donations from corporations or other foundations which has enabled it to remain independent and free from external foreign influence while maintaining accountability to its millions of members who through their contributions have been able to give a combined 20 million dollars since its inception in 2007.

Avaaz is one of the most flexible civic organization based on the activism campaigns it undertakes. These campaigns are all ideas that members come up with and are then passed through legal teams which asses there legal implications on the respective destinations.

The campaigns are for various issues affecting humanity such as climate change, human rights, animal rights, corruption, poverty, and conflict. These campaigns are achieved through media engagement, lobbying, emailing and calling of government officials and representatives.

Avaaz has been able to avoid fragmentation and instead concentrated on being more cohesive which has mainly been achieved by giving members the liberty of choosing campaigns and then having the free will to either participate or not when one strategy and idea I identified.Members thus are able to continue to begin independently responsible for each undertaking.

The ability by Avaaz to use technology in its actions has enabled it to reach a larger demographic and empowered millions of its members to reach out and make their voices had this has, in turn, enabled them effect change in a very effective way.

Traveling Vineyard Helps Customers Choose the Best Wine for Their Needs

Traveling Vineyard is a company that is in the direct sales industry. They have consultants who are trained in wine and who know a lot about wine so they can help the hosts who are having the party. It is a way for the company to help people out and give them the parties they need so they will be able to try different things and learn more about the wine industry. They can also learn different things about wine that they might not have known about in the past. All of this is what makes the company special and sets it apart from the same things that other companies have. They know how to do a wine tasting in home and it helps them to be a positive influence on wine industry for different people in the area they are located in.

Out of all of the things that wine guides do, bringing the party to the people who are hosting is one of the biggest jobs. They are able to provide the entire party including the wine. It helps them to connect with people and show people what they can do in their own home. It also helps them to have the chance to experience a more positive way of selling wine instead of just selling it to anyone who comes along or who tries their best to enjoy the things that they are doing with the wine industry and with the sales they have.

Vineyards can sometimes be difficult for people to visit. They can be stuffy, and those who visit them may not know what to do while they are there. Guests are far more comfortable in your home environment and they may feel like they can actually have a good time while they are there because of the way that the parties are set up. They are made to help the guests feel comfortable no matter what type of experience they have with wine, or what they are used to doing at any type of direct sales party.

Since Traveling Vineyard knows that people need to learn more about wine, they are always looking for new ways to show their customers the right way to try different things. They can even have the chance to show off all of the opportunities people need in their own wine experience so others will have a chance to try different things. All of this is what has allowed people the chance to try different things and to try and make things work for the party they are hosting for their friends to earn rewards so they can have free wine from the party aside from what they tried.

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Fabletics Helps Women Build Self Confidence

With Fabletics, there are a ton of advantages that are with the brand. Among these advantages is the support from celebrities. For one thing, celebrities often have a lot of influence on the reception of the brand. Just getting celebrity endorsement can help a brand a lot. In the case of Fabletics, it has more than celebrity endorsements, it actually has celebrity involvement. Kate Hudson is involved as one of the CEOs of the company. However, it has also gotten another celebrity involved with the brand. This celebrity is Demi Lovato. She has joined Fabletics with a message for people.


Demi Lovato’s message is about self-confidence. One thing that she has stated is if an individual keeps telling herself that she is beautiful, then she is going to believe it. While this does sound good, it is actually a lot harder than it sounds. After all, hearing it is the bare minimum. One thing that will help take things further is if one is able to treat herself like she’s beautiful. Actions speak louder than words. The same can be said for actions towards oneself. Fortunately, it is actually easier for people to feel more confident in themselves with the right type of fashion.


Fabletics offers women the type of fashion that can make them feel better about themselves because they are clothes that not only fit right but bring out all of the best features in a woman. For one thing, a lot of these outfits have a slimming effect on women. This could give women who struggle with their weight some extra confidence. Another good asset of Fabletics is the coloring of the clothing which can also enhance a woman’s features. When women take the time to look at the style of the fashion and find the outfits that work for them. They can go a long way towards improving their self confidence.


One of the best things about dressing well and being unique is that it can give women some kind of new perspective about themselves. When they get that perspective, then they will be able to feel better about themselves. Fabletics enables women to treat themselves in ways that will make themselves feel better. Then they will be able to go out in the world and engage people with that extra spring in their step. This will also draw out all of the positive attention.

Eric Lefkofsky and his Accelerated Disruption Initiative

Disruptive businesses come up every day. A person hatches an idea that is convenient in terms of price, functionality, or service. This person is on the verge of reinventing an entire industry. However, due to miscalculation and a lack of vision, this same person fails to factor the ever changing technology trends. In a short time, the forces of technology cause this person to face challenges from startups or large competitors and they are eventually overtaken. This is the idea behind Accelerated Disruption and more information click here.

What Exactly is Accelerated Disruption?

Accelerated Disruption refers to a business development that moves at the same pace as new technological trends. Businesses that have an understanding of technology and can control its forces have a bright future in contract to those that do not and learn more about Eric.

Accelerated Disruption is involved with the following startup concepts:

  • Choosing the appropriate industries to innovate
  • Converting a business’s client base into a sophisticated team
  • Understanding pain and turning it to a business’s advantage
  • Using conventional wisdom to study disruptive ideas and test them under the radar
  • Perfecting the skill of quick-release product alterations
  • Using smart automation to get the best from people
  • Promoting an idea when faced with investor and industry resistance
  • Coming up with a capital strategy that will support a business during the important phases of development

Eric Lefkofsky’s Philanthropic Activities

Lefkofsky partnered with his wife to establish a trust in 2006. The trust was named “Lefkofsky Family Foundation“. The mission of the foundation is to support charitable, educational, and scientific causes and organizations worldwide. The purpose of this foundation is to promote high-impact programs, research, and initiatives that affect humanity’s quality of life. The foundation evaluates its grant making on a quarterly basis, and chooses grants that are focused on a few key areas, including human rights, education, arts and culture, and medical research. A huge portion of the funds are invested in Chicago, Lefkofsky’s hometown and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

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Market America Products Have Got You Your Beauty, Health and Cosmetics Needs Covered

Market America offers products in the health, beauty, nutrition, anti-aging, pet and skin care among other categories. The products are exclusive and a great resource for anyone trying to start a business or looking out for great products to use. They are ideal for everyone. For the past 24 years, the company products have gained global exposure and have been featured in leading global publications such as People, Allure, US weekly, Vogue among others. Known celebrities have also endorsed the company’s products.

Why Market America Products

The Market America products are of high quality and they more than meet the customers’ expectations. Through working closely with the products vendors the company is able to use the highest quality ingredients for the products. The ingredients are sourced from the best raw products and passed through numerous strict tests to ascertain that they meet the acceptance thresholds. Through science, the products are produced and manufactured putting into consideration their composition, quality and potency. Market America a product brokerage company follows the latest customer trends and seeks to sell quality products to the multibillion dollar markets.

Great Service

The personalized service offered by the company ensures that consumer needs are met. Through the use of Nutri-Physical a free online program, customer are able freely assess themselves and provide information that provides their diet and lifestyle needs such that they are provided with products that suite these needs. Another online service offered by the company is the skincare analysis service that enables the company recommend skincare products that are ideal for the customer’s needs.

Motives another Market America product designed by motives consultants from Loren Ridinger cosmetics complements any skin tone, color and shade. The foundations from the company provide a flawless coverage. Market America Isotonix products are the firm’s most profitable nutrition and health brand. The products are in powder form enabling the Isotonix product to be easily absorbed and to provide the right nutrients needed by the body. If you need the right products for your beauty, health and cosmetics needs, Market America products are the way to go.

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Goettl Owner, Kenneth Goodrich, Announces Acquisition of Walton’s Heating and Air

Goettl Air Conditioning recently announced that it acquired Walton’s Heating and Air, a HVAC company based in California, in 2015. Goettl Air Conditioning owner, Kenneth Goodrich, held off the announcement of the acquisition until June 2017 because of a number of issues within Walton’s Heating and Air that needed to be sorted out first. However, he did not disclose the financial details of the transaction.

This was a very strategic move for Goettl as it has given it access to the California market. It also benefited Walton’s Heating and Air since the company now has access to Goettl’s already established markets in Tucson, Las Vegas and Phoenix. Just like Goettl, Walton’s Heating and Air was founded on strong family values, and this made it a great company to partner with. Todd Longbrake, the owner of Walton’s Heating and Air was enthusiastic about the acquisition and looks forward to the company’s growth as a subsidiary of Goettl. According to him, the company had reached its maximum potential in California and the acquisition was much needed if it were to progress any further.

According to NorCal News, Goettl made an offer to Todd in early 2015 but he was not sure that was the direction in which he wanted his company to head. After much thought and advice from other experts in the HVAC industry, he decided it was the right move to make. Walton’s Heating and Air has grown tremendously since then. Todd is currently the field supervisor and sales manager at Goettl Air Conditioning.

About Goettl Air Conditioning

Goettl Air Conditioning is renowned for the high-quality heating and air conditioning services it has been providing ever since its establishment in 1939. The company provides a wide range of services including repair and maintenance services and installation among others. It serves both commercial and residential clients in California, Tucson, Las Vegas and Phoenix. employs the best HVAC technicians and invests in their continuous training to ensure their customers receive nothing but the best. Its strong commitment to providing excellent customer support is what makes it the number one choice for many residents of the areas it serves. This has earned the company many loyal clients over the years.


Goettl’s acquisition of Walton’s Heating and Air is part of its long-term plan to become a nationwide brand. Plans are currently underway to set up operations in Texas. Under the able leadership of Kenneth Goodrich and other executives at the company, Goettl Air Conditioning is bound to grow even more and expand its operations to more states.


Larkin & Lacey

People are constantly butting heads with each other. It is an unfortunate fact of human nature. As a result of this human struggle, civil rights organizations have been established all over the world to vouch for the plights of different people.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Initially, immigrants are displaced in the United States when they come here. They need guidance. They need basic supplies to take care of their bodies They need the proper services for their social needs and they need a support system.

Hailing from Arizona, a border state with heavy traffic coming in from south of the border, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were aware of the fact that immigrants had all of these basic needs that were not being fulfilled.

To fulfill the needs of incoming immigrants, they gave rise to the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund so that they could pursue the goal of funding immigrant oriented organizations.


The ACLU, or the American Civil Liberties Union, claims to be non-partisan. If you take a short gander at their website, you will see that they actually lean more toward liberal ideals and lean more toward being in favor of the Democrats.

However, throughout the decades they have actually assisted organizations and individual people with very controversial or frowned upon views. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

The reason why they defended people with controversial views, despite openly appearing liberal themselves, is because they promise to defend the of anyone who is truly acting within his or her own right.

Black Lives Matter

Founded in 2012, it is still going strong across the United States. It’s development was spurred by an event in which a Black teenager by the name of Trayvon Martin was killed by a white (or white- appearanced) man with a gun.


What is Unidos Us? It sounds like a fresh, new organization that is new to the civil rights scene. Actually, it isn’t. UnidosUs is The National Council of Raza, only with an updated name. UnidosUs helps the condition of Hispanic people all across the nation. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and


Think of bare-breasted women protesting and crashing miscellaneous events that are supposed to be formal. That is exactly what Femen does. It was founded in Europe in the mid to late 2000s. Their philosophy relies strongly on the idea that showing a woman’s bare skin is an effective way to undermine the unfair patriarchal double standards of society.


NOW is a well known feminist organization. They are not widely known for the same tactics as Femen, but they have a long track record of success. NOW has been around for decades, and they have been involved in the fight for women’s rights to the point where they are actually mentioned in textbooks about women’s American history that are prescribed at colleges.

NOW fights for a number of causes, including reproductive rights, the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment, immigrant rights, voting rights and racism. They are definitely an organization that should be read about and learned about.

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Eric Pulier on what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur

Eric Pulier was born a technologist and an innovator. He one of the faces behind the technology we see today. He has subtly contributed to the technology we use though it might be unknowingly. In addition to this contribution, he also helps nascent entrepreneurs implement their ideas by offering mentorship. Since he has run successful businesses of his own it’s quite clear that he possesses the requisite know-how to advise other entrepreneurs especially in the area of technology.

Eric Pulier attributes success to the passion he had for technology. He recognizes that even if an idea is super brilliant but has no way to get access to a large audience as may be needed then it is useless. Therefore in his trail of thought, Eric filtered his ideas and picked only the ones that had the capacity to reach large audience.

Eric Pulier acknowledges that his source of money is the investments he has made. As a Venture Capitalist, he is always on the lookout for ideas worth his money. In his long experience as an entrepreneur, he is able to discern the credibility of the ideas before investing. He is also able to study the entrepreneurs and weigh their passion towards their ideas. Are they ready to put all it takes to see their business grow? This is the important question.

Eric explains that before starting a business it is always good to have all the logistics and plan layout ready. This is the only way that you will be able to actualize the potential of idea. He confesses that his company actually did not take long before bringing in some profits. He had already handled the issues of logistics and the brand he was selling.

Eric also digresses on the importance of self-belief. An entrepreneur must be optimistic in his own ideas. The only way you will succeed is by first believing in your ideas even before selling it to any other person. Without faith, you will easily trip when you are faced with challenges that are otherwise surmountable for anyone with a clear plan and faith in his or her abilities.

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Adam Milstein Support for an Upcoming Meme Competition

The Adam and Gala Milstein Family Foundation in collaboration with other organizations supporting Jewish ideology will be awarding cash prizes to meme creators. The award goes to competitors with the best memes expressing patriotism to Israel. Adam Milstein’s organization will be accepting submissions to its global competition for the Pro-Israel memes. Many talented meme creators have been given a chance to make money from their talent in the Milstein Meme Competition.

The competition accepts dramatic, funny or poignant memes. The competitors can submit photos or any social media tool that can go viral. The contest looks forward to creating a meme stash from classics such as Bad Luck Brian macros and lolcats to emerging memes like Snapchat’s hotdog and MS Paint tributes filter for pro-Israel activists.

Adam Milstein stated that he is using the competition to express the love that pro-Israel activists have for Jewish. The panelists who will be judging are top authorities in social media in meme sector. The contest will start on August 3 a.m. Eastern Standard Time and end on August 14 after voting takes place. Adam Milstein and his team will conduct a reasonable evaluation of each meme before posting on the website for public voting. The public will vote via Facebook reacts such as sad, like, wow, angry, love among others.

After the public votes, the winners of the day will be picked by a board of high school and college student pro-Israel activists. Winners will be announced on August 17 which will include cash prizes given first place will be one winner, second-place winners will be two,and third-place will have five winners and finally ten runners up.

Adam Milstein is a top America’s pro-Israel philanthropist. Adam was born and raised in Haifa, Israel.Adam Milstein and his family migrated to the United States in 1981 where he pursued his studies in the business school at University of Southern California.He focuses on “life path impact” as his priority for effective philanthropy creating programs to maintain a broad and continuous connection to his target population.


Beneful Changes The Face Of Pet Foods Advertising

Ever since the company was formed in 2001, Beneful has been one of the most innovative and adventurous advertisers on the planet with a range of television and billboards aimed at pets or showing the benefits of owning a pet. Beneful commercial has gone so far as to use TV ad’s complete with high pitched sounds only audible to dogs to attract them to the commercial’s produced by the brand.

In recent years, Beneful has placed the focus of its television advertisements more on the relationship between pet and pet parent in ads such as the “Einstein” ad where both the dog and his owner are given a voice in the ad. The advert includes details of how beef is the number one ingredient in the Beneful Originals pet foods that are loved by dogs as the canine star of the ad, Einstein, states through his human voice.

A fun way of looking at the innovations developed by Beneful over the course of recent years is found in the “Doggy Licks” commercial produced by the brand. Every pet parent knows the problem of their dog having bad breath which is addressed in the commercial with the issue of bad dog breath seen as something that can be overcome with the aid of Beneful Healthy Smile. The “I Stand Behind Beneful” series of ads remain some of the best-loved from Beneful and give us a glimpse into the lives and dogs of those responsible for creating the pet foods bearing the Beneful name.