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Equity First Holdings Offers Innovative Equities Lending Solutions

Equity First Holdings (EFH) officially started its operations in the finance and investment worlds in 2002. Since then, the firm has developed and delivered alternative financial solutions to private and institutional investors. It supplies capital against shares that are publicly traded to create a platform for clients to realize both their personal and professional missions. EFH offer capital against stocks traded on public exchanges globally. It has handled over 650 successful transactions worth over $1.4 billion.

Venturing in unique and profitable areas

Equities First Holdings is an international hub for alternative shareholder financing services. Currently, the firm is experiencing tremendous growth in share-based loans and margin loans in an economic environment where other financial institutions such as banks have restricted lending criteria. EFH invests in risky but profitable sectors that ordinary investors ignore. It has assisted many individuals in turning their ideas into startups and growing them into profitable companies.

Types of clients handled

EFH offers equities lending services to borrowers who require urgent capital or who are not eligible for traditional credit-based loans. Although there still some financing options for this borrowers, recently, many financial institutions have restructured and reduced their lending options, restricted loan qualifications, and inflated interest rates. According to EFH’s CEO, equity lending is an excellent borrowing alternative for people in need of working capital. Share-based loans have greater loan-to-value ratio compared to the margin loans and provide a fixed interest rate. Additionally, stock-based loans offer certainty during the entire period of the transaction.


Equity First Holdings approaches security- based lending in a pragmatic way and ensure its clients have more flexibility to succeed in their businesses and investments. It offers loan upon a thorough analysis of the future performance and risks associated with bonds, stocks, and treasuries. Equity lending services provided by EFH allows investors to minimize their investment risks.

How EFL security-based lending works

EFL’s stock loan utilizes equities such as stocks, bonds, and treasuries as loan collateral for a specific period, usually three years. A borrower may work out a deal with EFL if she or he has shares in Company X and the shares are showing signs of increasing in value in the future. Instead of liquidating his or her stakes in Company X, the individual transfers the stock to Equities First as collateral and, in turn, gets the loan proceeds. EFL’s share-based loans are non-purposes, giving a borrower the freedom to invest in his or her area of interest.

Omar Boraie Pays Big to Further Progress in Genomic Science

Genomic science is an integral yet still growing and at times, a vastly mysterious section of scientific study, Omar Boraie is doing what he can to solve the case. In a report by Bloomberg, New Brunswick developer Omar Boaraie contributed an astounding pledge of $1.5 million to Rutgers University to establish what is now known as the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science at Rutgers Cancer Institute located in New Jersey. Chairs such as this are among the elite rankings of higher learning; these prestigious chairs are endowed and convey the university’s dedication to explore and continue the progression of the endowed chair’s mission at the highest levels of academia. This donation by Omar Boraie is part of Rutgers University’s campaign to find an unnamed benefactor to give a match of $1.5 million to each of Rutgers 18 new chairs, this campaign is aptly named the ’18 Chair Challenge.’ If their goal is met that will mean that each chair now has $3 million devoted to it’s study and research advances.

While this donation by Sam Boraie may seem over the top, so too does what the field of genomic science and precision medicine is achieving. These fields are changing how cancer is looked at and approached in a clinical setting by medical professionals. This ultimately means new methods of diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Though new, it looks to a genetic level in the treatment of tumors. This offers oncologists the liberty to personalize treatments and achieve more positive results. Even former President Barack Obama has taken notice. In his State of the Union Address, Obama made the announcement that a national Precision Medicine Initiative was being launched to aid in attempting to cure cancer and a plethora of other still incurable diseases.

While several centers are working on this new focus of genomic science, Rutgers Cancer Institute has always been at the forefront. They were one of the first to be established and are the only one in the state to apply these techniques to patient care. This genomic sequencing is especially vital to those suffering from rare cancers, who have poor prognosis, or who have not responded as hoped to other treatment.

NewsWise, who published this article (, also includes words from Rutgers Cancer Institute Director Robert S. DiPaola, MD that Boraie has always been a part of their growth and that his chair will have lasting impacts on the fight against cancer.

Using the Services of an Event Planner

Being part of a special event can be a wonderful time. Being the one who is in charge of planning the event can be stressful. For those who want to host an event but do not want the stress of having to plan the event, there are many qualified event planners available.


One of the best event planning companies NYC is Twenty There Layers. Jessica Boskoff is the founder and she has over ten years of experience. She fills the CEO role and has a team of highly trained event planners NYC. They all have a creative touch and do everything they can to make sure no two events are alike.


When you are looking for an event planner, it is best to have an idea of what you want from your event before you hire anyone. Decide on a theme and a budget for the event. This information will later be given to the hired event planner to work from.


Ask around to family and friends to see what recommendations they may have. Stop into some area businesses to see if they have any suggestions as well. Pay attention to any negative reviews that are given. These event planners should be left off any list of potential candidates.


Set up interviews with at least three event planners. These interviews should be done in person. By meeting with each event planner, you will be able to get a good feel for the event planner as a person and as a professional. The event planner needs to be someone who you can work with well. A good working relationship will be crucial to making the event a success.


After you have hired your event planner, be sure to have good communication throughout the entire planning process. They will work their magic to make the event special but your input is needed to make sure it is exactly what you want.

Find them in NYC:

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Karl Heideck: The Best Litigator

Karl Heideck

Contact Karl Heideck for a free consultation

The proceeding initiated between two parties to enforce or defend a legal right is called litigation. Litigation includes all the activities done before a lawsuit, during a lawsuit, and after a lawsuit to enforce a legal right. Litigation is commonly settled by agreement between the two parties, but it can also be heard and decided by a judge in court. Apart from the actual lawsuit the pre-suit appeals, facilitation, negotiations and arbitrations can also be considered a part of the litigation process.


A litigator is a trial lawyer, much like Karl Heideck, who tends to negotiate any dispute that goes to court. Litigators typically have an undergraduate degree, law degree, and licensure. Litigators may have specialization in personal injury, real estate, contracts or they can be generalists. They have the privilege to work with the government agencies, businesses and several law firms. They sometimes work for the sake of their private practice as well and can also supervise paralegals.

Litigator Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is a popular attorney having vast experience in litigation, compliance and risk management review. Karl Heideck initially worked as an associate in Conrad O’ Brien from Jan 2010 to Aug 2010. He represented corporate and individual clients in a complex and commercial lawsuit which includes government investigations, SEC receivership, banking and subprime litigation, toxic tort defense, and white collar criminal defense. He also researched and wrote analytical memoranda. Karl Heideck also drafted and filed pleadings. He reviewed and analyzed all the documents related to discovery and government investigation. Karl Heideck also participated in settlement negotiations and pursued satisfaction of judgments

Karl Heideck worked as project attorney for Pepper Hamilton from Oct 2010 to Apr 2014. He was a detail oriented top level quality control specialist over there. Karl Heideck reviewed several materials for fact investigation, deposition preparation, and discovery for matters that include a pharmaceutical lawsuit, government investigation, and white collar defense. Karl Heideck made a specialized quality control review in order to ensure severe confirming with all the ethical and professional standards. Karl Heideck revised protected material, analyzed all the relevant portions of discovered documents, and selected evidence for prosecution.

Karl Heideck is now working as a contract attorney at Grant & Eisenhofer since Apr 2015. He reviews discovery materials for complex securities fraud and banking litigation over there. Karl Heideck also focuses on the significant issues related to transactions, attainments, risk management, and liquidity positions regarding the sub-prime banking crisis of 2008. Karl Heideck is also an active participant in weekly conferences with co-counsel to verify and continually enhance review protocol.


The Career of Entrepreneur John Goullet

John Goullet started his career as an IT Consultant, made his way into IT Staffing, and is today is the Principal of Diversant LLC. Diversant is a large IT staffing firm that has offices in states across the United States. Since joining the company in 2010 Goullet has led it into being one of the fastest growing private companies in the US, according to Inc. Magazine.

John Goullet obtained his Master’s degree in Computer Science from Ursinus College in Collegeville Pennsylvania. He then worked as an IT Consultant for about 11 years when he then switched over to the field of IT Staffing. Due to working these two sides of IT he was able to build a deep knowledge of the industry and market trends. He went on to found IT Staffing company Info Technologies and provided staffing solutions to S&P 500 corporations as well as mid-market companies. He then decided to partner with Diversant and together they were able to expand their reach and revenues.

In an interview with ideamensch Goullet goes over his thoughts about IT Staffing and entrepreneurship. His biggest advise to do over and over again as an entrepreneur is to look at what the best run companies are doing and then emulate their best practices. He also advises that you need to hire the very best people you can, and give them a stake in the company. He also emphasizes having a largest group of trainees that you can and to create a culture of responsibility in your company.

He believes that new government regulations are business opportunities in the services industry. He states that any time the government comes out with new regulations there is a way to use them as a moment of opportunity for your business. He is also a firm believer in “productive paranoia”, which is a mentality to cultivate where you believe your competition is always one step ahead and so you need to push yourself and your company ever harder.



OSI Group Offers Employment Opportunities Across the World

Being a premier food service provider, OSI Group has partnerships with the top notch food service providers in the world. Their objective is to offer concept to table food solutions for customer satisfaction across the world. Having the infrastructure besides financial resources in one of the top leading privately owned food service providers, OSI Group provides broad capabilities to supply, develop, manufacture and market custom food solutions across the world.

The firm capitalizes in entrepreneurship, which draws passion and agility to clients and partnerships. For fresh, innovative strategies on food delivery, turn to OSI Group. The team will transform your ideas to achievement. Headquartered in Illinois, OSI Group provides, value added products filled with proteins, in retail shops and leading food vendors. The Firm has approximately 60 facilities across 17 countries.

OSI Group Careers and Employment

When it comes to career and employment, The OSI Group believes that the success of the company depends on the employees. With their goal in mind being success, the team provides an environment with challenging as well as stimulating and gratifying opportunities for the workers. For over decades, OSI Group has been offering quality food products.

Currently, the company is prominent for its industry leading modernization, commitment, and devotion from their diverse workforce. Across the world, the OSI Group employs people with passion, dedication, and talent with the hope and belief that they can make a transformation. OSI Group is an employer of many people, and all qualified applicants are welcome. The firm employs people regardless of religion, race, sex, origin, nationality and other features.

OSI Group Buys Tyson Food Plant

In 2015, the OSI Group announced that it would purchase Tyson Food Plant, a storage warehouse and food processing plant located in Chicago. The facility is 200,000 square feet and was initially ran by Tyson Foods and is close to the OSI Group in Chicago. The facility expands the company’s ability to satisfy client needs while enhancing business growth as well as infrastructure.

Addressing the news panel during a press release, the Vice President of OSI Group, Kevin Scott said that OSI Group was excited to acquire the Tyson Food Plant because it will contribute to the many achievements the firm has had over the years. Although the financial terms were left out of the press release, it is clear that the purchase of the Tyson Foods Plant would increase the company’s manufacturing network. Tyson Foods used to manufacture food, but in 2015, it announced its closure.

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EOS Active Protection Lip Balms with SPF

No anti-aging regimen is complete without taking care of your lips, this starts with a good quality moisturizer and sunscreen. EOS Active Protection Lip balm is the perfect solution for both sun protection and moisture.

With two amazing flavors; Lemon Twist, which comes with an SPF of 15, and Fresh Grapefruit, which comes with an SPF of 30, there are options to cover whatever your active life style may bring. The tangy flavors energize you and the broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen of these lip balms are perfect protection for sports, vacations, or day to day activities. They are even water resistant up to 80 minutes.

The fun, sphere shape of the Active Protection EOS lip balms is accented by a swirl of two colors on the shell, while the balm itself goes on delightfully smooth and clear. Shea butter, Jojoba oil & vitamin E work together, soothing your lips with luxurious smooth finish and nourishing them with antioxidants.

EOS lip balms are PABA-free, petrolatum and paraben-free, Gluten-free, and Phthalate-free so you can rest assured your getting nothing but nourishment from your lip protection.

You can find EOS Active Protection Lip balms at many fine retailers like Well and also online at their website:

For more product information, check out the EOS Facebook page.


Anime Analysis: Lights, Camera, ACTION!


If you’re an anime fan, then you know that anime and action go together like oreos and milk. In the wide anime market you’ll find no end to the amazing and breathtaking ways it can take with it’s action. Some like it artistic and meaningful, while others are brutal and bring you no end to the gore. My personal favorites are Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure and Hellsing Ultimate. Jojo seems like fighting for fighting’s sake at first, but there is actually a lot of thought and strategy behind each fight. Hellsing Ultimate on the other hand, is just violence turned up to 11. It revels in showing you gore and tons of blood, though it still isn’t completely mindless. There are many others I can suggest, but let’s move on or I will be here all day.


The action genre has also given many memorable characters. The best two examples for 90s anime off the top of my head are Kenshin Himura from Samurai X (Rurouni Kenshin in the West) and Naruto Uzumaki from Naruto. Kenshin Himura is no doubt my favorite anime character of all time. He’s a man slayer turned wanderer who is wants to bring peace without the killing. The man has a moral code not he is not willing to compromise. Naruto is pretty much one of the world’s most recognizable anime characters. While I fell out of the series personally, I understand why people like the character. He started off hate for most of his childhood, but became one his village’s greatest heroes through grit and effort. Both these characters in eyes represent high points in the genre.


So, in summary, if you want smart characters playing every battle like chess, or just violence in the most extreme ways possible, the action genre is for you. Pick up a few series today, find some list of the best, and I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Fabletics Success a Pointer to a Better Way of Doing Business

Competition in the fashion industry is cutthroat. The e-marketing fashion space is dominated by Amazon, which is not your usual two pence competitor; they’re one of the most recognizable brands internationally. The American consumer satisfaction index revealed that Amazon was the most popular company in America in 2014 based on more than 70,000 interviews. Currently, it commands 20% of the online fashion market.


In only three years, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has claimed a seat at the table with the big boys. Building a $250 million business in such short time is no small feat, but Kate Hudson’s has done it. They have positioned themselves as a high-value brand and using a mix of customer focused strategies, they have found success both online and in their physical stores. One strategy that is working for them is reverse showroom technique


Showrooming has been a threat to many real businesses. It entails a situation where customers visit multiple online stores with the intent of researching on quality and prices and then buying where the prices are the fairest. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has found success with reverse showroom technique because they established an online shopping website early enough that has enabled them to create effective customer relations and brand loyalty.


Fabletics creates a membership through a subscription that allows them to offer personalized services. As much as 50% of the people who walk into their physical stores are already members. It is not hard to believe that another 25% of the other walk-in customers become members because Kate Hudson’s online presence has enabled to them to know what their customers want which is what they stock in their physical stores.


Kate Hudson had done her research before she started Fabletics and she seems to realize what people want. Fabletics sells athletic and leisure clothing through its online and physical stores and relies on the information they gather from their subscribers to know the local markets and to position themselves strategically. They have been able to build customer loyalty by offering high-quality cloth wear at much lower prices than their competitors.


This model has worked so well for Kate Hudson’s Fabletics that they are adding more physical stores to their sixteen current ones. They have already set base in places like California, Illinois, Florida and Hawaii. Like other companies such as Warby Parker and Bonobos, Fabletics is combining high-quality products with data science among other cutting edge strategies to compete effectively with Amazon.

The Lip Balm That Hatched a Nest Egg

Seven years ago, EOS lip balm, an egg-shaped container of natural, organic lip balm was introduced to the market with unexpected success. The creators of this product took the time to research a market that was otherwise overlooked to expose any vulnerabilities and found that this over-played market was ripe with opportunity.

This opportunity was born out of potential competitors assumption that the lip balm market was saturated and therefore and new product was doomed to fail. However, Sanjiv Mehra, EOS co-founder and partner, spent time to better understand the lip balm market and found that even popular products on Amazon like Chapstick and Burt’s Bees were resting on their laurels when it came to the product.

Devoted research found that lip balm is for women and aimed to design a balm that could please all five of the senses. Creators wanted something new that would be more than a fad and once they had an incredible balm, their secret weapon was millennial pop culture. Advertising traveled through Youtube, Facebook (, and Instagram via fashion bloggers who fell in love with EOS and put a spell on their viewers too.

The evolutionofsmooth pod is adorable to look at and the shape feels good in your palm and is suggestive of a balm pot without the mess. It has a pleasing taste when you lick your lips and smells unique and natural. There is even a satisfying tiny “click” when the pod is closed. This is one egg, that like their company tag line states, will make you smile.

Product link: