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Agora Financial: Profit Driven News

As an investor, your goal to earn money on your investments. Rather that is through stocks and bonds, or unique investment6s like cryptocurrency. one big thing that drives the price of these assets is the release of information. This is especially true with stocks and cryptocurrency, one piece of good or bad news can send these assets in a positive way or in a negative way. that is why you need a news or6ganizat6ion that has your best interests at heart and really care about providing valid news to you so that you make the correct financial moves with your money. Because your hard earned cash is on the line, it can be very hard to make a decision, so you need an organization that can guide you in the right direction so that your money can earn you a lot of money. This is where Agora Financial comes in.

Agora FInincal is one of the leading financial news organizations on the market. They are a leader in providing valid and quality news about the market and the world so that you can make the best decision for your money. They ensure that their content is very easy to read, and ensures that their team of reporters and analysts get the facts right. When you are reading Agora Financial, you can be sure that you are only reading one of the best in financial news.

When it comes to news, this is what drives the price of assets. That is why you need angora FInincal to gain the best news for your money because if you miss out on the news, you can easily lose money. Agora Financial gives every investor the best chance to earn some money in the financial market, and you can be sure that you are gaining quality news.

Mighty Fortress Church

Mighty Fortress Church services are uplifting and at times heart breaking. The Bishop isn’t an entertainer with a golden glove, but he is there to give the word of god. Showing people that god can give you a way out, can show you a way to be, but if your not listening its not going to happen. The answers can be right there for all to have. That satin comes from your belief in god. A powerful statement like that is what makes church services so inspirational. Not all churches are as inspirational or are willing to be as bold. They aren’t always trying to reach those with real every day problems. Visit to know more.

Mighty Fortress Church is a safe place for everyone to get to know god and create a personal relationship with him. The churches focus on practical bible teachings and its authentically relevant massage for today’s modern society is what makes the church unique. Its come as you are, less formal atmosphere, attracts many new church goers.


Mighty Fortress Church services are about inspiration, to encourage its weekly believers. Its band and choir creates a joyous atmosphere. The church provides answers for life’s toughest challenges.

Bishop Williams has been active in the ministries for over thirty years. The Bishop promotes the wisdom in gods words and also is an advocate of the gospels. Bishop Williams is both founder and president of Mighty Fortress Church International and Ministries. At the direction of the Bishop, the church has established support groups and out reach ministries. His authentic services and integrated cultures (age, race, and sex) sets the church apart from many others. Bishop Williams is a ministerial graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center and several University degrees. The Bishop is also married with three children. His family is what brings his commitment to family values. Watch this video on Youtube.

James Dondero: A Profile in Success

If the youth of Dallas want to find an example of a local person who has succeeded to the fullest, they need look no further than James Dondero. Over the last 30 years, he has emerged as one of the biggest names in the world of finance, as well as being one of the most trusted financial advisors in the world.

His career began in 1984, when he graduated with honors from the Mcintyre School of Commerce at the University of Virginia. In that same year, he was accepted into the J.P. Morgan training program, where he learned the financial wizardry for which he has become known.

in 1985, he went to work for American Express, first as a corporate bond analyst, and later as a portfolio manager. After leaving American Express in 1989, he served as CIO for a subsidiary of Protective Life. He grew this business from basically nothing, until it became a thriving 2 billion dollar company. Read this article at

In 1993, he founded his own company, called Highland Capital Management, which has since grown to become one of the biggest credit management companies in the world. According to the company’s website, they manage about 14 billion dollars worth of investments. They started out in Dallas, but have since grown into a global company with offices in New York, Sao Paulo, Singapore, and Seoul. Read more about James at Crunchbase.

Mr. James Dondero has also been involved in a number of charitable ventures, the most well-known of which is the Hippopotamous exhibit at the Dallas Zoo. The Hippos had been absent from the zoo since 2001, until Mr. Dondero’s company donated about a million dollars to ensure that the animals could return. They even created a small observation post for visitors which was named the “Highland Capital Lodge”, in honor of the company that made it possible. Mr. Dondero and his company have also donated large sums of money to the George W. Bush Presidential Library, the Perot Museum Of Natural Science, The Snowball Express, The Education is Freedom Foundation, Uplift Education, and the SMU’s Tower Scholars Program.

Without any doubt, he has gone from success to more success in every venture he has put his hand to, giving the world a fine example of the quality of people that come out of our fair city.


Talk Fusion And Bob Reina Do It Again With New Software

Live Meetings has always been a big hit with everyone who uses the Talk Fusion products, but, it just got better with a new application that features an updated interface and WebRTC system. Live Meetings makes sending one-way videos and video conferences very easy.

The new software is one that stands alone. Unlike so many other systems there is no need to download a seperate set of items. This new software, WebRTC is unlike anything else being offered by other communication companies and once again keeps Talk Fusion at the top of their game. Bob Reina talked about the system and it’s many benefits in a company call. Read more: Bob Reina| Ideamench

Talk Fusion is in the business of helping business people and everyday people keep up with all aspects of their life using all in one video marketing. Anyone can use this platform to record and send a quick video that will tell others whatever message you want to send them.

These videos can be promotional or just a video to introduce yourself and say hello. You could even use this to keep up with your family if you wanted to. The platform has so many uses and benefits to the users. Talk Fusion is available in 135 nations too.

Talk Fusion was set up to allow people to have their own business and offer a great service based product. It is sold by marketers who work independent of the company. As a result they are in business for themselves but they are not by themselves when it comes to the services and the high quality level of video marketing products. The user can ever try the product at no cost for 30 days.

Would you believe they don’t even need a credit card? It’s true, no credit card is required. It really is a free trial. Talk Fusion and Bob Reina know that once people start using the product, they will get to like the product and what it does for them. Once this happens, the users will keep using the Talk Fusion platform because it brings many benefits to so many people.

Learn more about Bob Reina:

George Soros Highly Influential and Resourceful Political Contributor in the United States

George Soros has been a controversial figure in the United State’s political sphere and has been actively connected with the global politics as well. He is regarded as one of the smartest investors across the globe and has run one of the most successful and profitable hedge funding companies on the planet, Soros Fund Management, since the 1970s. George Soros comes across as radical to a section of the people while for many he is preparing a way for a better tomorrow for the next generation. He believes that there was a time when people and the world were afraid of communism and Nazis ideology, but today it is the Capitalist threat that the people should be more worried about.

George Soros believes that Capitalist threat is getting bigger and more real with time and it is essential that the forces of the world come together to defeat this threat, once and for all. George Soros has been contributing to his financial resources and political influences in the U.S. elections for many years, including trying to block Barack Obama and George Bush for re-Presidency. George Soros also spent around $30 million to finance the Presidential Campaign of Hillary Clinton in the last Presidential Election in the United States. George Soros doesn’t mind using his enormous wealth for a good cause, whether it is social or political. As long as it is making a positive difference and helping build a better future for the next generation, George Soros doesn’t mind spending his fortune.

One of the examples of his giving nature is that he transferred $18 Billion recently to the Open Society Foundation, which has been working for many years in conjunction with hundreds of other charities and organizations. The primary aim of Open Society Foundation has been to reach out to as many people as possible, and George Soros has left no stone unturned in ensuring that the Open Society Foundations has the resources needed to succeed with its mission. George Soros has seen the world transform from his eyes and knows the role of politics in making a positive difference in the world. It is for this very reason he has been supporting the Democratic Party in the United States even though he is not keen on becoming a politician himself and more

George Soros had seen tough times in his life and had even escaped death by a narrow margin when he was young and in Hungary during the Nazi occupation of the country. George Soros doesn’t mind spending his wealth to ensure that the children of today’s generation don’t have to witness and experience what he has in his childhood. George Soros has been funding Open Society Foundations on a regular basis to help towards causes such as public health, marginalization, LGBTQ Community, injustice, education, and more. George Soros is in his late eighties currently but continues to live an active life even at this age. George Soros gives his due attention to both his charity work as well as business and ensures that he keeps a right balance with both of them.

Jason Hope: Skilled Futurist Talks IoT in Recent E-Book

Skilled futurist Jason Hope has recently written an e-book that will help people understand the technological web that has been woven around them through their devices. The Internet of Things, or IoT, has been very compelling topic for Hope. It is true that when new devices are released, people line up to acquire them. They want the latest technology, and many are obsessed with sharing certain aspects of their lives through them, so features are important. The IoT thrives in this era.

The IoT is a good thing for society. Hope’s e-book, entitled Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A Quick Guide for Thriving in the IoT Era” is intended to highlight that importance. The e-book, which can be purchased at today, is a plethora of technological information. It teaches readers about what is included in IoT, how to use their IoT devices, and how to stay secure in the IoT world. This makes the e-book a valuable guide to almost any technology user.

The IoT is a network of interconnected devices that possess the ability to communicate. When thinking about this concept, most people will reference their cell phones and computer, but there are countless other devices that are IoT enabled. Such devices include vehicles, appliances, animal tracking products, and cameras. If the device is transmitting data, then it is on the IoT network. With all these varied devices, it is easy to see why Hope’s section on security in his e-book will be essential to most readers.

This large web of connects is why IoT will be so important in the future. The IoT devices that are present in society are only expected to grow exponentially in the future. In fact, by 2020 many experts believe that there could be upwards of 30 billion devices with the IoT network being globally valued at over 7 trillion dollars. The IoT will be a staple in the future and users should make sure that they are prepared to navigate it competently.

Hope is not only a skilled businessman, he is also a very dedicated philanthropist. Throughout his career, he has successfully grown companies and managed several large businesses, but he has always been interested in helping others. This most recent e-book is the embodiment of that desire. While Hope continues to work hard in his industry, he also wants to use the knowledge he has gained to help users become more confident in the technology.

About Jason Hope:

Why Cancer Treatment Centers of America is Encouraging Prostate Cancer Screening

Many are unaware of how prevalent prostate cancer has become in our aging society. While most enlargement of the prostate is benign, an experienced physician needs to rule the other option of prostate cancer out. When caught early enough, prostate cancer survival rates dramatically rise. This is good news for those at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. They even participated in a free cancer screening this past fall. Joining with NFL alumni organization members and Labcorp, CTCA performed free screens for eligible males. They also reduced the costs of these easy screens so more men could take advantage of this recommended health care preventative screen.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is again leading the outcry to ward off future prostate cancer deaths. They are continuing the fight to end this senseless male disease that takes lives every single year. With faster detection, most prostate cancer cases can be treated effectively with new advances in cancer treatments. CTCA is always on the cutting edge of any new cancer treatment that is discovered. This is one reason why so many cancer patients trust this health care organizations with their very lives during specialized cancer care treatments.

Until a cure for cancer is found, Cancer Treatment Centers of America will continue to provide outstanding cancer care with many advantages over traditional modes of care. This facility encourages a whole body system approach to treat the invasive cancers so common in today’s mainstream population. This holistic care is making Cancer Treatment Centers of America a new household name for encouraging cancer care support and hope to cancer patients, survivors and their loving and worried families.

How Todd Lubar Sees Smart Technology Taking Off In Homes

Having been in the real estate industry for over two decades, Todd Lubar keeps his finger on the pulse of trends in the industry. One of the biggest trends this Baltimore-based mortgage broker sees is the explosion of people upgrading their homes with smart technology. These homes sell faster than conventional homes and for more money as they are in higher demand.

Todd Lubar envisions many appliances in homes being automated. This includes HEPA filters and other advances in air conditioning technology. He also sees more and more homeowners adopting mood lighting systems where they can turn lights on and off using a smartphone app, or turning the lights lower in order to set the mood.

Another advance in technology that Todd Lubar is a fan of is smart doorbells. These can detect when someone approaches the door so that they alert the people in the home someone is there automatically. In his own home Lubar has a smart thermostat that can automatically adjust the temperature depending on the patterns of the people living in it and whether someone is home or not.

In the not so distant future Lubar expects that every home will be a smart home simply because of what this technology brings to the table. While many of these devices and appliances are in their infancies the technology is rapidly developing. There are many companies competing against one another to enter this market which is also helping by making this technology more affordable for homeowners than if it were just a few companies involved. Check out Medium to see more.

According to Patch, Todd Lubar has been a Baltimore-based real estate professional ever since his first professional job. His first job was at Crestar Mortgage where he learned all about how to handle mortgage applications. Before long he had established a network of professional contacts in the industry. He then launched his own mortgage company.

Today Todd Lubar owns and manages two companies. The first one is TDL Global Ventures, LLC, which he heads himself. The other one is Legendary Investments where he works as the business’ senior vice president. You can visit Twitter to see more.

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Neurocore expounds

Over one third of a billion people suffer from the ravages of some form of depression making it one of the most cited reasons for disabilities globally. The disease occurs often, but there are multiple types of the disease. So Neurocore feels it is important to be able to identify some of the misconceptions that prevent people from seeking medical attention when faced with depression.

One of the largest misconceptions is that depression is sadness. Sadness is definitely an accompaniment of depression, but depression is infinitely more complex. Read more about Neurocore at

Additionally, it requires more than antidepressants to treat depression, and patients should not feel that they have no options when medication is not effective. There are multiple effective alternatives, and patients do very well on them with or without the addition of medication therapies.

Many people that have close relationships with people with depression will at some point assume that depression is a form of weakness. However, depression is a disease, and just like anyone is susceptible to some form of disease or another, the same is true for depression.

Depression is such an insidious disease that no two people experiences it the same. Additionally, there are still more variations of diagnosed depression. However, major depression is the most common type, so it is this form that most people encounter, but there are multiple types.

See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

People not sensitive to the ravages of depression often assume that all that is require to combat depression is that people adjust their outlook on life, and the depression will just go away. This signals a massive misunderstanding of what depression really is. If a lifestyle change alone cures what is believed to be depression, then that person did not have clinical depression.

Neurocore approaches the diagnosis and treatment of neurological issues like depression with a scientific approach. This approach is centered on in many cases, training the brain. Additionally, it utilizes certain medical approaches like EEGs to understand the issues surrounding depression that are present in the brain. Then they combine these scientifically forward approaches with time tested approaches that are common to the diagnosis and treatment of depression and other mental disorders.


SahmAdrangi’s Achievements by Just Betting Against a Single Stock

SahmAdrangi is the founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management which is located in New York. Recently, the company managed to raise around $300 million from investors and to which it plans to bet against a single stock. Most hedge fund managers prefer to raise money and use it on a specific investment thesis such as residential mortgage-backed securities. Kerrisdale Capital, on the other hand, plans to use the raised money to sell stocks to a public company. According to the founder, they managed to raise such a massive amount of money within a short period by providing topics of importance to different communities. He added that they managed to purchase a company worth $10 billion and they needed every individual to understand all the information provided about it.

Kerrisdale analyst, Sahm Adrangi and Shane Wilson, put more attention on the campaigns to ensure they worked on a website, video, and report to be able to convince more companies on their thesis. Later, Kerrisdale took one of the targeted companies from the companies that forwarded their thesis and then purchased stocks to settle on its position in the company.

Kerrisdale currently manages $500 million which includes the raised funds. It has been able to bet against companies for some time now and always takes their case public. Its main hedge fund bets against and for company stocks have resulted in an annual return of around 28% in the past five years. However, since 2016 to March 2017 it has been down to 7%.

About Adrangi

He is the founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management. He founded the company in 2009, and since then he has always been involved in the way it works. The company had grown from $1 million when he founded it to $150 million. He became famous after he exposed fraudulent firms from China.

Adrangi had his education at Yale University where he studied a bachelor of Economics, Arts. His career in finance began at Deutsche bank, Longacre Management, and Chanin Capital Partners. In his company, he ensures they focus on specific sectors where they are experts. He has also been featured in various publications, he has appeared in interviews, and he has been a speaker at many conferences.