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Some Researchers Think The Zika Virus Could Be Bigger Threat Than The Ebola Outbreak According To Brazil’s Top Medical Professional

There is not much progress in the battle to curb the spread of the Zika virus. In fact, the virus is spreading faster than anyone expected. There are thousands of reported cases in other South American countries. Colombia seems to be right behind Brazil, but Venezuela is reporting more case every day. Doctor Sergio Cortes has been involved in finding out more about the Zika virus as reported by niteroi for the last ten months, and he believes the researchers are making progress in terms of understanding the genome data they have accumulated from the virus so far.

Dr. Cortes posts information about Zika on his official website. The most important information Cortes posted on recently was the fact that researchers say there is a connection between Zika and Microcephaly. Microcephaly is the disease that cause brain damage in fetuses. Babies born with the disease have abnormally shaped heads and underdeveloped heads. The number of microcephaly cases in Brazil continues to increase, and so does the number of Zika virus cases.

Researchers now believe that the Zika virus outbreak could be much bigger than the 2014 and 2015 outbreak of Ebola. The Ebola virus killed more than 11,000 people. The Zika virus has always been considered a non-life-threatening virus, but new information is changing that opinion. The Zika virus behavior, once it enters the human body, is still a huge mystery. What researchers do know is the virus acts differently than the virus that was first identified in Africa in the 1950s.

Scientist now think that the virus may cause a range of issues from impaired vision, hearing loss and even intellectual issues, but there is no scientific proof that the Zika virus has those capabilities. Even the United States Olympic Committee is warning athletes to stay away from Brazil in August. The committee is concerned that what is unknown about the virus could affect the athletes if they are infected.

Dr. Cortes has posted several articles about the Zika virus on his LinkedIn page. Cortes said that no one knows what the long-term impact of Zika may be, and this is the United States Olympic Committee’s major concern.

Researchers are working to develop a vaccine for the Zika virus. So far, the researchers have hit a brick wall because there’s not enough information about the virus. The new genome data that researchers in Rio shared recently will help fill in some of the unknowns. A few researchers say a vaccine may be coming this year. Dr. Cortes tweets current Zika information to his followers. Cortes also has a Facebook page filled with Zika and microcephaly comments.

George Soros: Solving The Current Market Crisis.

The Hungarian-born billionaire George Soros  had predicted and warned on the market downfall in 2008 and advised investors to pull away their investments and join others. Currently, Chinese Yuan is losing value and due to that problems are transferred to the rest of the world as their economy is enormous. According to Soros, it will be difficult for the country to regain the positive interest rates using their currency a situation that was similar to that of the market fall in 2008. A total of $2.5 trillion global equities had to be wiped, and that deepened the losses and halted the trade. The current situation in China reminds George Soros of the 2008 financial market crisis.

George Soros is the owner of the Open Society a network of partners, projects and foundations whose aim is to promote equity through an accountable government. He is also known for his philanthropy like in 1979 he helped apartheid-stricken black students with scholarships to study abroad. When the Berlin Wall fell, Soros also created the Central European University to promote critical thinking. He expanded to other countries in the world, and his biggest support has been to paralegals and lawyers. In the natural resource extraction industry, Soros came up with an international system that brought transparency kicking local tyrants out.
He has authored a number of articles and books. In his article published in The Bloomberg , “What Should Be Done”, Soros advocates that for the EU and Russia to solve the crises at hand, they need to give preferential treatment without neglecting any issue. In his case, Ukraine should be a top priority issue since it has been occupied and corrupted by a political class that runs everything.

Heath Sec. Segrio Cortes Tours Areas Most Affected by Flooding

The Dengue Hydration Center in Xerém, Duque de Caxia Brazil has been in full operation since January 15 2016. It was reported in Extra Global that the center has been equipped with 12 chairs as a hydration station. The Dengue Hydration Health Center at Xerém has a capacity to serve 300 people per day.State Sec.of Heath Sergio Cortes said that massive amounts of accumulated garbage in the city are contributing to the possibility of the proliferation of the Aedes aegypti mosquito which has been actively transmitting several viruses and diseases in the area. In addition to dengue the insect can transmit the Zika virus and the Chikunguny virus. Secretary Sergio Cortes who is a Medical Doctor and expert tells us that the three diseases have very similar effects on patients with symptoms like, extremely hot fever, body and intense joint aches red spots on the skin and sore muscles and eyes. Dr. Sergio Cortes explains that with Dengue fever often patients will experience excruciating pain behind the eyes. The Zika virus the Chikunguny virus also causes symptoms that are slightly dissimilar. While the Chikunguny virus causes intense joint pain, the Zika virus is known to cause extremely red eyes and itchness in the groin area.

Sec. Sergio Cortes is now touring the affected areas were overflowing waters due to the flooding from the torrential rains where contaminated water has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Recently best experts have begun to establish a link between the Zika virus and Guillain-Barre syndrome. The link between the Zike virus and Microcephaly has already been established. Microcephal has been linked to over 4000 births effects in the region. The virus is being transmitted to unborn children after the pregnant mothers have been bitten by the Aedes aegypti mosquito. The Brazilian government has recently begun to send troops and medical teams to distribute water and 3000 anti-bacterial tablets along with 10,000 bottles of sodium hypochlorite. Dr. Cortes reminds all donors to please remember to also donate by water and he asked local residents to use only bottled water to drink and for food hygiene.

The government of Brazil through the Brazilian Minister of Health as well as the Colombian government’s health branch has asked that women try to refrain from becoming pregnant until further notice. Emergency kits are being passed out and thousands of people are being trained to work with shelters together samples in an effort to increase early identification of these illnesses. Dr. Sergio Cortes on crunchbase also is asking citizens to be on lookout for any standing water that could be a breeding ground for the deadly insects.

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Deadpool Has Harsh Words For Wolverine

Deadpool gets his shots in on Wolverine. Ryan Reynolds, in full Deadpool character, has levied barbs against Wolverine on social media. Deadpool even noted that facing Wolverine in the first X-Men Origins film was a “career low”. Again, it was Deadpool making these comments and not Ryan Reynolds. Hugh Jackman gets the joke. That is why he is heaping praise on Deadpool/Reynolds.

The weird way Reynolds is getting into the Deadpool character should stir up hardcore comic book movie fan interest in the new release. We already saw some great feedback from Jon Urbana after he told about his GoFundMe benefit for Earth Force.

20th Century Fox’s new Marvel Comics movie, Deadpool, is going to be a great deal different from heroic cinema releases. The feature film debut is infused with a lot of R-rated comedy and violence.

Fans of the comic book know Deadpool is a parody character. The mercenary pokes fun at all the violent vigilantes that were the rage in the 1990’s. Deadpool’s alter ego, Wade Wilson, is a takeoff on D.C. Comics’ Slade “Deathtroke the Terminator” Wilson. Deadpool also has a mutant healing factor, a nod to the character of Wolverine.

Other iconic heroes are parodied through Deadpool. The martial arts background comes from Daredevil books. The wisecracking running commentary during fight scenes is taken from classic Spider-Man tales.

Deadpool is not a mainstream hero, but he has a loyal following. The Deadpool movie is being produced with a budget far lower than the average hero film. 20th Century Fox thinks the feature can be a hit with a niche male audience.

How Shaygan Kheradpir Has Continued To Perform Extremely Well In His Career

Shaygan Kheradpir is well endowed with business and technology leadership and has a wealth of experience that surpasses 28 years. Currently, he is the Board of Directors Chairman as well as the Chief Executive Officer of Coriant, a reliable, proven and respected supplier of networking solutions affiliated to network operators in not less than 100 countries in the Communications Service Providers (CSP) niche. Shaygan’s experience cuts across financial services, telecoms to technology. His career debut was made at GTE Corporation and out of delivering excellence, got appointed as the Chief Information Officer to Verizon.

While at Verizon, he was a member of the prolific executive leadership team that was responsible for the company’s modernization in its operating systems, innovation, increased efficiency as well as pioneering epic product initiatives. During that era, the company owned FiOS, the biggest infrastructure program in US soil and that had a capital investment surpassing $20 billion.

As part of his career growth, he would later join Barclays as the Chief Technology and Operations Officer, who unlike those he preceded, was given the rare opportunity to sit on the company’s Executive Committee. In the company, he held a very integral leadership role and was very instrumental in creating and implementing its TRANSFORM program. The program made Barclays a force to reckon with when matters related to having 21st century technology felt are concerned in more than 50 countries and to not less than 150,000 employees.

Before getting appointed for his current role in Coriant, he was humbly serving the company in the role of Operating Partner at Marlin Equity Partners where his main focus was on matters technology investments and strategic telecom. His academic qualifications also go in sync with his rare achievements. He is a Ph.D., Masters and bachelor’s holder in electrical engineering from Cornell University. He is also the proud owner of multiple patents in different engineering and telecommunication niches.

The Best Food For My Dog

High-quality dog food brand is what any person who has a dog and is concerned of its health is looking for. Sometimes the information we got is not enough to help us select the good brand for our dogs. The quality of the food, its freshness, affordability, flavor, and nutrition status is what everyone who owns a dog would want to have. To ensure it eats the best and that your dog enjoys as much as you enjoy at your dining table. Earlier on, dogs’ food was composed of grain food which is organic in a combination of salmon and lamb after which they are blended together. However, this has changed with the eruption of many companies selling dogs food. For example at Beneful, they ensure that your dog’s food is from the best, and it’s healthy and happy. The dog food at Beneful is composed of powerful and nourishing ingredients like real meat and veggies which are rich in vitamins. They also ensure that the food texture is smooth and also has a variety of tastes. Their concern is not only on the inner health of the dog but also the outward look. A healthy dog is noted by its outward appearance hence Beneful ensure a 100% healthy diet for your dog. Dogs love a change of diet like human beings. Hence a variety of choices to choose from including Dry dog food, wet dog food, raw dog food and also food made specifically for puppies. All choices are available at Beneful in consideration to varying needs of different dogs. Their dog food is composed of very expensive and important ingredients like corn, chicken by-products, wheat flour, corn gluten meal, and soy flour among others. They emphasize a lot of concern on given the best to our dogs. Advice on proper dog diet is guaranteed when buying  Purina Beneful dog food to ensure that the dogs receive the best care at all stages of their life. Dogs are most definitely our best friends and the most royal of all. It is hence worthwhile to consider giving them the best dog food that there is in the market as an appreciation to their company and royalty.

Why Skout Is The Best App For Teenagers To Socialize In

Nowadays, every parent is required to be tech savvy so as to be in a position to learn about the latest social apps and sites that are being used by their teenage children. The more a parent knows, the more he/she is in a position to help the teenager. Researching the web and communicating with the teenagers is also very imperative so as to keep a healthy friendship that will allow a much easier way to track their online activities.

It is also very healthy for parents and guardians to keep the lines of communication open with their teenage children so that it becomes much easier for them to open up whenever they need someone to talk to. Teenagers should always feel free to come to the parents when they have a problem. Parents should also ensure that they make their teenage children feel that making mistakes is normal and they should not feel the need to hide because in parents, they can get help when they are in tough spots.

Every parent should also learn how each app works and what it is used for. Teenagers should also be encouraged to use an app store account that is linked with the parent’s email so that when they download an app, the parent is notified. Teenagers seldom open up about what they are doing which makes it much easier for a parent to get information about the current trends when they ask them about other friends.

There are many different apps that are available on the internet today which therefore makes it much easier for communication and especially with strangers a much easier affair.When teenagers are exposed to the internet for a long time and without the proper guidance and monitoring, they might end up doing funny or weird things. That is the reason every parent is supposed to make sure that his/her teenager is not involved in bad online company online.

Skout belongs to the creme de la creme of mobile apps that have completely revolutionized the way people communicate and date nowadays. Originally, the app was founded as a travel app that later developed into a dating platform as well. The dating angle started to creep in slowly when the app introduced a feature that allowed users to take virtual trips to meet others in different places

Skout is also one of the few apps that take age restriction seriously. Recently, the app banned the sharing of nude or bathroom photos in a bid to combat immorality. The app also has separate chat rooms for teenagers where very serious moderation is put into practice. Skout does not take matters related to immorality and age restrictions lightly precisely the reason it is the best network for teenagers to interact.

Nobilis Health Keeps Moving in a Positive Direction

The growth of Nobilis Health is exciting for me because I have a vested interest in the organization. I am an investor, and I have seen the company pay off debt and move forward. Nobilis has image centers and surgical centers, and the company is continuing to grow in leaps and bounds. Nobilis Health was formerly Northstar Health. It was during this time that I used the surgical center in the Texas area. I discovered one of the surgical centers, and I knew that the surgeons were good in what they were doing. I would later invest in this. That was a great thing for me because it allowed me to finally build a portfolio that contained healthcare stocks. As time moved on I would drop many stocks, but I would keep Nobilis in my portfolio because the company would grow at such a great rate. This is a healthcare company has evolved over the years because it has multiple centers around the state of Texas. There are two in Houston and another one is in Dallas. There is also a location in the Arizona area. Nobilis Health has centers with surgeons that specialize in things like spine surgery and podiatry. I have found on yahoo the team to be very competent, and lots of people that I know have become fans of Nobilis Health Corporation. Nobilis Health is a healthcare company that I believe in because this organization covers so many areas. This is a full service company that has grown because it has a marketing staff, surgeons and management services for things like strategic planning, financing and benchmarking. This organization does not have to outsource anything, and I believe that this is what makes the company profitable. Nobilis Health has continued to shine even as the company has changed the name. The name changed in 2014, and some people are still getting used to this. The name has changed within recent years, but the same great service is still there. People believe in this company because it is one of best Canadian Healthcare companies around. Healthcare can become a hectic field, but it is always a lot easier to manage things if the organization has a full service center. This is the case with Nobilis. This company has continued to grow in Texas and beyond because the staff that is in place can cover every aspect of the healthcare industry.

New York And The Ever Increasing Prices Of Real Estate

Town Residential is a real estate company that began just five years ago in New York by its founder Mr. Andrew Heiberger. They work in the luxury real estate services industry in sales and leasing and offer outstanding service to their customers by their top of the line employees. They handle residential listings, commercial listings, and retail listings as well as property development that they marketed to their clients to meet any needs they may have. They have experience in the industry with unlimited potential and knowledge in the real estate arena. The were voted as the ”Best Firm to Work For,” and also chosen as one of the “Top Fifty Best Places to Work “ in New York.

They have nine offices in different parts of the New York  City luxury real estate area so that everyone in New York has access to their services. They are in Gramercy, 5th Avenue-Flatiron, Greenwich Street-in the Financial district, Astor Place, Soho, Upper East side, Fifth Avenue-at the other end of 5th Avenue. Each office has their own set of experts that can meet all of their client’s needs including a Corporate Relocation Program to help people to find the property they are looking for. They are assigned their own experienced, specialist who gives them the best service in locating of whatever property they want. Their staff offers the newest information and reports on the most up to date properties in real estate and what is available that meets their requirements including lifestyle and housing needs, price parameters, and other information will be gathered to find the neighborhood and property that meets your needs.

Real estate prices are forever rising with Central Park properties now reaching over the one million mark and other areas of New York not far behind. As salaries and income are rising, real estate is rising with it, far higher than anyone expected. The next thing that has to be asked is how many people can keep affording these prices and continue to buy the ever rising real estate properties? Not everyone is rich and even the ones that are may not continue to be at this rate. There is a development being built with one hundred eighteen apartments under construction at Central Park West in a building with sixty five stories that has half of the units already sold already. Fourteens condos were sold for at least fifty million dollars plus and experts say that more and more of these prices will become more common in New York.

Nobilis Health Closes With GE Capital, Healthcare Financial Services

Nobilis Health Corporation utilizes a unique direct to patient marketing that is focused on a set of procedures that are performed at our centers by local physicians. Nobilis Health Corporation owns and manages ambulatory and care buildings to deliver health care services. Nobilis owns and manages interests in surgery centers in Texas and Arizona. In addition, Nobilis has an acute care hospital, two imaging centers, and an urgent care clinic in Houston Texas. Nobilis Health Corporation, a health care facility management and marketing firm announced that it closed a debt financing facility with GE Capital Healthcare Financial Services. The facility will be used to support Nobilis’ growth efforts provide a new line for working capital, as well as repay certain parts of the company’s existing indebtedness, most notably money attached to the Athas Health acquisition. The transition was a goal for Nobilis Health. The company wanted to reduce their average borrowing costs while maintaining structure. Nobilis Health also believes that their new relationship with GE Capital will provide momentum for Nobilis’ growth in future years. The company has flexible capital programs to help customers expand their companies. GE Capital’s Healthcare Financial Services business is one of the top capital providers in the United States. Customers across all 45 health care sectors use Healthcare Financial Services to help fiance acquisitions, refinance existing debt, and help with growth.