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Yeonmi Park Releases Book, Strikes Back at North Korea

Life can change in the blink of an eye but not always for the better. Yeonmi Park has lived more hardship in her young life than most people can even speculate. Yeonmi Park, if you haven’t heard of her, is the tiny voice rising up to drown out one of the most oppressive nations on Earth: North Korea. Yeonmi Park is the latest, and most widely known, defector from the secretive and oppressive North Korea. Park escaped the country when she was just a small girl and now she is becoming a leader on the global scene for human rights, as reported by

Yeonmi Park was born and raised in North Korea until she turned 13 years old. Over those 13 years Park learned to keep her voice quiet and never do anything to attract attention to herself or her family.Yeonmi Park tells Daily Mail reporters, “I didn’t know what freedom was,” and she expounds n the concept saying, “I never heard of that word”. For Park happiness was simply having food at the end of the day. Yet, those days were filled with hardships that seem pulled straight from dystopian fiction. Children were taught never to sing or wear nice clothing. They were told never to even whisper about the regime for fear that the “birds and bugs were listening”.

Yeonmi took a long and harrowing journey out of North Korea that spanned several years before she found safety in South Korea. She was sold into human trafficking, forced to work as a child bride, and she had to watch first hand as her was assaulted by human traffickers. Yet she survived and she kept her strength. Now Yeonmi Park is stepping onto the global stage as she releases on Amazon her book, “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom”. This book seeks to tell Park’s story in all of its details so that more and more people will become aware of North Korea’s oppressive abuse toward their people. With the reaction that Park has gotten from Pyongyang we can tell that the country is starting to worry about her words.


The Commitment of Securus Technologies in Providing Inmate Solutions

Securus Technologies, which is the best company providing exceptional solutions in civil and criminal justice for such things as investigation, public safety, monitoring and correction, was successful in pushing for its stand that Federal Communications Commission (FCC) did not have the power to charge inmate phone calls rate caps on intrastate rates. The issue was being heard by the United States Court of Appeals. In the recent past, the company together with its competitors have been successful in the two key issues they had taken before the court concerning the rates of inmates. The first issue before the court concerned the grant of a stay on the decision on Inmate Rates and Fees that was supported by the majority in FCC.

In the United States, the threshold for the court to grant stay in any matter is generally very high. It is amazing how Securus Technologies was able to win the two issues. The company is doing an incredible job in pushing for the development of the right policy concerning inmate communications. The company has negotiated a balance of safety, jurisdiction and costs together with FCC, the federation and the courts for sixteen years now. That is pretty long time of tireless efforts. The company seeks to have FCC meet all the CEOs in the industry to come up with the best solutions for inmates, their families and friends, witnesses, victims, the industry and the society at large.

About Securus

Securus Technologies  was established in 1986 and has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It is the best in providing for innovative solutions in civil and criminal justice. The company’s Video Visitation is an innovative platform that allows individuals to visit their loved ones who are in jail in a more convenient way. There are two options available in the platform. One option is to arrange the onsite visitation early in advance and the other is to remotely visit your loved one who is languishing in prison by using your computer that has webcam and is connected to the Internet.

Securus Technologies helps connect those who have been imprisoned with their families and friends. It also connects inmates to technology, the personnel in the correctional facility to crucial information and so much more. The company is dedicated to provide emergency response, investigation, public information, incident management, inmate communication, verification, self-service to inmates, information management, and monitoring products and services all intended to improve the safety of this world.

Originally reported in Financial News

Securus Technologies is in not affiliated with the Securus America agency site nor the Securus health product.

Securus House is a safe space for domestic violence victims and is also a separate entity.

How George Soros Plans to Help the Migrants

George Soros is a name that anyone will recognize from the 1992 bet against the British pound. He is well known as a democratic donor during election years – having spent over $20 million to help oust President George W. Bush from office in 2004, and now $8 million to support Hillary Clinton. Soros is even known in the financial world, partly for his famous bet in 1992, and partly for his prowess in trading.
Now, Soros has made his opinion on the Syrian migrant crisis known. He gave an interview with Market Watch on September 29, 2015 regarding the subject.

He has given six different things the European Union could be doing to make the situation much better for all involved. All the steps are important in their own way, but some are more important to be acted on first.

One of the suggestions that should be acted upon first is his suggestion to streamline the asylum seeking process. As of when the interview was given, there were 28 different processes a migrant could potentially go through to attain asylum status. There is one process for each member of the European Union. These processes currently produce drastically different results for each migrant.

By slowly streamlining this process, migrants will be able to – sooner or later – expect the same answer no matter where in the EU they go. A single process, Soros thinks, will help make it easier for migrants and those seeking asylum to get the help they need.

The second suggestion George Soros made is that the EU should take in at least one million migrants a year for the next few years. While that may sound like a lot, the migrants would be spread as equally as possible between all the member states of the European Union. It would be difficult. It will be a lengthy process to get all the migrants situated. However, as fewer and fewer come into the system, this process will get faster and faster.

Another suggestion Forbes billionaire George Soros has made on Bloomberg is to support these migrants. This financial aid would be a tremendous help to the migrants, but the EU needs help to reach the needed amount per migrant. Soros believes that if each migrant received 15,000 euros (or $16,800), they would be able to do more to start their new life off right.

Fourthly, George Soros suggests getting many foundations involved in raising said money. Churches, for example, often help raise money to help people; why shouldn’t they raise money to help asylum-seekers? Furthermore, he believes that anyone who can help should. IT technicians can help put migrants into jobs. Families can help them find the best places to shop for low prices in the neighborhood. Neighbors can be friendly.

The other two suggestions Soros of the Open Society Foundation made go pretty much hand in hand. One is to make getting migrants to Europe, and giving them hope they will make it, a priority. The other is to provide funding for migrants in Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan, respectively.

Sergio Cortes Explains Zika, Dengue, and Chikungunya

A recent article on R7 Noticias explains that it was recently discovered that in addition to dengue, the Aedes Agypti mosquito is also responsible for the spread of two other viruses: zika and chikungunya. According to experts, the symptoms of all three illnesses are quite similar, namely, high fever, body aches, eye pain, muscle pain, and skin rashes, according to Dr. Sergio Cortes.
As a result of these new viruses caused by the same mosquito, it is important to highlight how to distinguish each illness. The main symptoms of dengue as compared to the other illnesses are body aches and eye pain. Dr. Sergio Cortes adds that in order to tell the zika virus from chikungunya, Nurse Bruno del Guerra, with the Itapetinga Epidemiological Control Unit in Sao Paulo, has identified certain symptoms as being found mainly in each specific illness. The zika virus is associated with itching throughout the body and eye redness, whereas chikungunya causes rather intense joint pain.

Despite the recorded increase in microcephaly among newborns, these data are still being studied. Therefore, the threat posed by the zika viruses is difficult to establish. Dr. Sergio Cortes added Del Guerra’s observation that, on the other hand, that hemorrhaging is a well-known possible symptom of dengue. In addition, Guerra also stressed the importance of seeking medical care when symptoms of these illnesses arise. Dr. Sergio Cortes also added that according to Nurse Del Guerra, studies are underway to determine whether a single person can be afflicted with more than one the viruses simultaneously.

There is no known antiviral therapy or any other type of treatment to prevent the illness. Sergio Cortes explains that according to Del Guerra, treatments for these illnesses are under investigation. For the time being, oral rehydration therapy is the standard treatment, or if necessary, intravenous rehydration can also be administered at first-aid centers. Rehydration should be followed by at least five days of bed-rest to ensure a full recovery. For five years, the Butantan Institute in Sao Paulo has been working to create an effective cure for these illnesses. Their drug is currently in Phase Two clinical trials, and the Institute is hopeful that the drug will achieve Phase Three status and be approved for large-scale production, according to Sergio Cortes. Researchers are hopeful that ANVISA (the Brazilian Public Health Agency) will give approval to the drug this month for Phase Three trials.

There have been 17 million patients in the clinical trials under the close supervision of the researchers. According to Sergio Cortes, the drug must be at least 80% effective in order to reduce the incidence of the four strains of dengue. As of yet, there is no established timeframe for the completion of clinical trials. According to Anvisa, application for approval is still pending. Until a solution to these problems comes to be, experts say that the best approach is prevention and the elimination of the nesting grounds of the mosquito that carries the viruses.

You can follow Sergio Cortes on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Donald Drumpf’s Wikipedia Family Page

The entire country realizes that Donald Trump is running for President of the United States. The fact is that very few people know about Trump’s real family history. One man that knows the inside story on Trump is television host John Oliver. The fact is that Oliver has some very amusing and factual things to relate about the Presidential Candidate. For example, a Wikipedia page was created for Trump under his real family name, which is Drumpf. The Wikipedia page includes a picture of Trumps’ grandfather, Frederich Drumpf. The Wikipedia page also includes some surprising revelations about Trump’s grandfather. 

Wikipedia Benefits
Will the Wikipedia page created for the Donald Drumpf family help in Trumps bid for the White House? Well, the odds are that the page will get noticed by millions of people across the world in record time. The fact is that Wikipedia business page creation holds numerous benefits for the average business owner or even an individual that is trying to build a brand name or improve their online reputation. Many business owners noticed a significant increase in website traffic and interest in their service, after placing pages on Wikipedia.

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Premium Dog Food Increases In Sales


More pet owners are starting to realize the benefits of premium dog food, and its effects on or beloved pets. For many years, we didn’t pay attention to what our dogs were consuming. We bought the food that was cheapest, or the food that we thought was quality before we really started looking into the ingredients. Some of us may have purchased the most expensive dog food, assuming it was the best, but later finding out that it was really full of fillers and artificial dyes. Let’s talk about chemicals, because we know those were in the food as well. Preservatives were added that weren’t necessary and additives were combined with ingredients that couldn’t be pronounced. Fast forward to 2016, and take note. We, as careful and concerned pet owners, are taking pride in knowing the wholesome ingredients that are being provided in premium dog food today.

Beneful is actually made by Purinastore, and is one of those brands we can trust to add wholesome, natural ingredients that we can actually see and pronounce. Not only can we see the ingredients in the dog food, but we can visually see the different being made in our animals. They are happier and their mannerisms are excellent. Their fur becomes resilient and silky, offering bounce and beauty. Beneful offer different dog foods that are geared towards different breeds or different problems they are experiencing at the time. Some dogs have allergies, skin problems, they are aging and need special senior dog food, or maybe they just need a good, quality dog food with vitamins, minerals and an excellent choice of ingredients like Beneful.

This billion dollar market is taking off for many consumers who are looking to provide the best dog food available for our furry friends. More people are spending the extra money, and they don’t mind doing so. They know that they are feeding them exactly what they need. Many of the manufacturers are relating their quality, premium dog food to follow the diet of their ancestors, the wolves. They eat a well-balanced diet full of grains, vegetable and delicious lean meats.




Some Researchers Think The Zika Virus Could Be Bigger Threat Than The Ebola Outbreak According To Brazil’s Top Medical Professional

There is not much progress in the battle to curb the spread of the Zika virus. In fact, the virus is spreading faster than anyone expected. There are thousands of reported cases in other South American countries. Colombia seems to be right behind Brazil, but Venezuela is reporting more case every day. Doctor Sergio Cortes has been involved in finding out more about the Zika virus as reported by niteroi for the last ten months, and he believes the researchers are making progress in terms of understanding the genome data they have accumulated from the virus so far.

Dr. Cortes posts information about Zika on his official website. The most important information Cortes posted on recently was the fact that researchers say there is a connection between Zika and Microcephaly. Microcephaly is the disease that cause brain damage in fetuses. Babies born with the disease have abnormally shaped heads and underdeveloped heads. The number of microcephaly cases in Brazil continues to increase, and so does the number of Zika virus cases.

Researchers now believe that the Zika virus outbreak could be much bigger than the 2014 and 2015 outbreak of Ebola. The Ebola virus killed more than 11,000 people. The Zika virus has always been considered a non-life-threatening virus, but new information is changing that opinion. The Zika virus behavior, once it enters the human body, is still a huge mystery. What researchers do know is the virus acts differently than the virus that was first identified in Africa in the 1950s.

Scientist now think that the virus may cause a range of issues from impaired vision, hearing loss and even intellectual issues, but there is no scientific proof that the Zika virus has those capabilities. Even the United States Olympic Committee is warning athletes to stay away from Brazil in August. The committee is concerned that what is unknown about the virus could affect the athletes if they are infected.

Dr. Cortes has posted several articles about the Zika virus on his LinkedIn page. Cortes said that no one knows what the long-term impact of Zika may be, and this is the United States Olympic Committee’s major concern.

Researchers are working to develop a vaccine for the Zika virus. So far, the researchers have hit a brick wall because there’s not enough information about the virus. The new genome data that researchers in Rio shared recently will help fill in some of the unknowns. A few researchers say a vaccine may be coming this year. Dr. Cortes tweets current Zika information to his followers. Cortes also has a Facebook page filled with Zika and microcephaly comments.

George Soros: Solving The Current Market Crisis.

The Hungarian-born billionaire George Soros  had predicted and warned on the market downfall in 2008 and advised investors to pull away their investments and join others. Currently, Chinese Yuan is losing value and due to that problems are transferred to the rest of the world as their economy is enormous. According to Soros, it will be difficult for the country to regain the positive interest rates using their currency a situation that was similar to that of the market fall in 2008. A total of $2.5 trillion global equities had to be wiped, and that deepened the losses and halted the trade. The current situation in China reminds George Soros of the 2008 financial market crisis.

George Soros is the owner of the Open Society a network of partners, projects and foundations whose aim is to promote equity through an accountable government. He is also known for his philanthropy like in 1979 he helped apartheid-stricken black students with scholarships to study abroad. When the Berlin Wall fell, Soros also created the Central European University to promote critical thinking. He expanded to other countries in the world, and his biggest support has been to paralegals and lawyers. In the natural resource extraction industry, Soros came up with an international system that brought transparency kicking local tyrants out.
He has authored a number of articles and books. In his article published in The Bloomberg , “What Should Be Done”, Soros advocates that for the EU and Russia to solve the crises at hand, they need to give preferential treatment without neglecting any issue. In his case, Ukraine should be a top priority issue since it has been occupied and corrupted by a political class that runs everything. The only way that Ukraine can be saved according to him is through financial assistance in both large scale and giving incentives to the private sector, for instance, the state gas monopoly. Click here for more information.

Heath Sec. Segrio Cortes Tours Areas Most Affected by Flooding

The Dengue Hydration Center in Xerém, Duque de Caxia Brazil has been in full operation since January 15 2016. It was reported in Extra Global that the center has been equipped with 12 chairs as a hydration station. The Dengue Hydration Health Center at Xerém has a capacity to serve 300 people per day.State Sec.of Heath Sergio Cortes said that massive amounts of accumulated garbage in the city are contributing to the possibility of the proliferation of the Aedes aegypti mosquito which has been actively transmitting several viruses and diseases in the area. In addition to dengue the insect can transmit the Zika virus and the Chikunguny virus. Secretary Sergio Cortes who is a Medical Doctor and expert tells us that the three diseases have very similar effects on patients with symptoms like, extremely hot fever, body and intense joint aches red spots on the skin and sore muscles and eyes. Dr. Sergio Cortes explains that with Dengue fever often patients will experience excruciating pain behind the eyes. The Zika virus the Chikunguny virus also causes symptoms that are slightly dissimilar. While the Chikunguny virus causes intense joint pain, the Zika virus is known to cause extremely red eyes and itchness in the groin area.

Sec. Sergio Cortes is now touring the affected areas were overflowing waters due to the flooding from the torrential rains where contaminated water has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Recently best experts have begun to establish a link between the Zika virus and Guillain-Barre syndrome. The link between the Zike virus and Microcephaly has already been established. Microcephal has been linked to over 4000 births effects in the region. The virus is being transmitted to unborn children after the pregnant mothers have been bitten by the Aedes aegypti mosquito. The Brazilian government has recently begun to send troops and medical teams to distribute water and 3000 anti-bacterial tablets along with 10,000 bottles of sodium hypochlorite. Dr. Cortes reminds all donors to please remember to also donate by water and he asked local residents to use only bottled water to drink and for food hygiene.

The government of Brazil through the Brazilian Minister of Health as well as the Colombian government’s health branch has asked that women try to refrain from becoming pregnant until further notice. Emergency kits are being passed out and thousands of people are being trained to work with shelters together samples in an effort to increase early identification of these illnesses. Dr. Sergio Cortes on crunchbase also is asking citizens to be on lookout for any standing water that could be a breeding ground for the deadly insects.

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Deadpool Has Harsh Words For Wolverine

Deadpool gets his shots in on Wolverine. Ryan Reynolds, in full Deadpool character, has levied barbs against Wolverine on social media. Deadpool even noted that facing Wolverine in the first X-Men Origins film was a “career low”. Again, it was Deadpool making these comments and not Ryan Reynolds. Hugh Jackman gets the joke. That is why he is heaping praise on Deadpool/Reynolds.

The weird way Reynolds is getting into the Deadpool character should stir up hardcore comic book movie fan interest in the new release. We already saw some great feedback from Jon Urbana after he told about his GoFundMe benefit for Earth Force.

20th Century Fox’s new Marvel Comics movie, Deadpool, is going to be a great deal different from heroic cinema releases. The feature film debut is infused with a lot of R-rated comedy and violence.

Fans of the comic book know Deadpool is a parody character. The mercenary pokes fun at all the violent vigilantes that were the rage in the 1990’s. Deadpool’s alter ego, Wade Wilson, is a takeoff on D.C. Comics’ Slade “Deathtroke the Terminator” Wilson. Deadpool also has a mutant healing factor, a nod to the character of Wolverine.

Other iconic heroes are parodied through Deadpool. The martial arts background comes from Daredevil books. The wisecracking running commentary during fight scenes is taken from classic Spider-Man tales.

Deadpool is not a mainstream hero, but he has a loyal following. The Deadpool movie is being produced with a budget far lower than the average hero film. 20th Century Fox thinks the feature can be a hit with a niche male audience.