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Peter Briger: A Powerful Figure at Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger is the principal of Fortress Investment Group. He also gladly serves as the co-chairman for the board of directors in the same firm. Peter has also incredibly served as a board of directors’ member for Fortress Group since 2006. In August 2009, Peter Briger was elected as its co-chairman. He is a committed member of the Management Committee for Fortress ever since the year 2002. Peter is charged with the responsibility to oversee the Credit and Real Estate business at the company. Before he joined the great family at Fortress Investment Group in 2002, Peter Briger had spent a lump sum of years at Goldman Sachs & Co: fifteen years. He became its partner in the year 1996. Peter Briger is a servant who is never tired of giving his services to different firms. For example, he serves on the board of Tipping Point, which is a non-profit institution that serves the families coming from low-income backgrounds in the regions of San Francisco.

Peter extends his handful service to the board of Caliber Schools, which is a united network for charter schools dedicated to preparing the students for a successful career that is beyond the four-year college.Peter is able to perform excellently because of his expertise and professionalism. He has a Bachelor of Arts from the Princeton University as well as an M.BA from the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business. Fortress Investment Group: where he currently serves is was founded in 1998 by some principals. It quickly gained momentum in the business venturing into the specialties of real estate-related businesses, hedge funds, and debt securities.

The company has undergone commendable growth since Peter became one of the executive team members.In recent news, the Fortress Investment Group is seeking to make a great move in corporate lending.It is getting ready to raise funds through the ownership of SoftBank Group Corporation. They are aiming at raising an amount of $2 billion as its first phase of funding which will be channeled into direct lending. At the same time, Fortress is targeting to raise $5 billion in the fifth flagship opportunity for credit fund. One of the representatives from the firm commented that the capital being raised is a mark into the next phase of Fortress since it became the number one United States private equity organization. It is clear that Fortress is dedicated to making new moves ahead through close coordination by Peter Briger.

Self Expression From Academy of Art University Fashion Can Bring Success

People are always told to be themselves. However, a lot of people don’t know what that means. The truth is that there are tons of ways for people to express who they are to different people. One of the most recently recognized methods of self expression is fashion. One of the reasons that people are using fashion to express themselves is because they want to feel as if they are honest in every aspect of their lives. However, self expression goes beyond wearing clothes. Self expression is also about the design of the clothes.

Academy of Art University handles the design aspects of fashion. This is where self expression comes into play as well. For one thing, the designs of clothing come from the designer. Therefore, they are going to be expressions of the designers that brought them forth. One interesting thing about fashion is that it is often a collaborative effort which involves multiple designers. Academy of Art University does everything it can to get the students ready for their careers as designers. Part of it involves having them work together with a diverse group of people so that they can make sure that their designs are complete and ready for wearing.

Academy of Art University does everything it can to not only prepare students for the world they are going to work in but also helps take students to their opportunity that is going to make their degrees in art worth it. With fashion design, people earn their degrees and then they are taken to the runway so that they can gain the attention from some buyers. All that is needed is for people to not only take risks with their designs but also be willing to fail at times. It can also help people develop thick skin for the sometimes harsh world of fashion.


Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart Discuss Their Music with Interview Magazine

Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall are the group known as The Chainsmokers. Even if the name of the band isn’t immediately recognizable to you, you have probably heard one of their dozens of hit songs. “#Selfie” was released first in 2014, marking their entry into the music world. Many other hit songs followed “#Selfie,” making The Chainsmokers a success.


The Chainsmokers haven’t always been a success story though. Alex Pall, one of the original members of the group, was left abandoned by his previous partner. It wasn’t until Andrew Taggart joined the group that it became successful. Andrew Taggart is still reinventing the group.


With the release of “Closer,” Andrew Taggart took on another role for the band. He became the lead singer. In the love duet, Andrew Taggart and Halsey exchange versus, expressing the love of two young individuals who are in love. In the song, the couple talk about their relationship and the roles each other play in their lives.


In an interview, The Chainsmokers spoke highly of Halsey. Alex Pall called her incredible, complimented her voice, and had many other positive words for Halsey. He also revealed to the interviewer that Halsey was at the top of their future collaborations list.


The Chainsmokers also briefly talked about their future. The decision to move Taggart to a lead singer role means change to the live show as well. Previously, Taggart and Pall would be operating the turntables while guest vocalists would sing the songs. If the correct singer wasn’t present, The Chainsmokers would blast their vocals through speakers. Now, moving forward, Andrew Taggart can provide all vocals at their concerts. Whether it is his own vocals or guest vocals, Andrew Taggart can deliver fans a better concert experience.


At the end of the interview, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart promised to continue to innovate, creating better music and expanding their fanbase.

The Recruitment Strategies of GoBuyside

GoBuyside Inc. is a firm that offers numerous crucial services to other organizations and institutions. Notably, the services GoBuyside provides to its broad spectrum of customers are investment managers, hedge funds, private equity, and advisory platforms among other facilities that aid in business growth. Despite the company being incorporated in recent times, it has brought significant impact across their large clientele base. The success of the GoBuyside is as a result of leveraging proprietary technology as well as diligent approach. Besides the company consist of unique competitive advantage in screening and sourcing top-tier candidate. As a result of team professionals educational and experience credentials, the employees can provide quality differentiated services leading to the creation of deeper relationships with the markets. Read this article at Accesswire.

Recently GoBuyside has ventured in recruiting talent for organizations across the America market. In the recent time research conducted by sampling some of the top manager’s response, there is a shortage of new talents within their organization. In some instances, 10 percent of executive managers C-level has shown having confidence in the recruitment and management of talent that specialized skills. Companies and organizations that are involved in the direct recruitment of their staffs face numerous challenges. Learn more about GoBuyside’s founder at For instance one of the challenges that arises is as a result of costs and time. However, the entry into the market of GoBuyside has made it easier for companies to recruit young and talented employees. Through the use of recruitment agencies, it is considered easy and faster to get talented and skilled employees. Using a general recruitment strategy normally presents a challenge to the organization since the perennial challenge of mismatch will occur again in the future. Hiring the services of GoBuyside as an agent in recruitment has numerous benefits such as reduced costs in the whole activity. In some instances recruitment process requires a significant amount of resources that can be used in other productive ventures. The other benefit is enabling the organization to get the best there is the labor market. Since GoBuyside has adequate knowledge and experience, it is possible for them to scout and gets the best talent for the required profession.



Relief or debt reduction is the stopping or slowing, and cancellation of the growth of debt liable to corporation or individuals. Infinity Group focuses on assisting people to analyze information through reviewing their debt. The organization performs this task to eliminate or reduce client’s deficits to secure their financial future.


In this review, we should know that Infinity group offers assistance regarding avoiding consolidation of debts (using a loan to settle other credits) and help their customers to regain the financial fitness they had before this debts or ensure their clients have become financially fit in the long run. If you want to be economically viable, then Infinity Group Australia is the right company to consult. They will serve as your coach in providing you with essential tips and steps to achieve financial stability and reduce any given debt.


At some point creation of wealth can be seen as a hard nut to crack or a very distant dream to accomplish since there are a lot of bills on your part to pay, mortgage simply does not seem to leave you, working exceptionally tirelessly and not getting the desired results you wished for and the list is endless. Relax and worry not because, at Infinity Group, customers are assisted in protecting and reviewing their assets to accomplish the highest level of yields as possible.


The company is committed to guiding you to comprehend creation of wealth and different strategies that surround it. For instance investment of property is a collective investment vehicle in the long-term basis. The organization’s strategists of wealth will enable you to come up with an investment property plan. Let’s be clear on this; there are no schemes or tricks concerning the review; everything settles down on acknowledging and planning the finances you have and the level at which you are at the moment and definitely where you aspire to be soon.


Regarding the review of Infinity Group, the organization is unique in such a way that it even assist their clients to find a proper retirement plan, analyzing particular objectives concerning their current age, asset portfolio, and income. You are wrong if you have not yet realized that your superannuation won’t be enough at the time you will be retiring. The cost of living is rapidly rising and the level of inflation progress at a steady rate, this makes the retirement cost to continue expanding.


If you are pressing on planning for your future now, then it is advisable to get in touch with Infinity Group. They will aid you have well prepared financial life that is less stressful. In connection to the chance to demonstrate to customers proper methodologies to settle their home loan, clients must permit Infinity Group to carry out a formal evaluation of their financial strength. The company specialists of wealth will do a financial home health check which is free. Learn more:

The reliability of Fortress Investment Group to the investors

Fortress Investment group is characterized among one of the best investment firms on the word. The firm specializes in private equity, liquid markets and credit facilities for a large number of investors in the world. The firm was started in the late 1990s showing that it has been in operation for a significant amount of years. Over the years, it has been able to undergo through rapid growth and development because of its increased number of the client over the years.There some factors that have contributed to its drastic growth over the short period. One is because of its trained staffs that are conversant with the financial sector and the general in the investment industry. The firm also ensures that they continue to give education and training to make sure that they are up to date and ensure customer satisfaction according to their changing needs which are brought about by the advancement in technology.

Fortress Investment Group operates under one crucial mission that the customers’ satisfaction comes first before everything. It is essential for any business organization to consider customer satisfaction as the best advertisement. This has created the firm a large market in the world because of the excellent name their clients spread in the world for their superb services.A lot of investors can testify about the significant contributions that Fortress Investment Group has created in the making of their success stories. This is because the firm works to make sure that their investors make the right investment decisions to make sure that they do not throw away their money.

They also give them advisory services based on the best investment opportunities available in the market depending on the current market trends such as the consumer tastes and preferences, pricing policies, the trends in market demand and supply among other factors.Making the right investment decisions can make you a hero while wrong choices and repeated mistakes in investment can make you a zero. It is therefore essential for any investor to consider choosing the right investment firms to assist them in decision making since nothing good is built in separation. To be successful as an entrepreneur, it is right to seek to advice from other firms to help you make sound strategic decisions that can ensure the survival of your business in the market for an extended period. Fortress Investment Group has a positive image in the media, and it is easy for any investors to access them through various social media platforms.

Tony Petrello Lends His Support To The Texas Children’s Hospital

Tony Petrello is perhaps best known for his role as president and chief executive officer of Nabors Industries and has served in various capacities with the company since 1991. Tony is credited with playing a huge role in the recent expansion of the company and is a key component to Nabors Industries displaying dominance in oil drilling markets.

The professional success of Tony Petrello has been well chronicled but in recent times his efforts at charitable pursuits have garnered just as much attention. Texas is a place that everything is said to be bigger and this apparently includes the generous spirit of Tony and his wife Cynthia who donated $5 million to found the Texas Children Institute’s Neurological Institute named in honor of Jan and Dan Duncan. The couple also plans to give $2 million more of their personal money to the institute in the future.

The Neurological Institute is the first of its kind and is dedicated to providing children with the best possible treatment from the best doctors in the world for an assortment of neurological disorders. The Petrellos have also taken part in raising $500 million for the Texas Children’s Hospital which is the largest effort since the institution has been in existence.

The decision to support Texas Children’s Hospital is based on a personal matter dear to the hearts of Tony and Cynthia Petrello. The Petrellos daughter Carena, suffers from a periventricular leukomalacia which resulted in the infant developing cerebral palsy. Carena weighed just 20 ounces at birth and was born 24 weeks premature. PVL is a disorder that often affects infants that are born prematurely.

The fight the Petrellos have made to assure their own daughter receives the best care possible has resulted in the couple gaining a deeper understanding of the challenges facing parents with children suffering from debilitating diseases. Tony Petrello and his wife Cynthia have decided to use the whole of their talent and resources to whatever they can to help the plight of these afflicted children.

Tony Petrello was surprised to discover while searching pediatric research institutions in multiple countries that there was a shortage of treatment options for children born with neurological issues. Petrello explained that he “could not find anything” and knew immediately that the kids of many kids are not being addressed.

The intentions of the Neurological Research Institute is to provide cures for the neurological disorders that are affecting countless children. Tony and Cynthia Petrello are confident that this breakthrough will happen in their lifetime.

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Richard Dwayne Blair: Choosing An Experienced Investment Advisor

Are you an investor or someone looking for an opportunity to start a business? Do you want to find an experienced professional who can advise and guide you properly? Richard Dwayne Blair is a clear choice for entrepreneurs or investors who want to get access to reliable information.

When it comes to attaining financial success, it is crucial to seek expert assistance. The right team or firm can offer the high quality investment advisory service you need to reach your goal. Maybe you are trying to learn more about Richard Dwayne Blair and his reputable investment firm.

Richard Dwayne Blair is an experienced financial planner and wealth advisory expert. Richard has been advising and guiding investors and entrepreneurs for many years and is well recognized in the industry. He has a prominent company called Wealth Solutions and caters to a wide variety of clients.

Numerous people in the Austin, Texas area rely on Richard Dwayne Blair for expert financial planning and retirement issues. If you are thinking about saving money for your future, or if you want to get top notch retirement advice, it’s imperative to check out Richard Dwayne Blair.

Many people turn to Richard Dwayne Blair when they need an expert in investing, money management or other financial service issue.

Richard Dwayne Blair is passionate about rendering the highest possible service to his clients. He likes to see his clients invest wisely and attain the level of success they desire. He has the resources and industry expertise to meet their needs. He can help you start on your path to financial success.

Perhaps you have been searching for reliable investment or money management guidance or advice. There are many investment and wealth advisory professionals out there but you need to be sure you are dealing with someone who is highly reputable and experienced.

Need proper guidance on investment matters? Then get a consultation with Richard Dwayne Blair. He will help you select a lucrative investment opportunity, and show you what works and what doesn’t. Richard Dwayne Blair will teach you how to get started on the road to investment success.


The RealReal Gets Real About Beauty

The RealReal is an online site that provides consumers with luxury brand items at a great savings. Their business model is built on the consignment business model. Consumers take their unwanted luxury clothing to the store representatives and they are offered to the public at an enormous savings. The RealReal states that they are constantly improving their business. Their goal is to provide their customers with the best high-end luxury items possible. Now, the company has tapped into the beauty market. Clearly, The RealReal is getting very serious about providing luxury beauty items to their customers.

The RealReal

The RealReal is basically a consignment shop that sells luxury clothing. The company provides two ways for their customers to purchase their goods. Either shop at their website or at a local store in the community. The fact is that the company has built up a trust with luxury loving consumers. Now, the company would like to build on that trust and take it to the next level by providing their customers with beauty products. According to the company’s representative who states that the company is in the midst of testing a selection of luxury beauty products in their online store and the local area shops. Now, is just the beginning, states the representative. The company plans to add many more high-end and luxury beauty products in the future.

New Products Only

At first thought, most might think that the beauty products are luxury beauty products that were previously used. Similar to the clothing lines provided by the shops. Sources report that the beauty products are all brand new products and include product lines that are some of the best around.

The RealReal is one of many retailers that are branching out into offering their customers beauty products. Clearly, they realize that selling beauty products will drive up interest in their business and make more sales.

The rising of Rodrigo Terpins as a Rally Driver and an Entrepreneur

Rodrigo Terpins is a very skilled and talented sportsman since his early age. His talent and skills are inherited from his father; Jack Terpins also left a huge legacy in the basketball career some years back. Jack Terpins was a role model to many young stars during his sports time as a basketball player and was very professional during his time in sports, playing for the Hebraica team between the 1960s and 1970s. Just like his father, Rodrigo Terpins remains one of the influential figures in the world of sports due to his great performance.


A talented figure

Rodrigo Terpins is a very talented rally driver, who has participated in many sports competitions of high level. He is outstanding, just like his father in sports modality, and has put his dedication levels and commitments to racing sports. He has taken part in many tournaments in which he has won severally. The most striking competition in his career of all was Sertoes Rally, the 22nd edition. It was the biggest off-road tournament in the country, known to be the most complex degree of difficulty. In the 22nd initial phase of the edition, all the rally drivers started the race in a stretch of around150 km from Goiana. It was a stretch of very tortuous and difficult road that required skilled drivers and a tactical control of steering. However, Rodrigo Terpins overcame all the adversities and finished within a time of two hours. You can visit Terra for more.


Achievements and Success

Rodrigo Terpins has put a legacy and made a good name for himself through the impressive accomplishments on the wheels. By the age of 44, he has finished impressively in five Sertoes Rally tournaments. Rodrigo Terpins’s family success in sports events was one most motivation that pushed him to put his work in pursuing his passion for rally driving. In Brazil, he has given most incredible results in off-road championships, making his fellow competitors put more efforts in their skills. Rodrigo Terpins and his brother, Michel Terpins, always drive along for their team which they named as Tea Bull Sertoes Rally Team.