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Dr. Saad Saad’s Legacy on the Medical Community

Dr. Saad Saad is of the world’s most renowned doctors. He started at the very bottom of society, having grown up in Kuwait among 7 siblings. Dr. Saad Saad obtained his first degree at Cario University, and from there he studied in England and the United States. He soon became certified by the board in the U.S. and established his practice in New Jersey. In the 1980s, his background and skills would land him the ultimate job as the personal practitioner for the royal family in Saudi Arabia. The international recognition of Dr. Saad Saad was on a level few doctors ever achieve. In a recent article on the website Blog Webpedia, Dr. Saad Saad discuses the lessons he learned over his career.


The first lesson is simple: Don’t Accept Anything But the Success You Seek. Dr. Saad Saad grew up in a turbulent era for the middle east. This was a time when Palestinians were forced to relocate to the West Bank. His dad’s drive to work hard in the booming oil economy taught Dr. Saad Saad the power of a higher education. A second incident where he became exhausted in the heat was the nail in the coffin for his future. He wanted to work in a place with air conditioning, and the only place that would always have one was the operation room. His personal passion, combined with his dad’s advice set Dr. Saad Saad on a path for success.


The second piece of advice is something everyone should keep in mind: Don’t Wait Until Tomorrow to do a Task That Can be Done Today. A strong work ethic with time management skills is the only way a business will be successful. His swiftness to acquire his US Board Certification was the key to making him the perfect candidate for the royal family in Saudi Arabia. In the later years of his career, Dr. Saad Saad created two new inventions that would make surgery produces more efficient for all parties.


Numerous Doctors have achieved great things, but few can say they worked privately and for a foreign government during their career. Dr. Saad Saad even left a lasting legacy on the industry through groundbreaking inventions. His career was awe inspiring and will no doubt influence individuals for years to come.

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Lori Senecal’s Successful Journey at CP+B

Lori Senecal is the former CEO of CP+B who retired in 2017, December. While she was working at the company, Lori influenced CP+B both culturally, and businesswise. Lori Senecal made the company witness tremendous growth, becoming partners with recognized companies such as American Airlines. Her presence at the company was undoubtedly worth it because she ensured that it became profitable.

Her recent departure

The CEO stepped down from her CEO role at CP+B by the end of 2017. She had noted that together with the company chairman, Chuck Porter, they had already sketched out a plan on how she would depart immediately she arrived at the company. The company has praised her for having a “global mindset” as she has managed to retain all clients of CP+B since she joined the company. She also increased the company’s global presence with big airline groups including American Airlines. For more details visit Bloomberg.

During her departure statement, the CEO stated that the company has always been managed by entrepreneurs who love building CP+B and who are passionate about their jobs. Because of this, she believed that extending the role to Daniella Aldrich who had been promoted as the CP+B West president was the best action to take because she was competent in addressing the company’s needs.

About Lori Senecal

Since 2015, Lori Senecal has been the Chief Executive Officer of Crispin Porter & Bogusky (CP+B). She also holds additional roles as the CEO and President of Partner Network. Before joining CP+B, Lori was the executive chairman of KBS, which is a sister agency of CP+B. Lori had joined KBS in 2009 after she left McCann New York where she was also the President.

Since she joined the company, Lori Senecal has elevated CP+B’s business culture and standing. That has made the company to be named one of the top Creative Innovators by Advertising Age in 2016. Lori is a role model for many people, which explains why she had also been ranked by Advertising Age in 2013 as one of the Women to Watch. AWNY also awarded her the Game Changer Awards.



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Meet Paul Mampilly: A Talent Investment Analyst

Paul Mampilly made several achievements in the financial sector. He attended Fordham University where he acquired an MBA. He has worked at various legal companies, including ING as well as Deutsche. While at Kinetics Assets Management, he helped the company grow its assets to about 25 billion U.S. dollars within a short period.

After working with big companies for many years, he felt tired of helping only the rich make money. Therefore, he decided to return home and spend more time with his family. Nowadays, he works as a researcher as well as an investment analyst. Paul Mampilly is one of the few people who likes helping common individuals make money. His ambition is to see these people make money hence a better life.

Paul Mampilly has a great deal of experience when in the finance industry. He has been an analyst and managed money as well as a trading desk. With this experience and knowledge, Mampilly feels that he has the capability of helping common people achieve their dreams when it comes to making money. He spends most of his time reading to know the current and new events in the stock market. This helps him understand more about the stocks in which his clients are investing. It also helps him provide readers with accurate and up-to-date information about the stock market.

About Paul Mampilly

Paul is a renowned American investor. Previously, he worked as the hedge fund manager and has been in the industry for more than 25 years. He has been featured on Fox Business News, Bloomberg and on CNBC providing pieces of advice and words of encouragement to the ‘Main Street Americans’ interested in understanding the stocks trends as well as when to invest.

Paul  Mampilly commenced his financial career in 1991 at Bankers Trust. From there, he proceeded to run multimillion dollar accounts at places such as Deutsche Bank, ING, Sears, private Swiss Bank as well as Scotland’s Royal Bank. While he was 42 years of age, Paul devoted his time as well as knowledge to assist the Americans, know how to utilize the investment opportunities available. Nowadays, Paul works at Banyan Hill Publishing, a research firm worth 80 million U.S. dollars in sales.

NewsWatc h TV reviews and testimonials

NewsWatch is a TV channel that deals with news revolving around consumer products. Most of the news that is featured is about technology, entertainment, travel, and health. NewsWatch TV airs on ION network and The AMC network and hosted by Andrew Tropeano, with special features hosted by Susan Bridges, Amanda Forstrom, and Eric Forrest. The TV channel has been in existence since 1990 and has aired over 1,000 episodes to date. NewsWatch Tv has gained traction from celebrities who throng the channel to discuss the issues and causes they are passionate about. Some of the stars who have appeared on the show include Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, Wil Smith, Vin Diesel and Milas Kunis and others.

NewsWatch TV is watched by over 96 million people all over the United States every time it airs. The channel is headquartered in Washington DC and has reached over 700 million. This makes it one of the most popular TV shows in the history of the United States. Most of the shows which have featured top celebrities can be shown on the NewsWatch TV Reviews and Testimonials.

NewsWatch TV has been growing its viewership over the years consistently. The millstone it has achieved is what many other TV Shows dream about. Making a show that remains popular for such a long time is a thing that does not come easy. The team behind the production of the show, however, has put extra effort to create awesome content that people look forward to watching. NewsWatch TV has offices in other places such as New York, Denver, and Fairfax. The channel viewed as one of the best ways of advertising new products. It allows creators of products to boost their sales by giving a detailed sales pitch for unique products that are coming up. The show lives up to the promise of being informative to its views. By following the show, you will be enlightened about cutting-edge technologies which are coming up. Read more on NewsWatch TV reviews on


Equities First Holdings And Their French Tribune Reports

French Tribune reports on Equities First Holdings are some of the best that anyone will read while trying to learn about these companies. The French Tribune is a great place for people to go for information about many things, and they will pick up a lot just by reading.The French Tribune has written many reports on Equities First because they know how to help people get the best results on their loans.

These loans are all very affordable, and they are much easier for someone to get when they have a stock certificate to present.The French Tribune is the best place for people to go to read about this company, and they could make some choices that are helpful for their finances. This company could finance anyone from a small business to a large corporation, and they ask for very little justification on all these loans applications.

Seek Depression Help with Neurocore

It may surprise people to know that depression can develop at any time and does not discriminate; anyone going through a stressful event or major life change can be susceptible. If there is a family history of depression, this can factor into how likely someone is to get depression as a result of stressful factors.

Although millions of Americans suffer from major depression, it is often surrounded by stigma and mystery both for those suffering and those affected by depression in loved ones. A shocking two-thirds of those people battling depression never seek help for their disorder. In an effort to remove some of the stigma surrounding depression, Neurocore compiled a list of 8 facts to help educate what this disorder entails and how treatable it really is. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Depression does not manifest in the same way for every person and symptoms can vary; for example, it is possible for depression to cause some people to sleep too much, while others sleep far too little. Many experience fluctuations in weight and the loss of interest in things they used to enjoy.

However, it is possible that some may show no outward symptoms at all while experiencing deeply negative inner thoughts. Similarly, there are several different types of depression that one can be diagnosed with. Some of the most common depressive disorders are Major Depressive Disorder, Persistent Depressive Disorder, Postpartum Depression, and Seasonal Affective Disorder.


Feeling depressed goes well beyond just feeling sad. Those suffering from depression typically have symptoms which begin to manifest physically, such as headaches, tension, and breathing problems from dealing with the stress of their depression. Left untreated, depression can become a debilitating disability, impacting one’s daily life, career, and home.

Most cases of depression can be treated, but those suffering must seek out treatment. Treatment usually involves some form of therapy and sufferers may be prescribed a medication to help combat their symptoms. It is important that those with depression remember that they are not alone and that seeking professional help can make all the difference in their life. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

Biometrics Pioneer William Saito Dispels Common Cybersecurity Myths

In a recent Forbes piece, William Saito laid out ten common myths surrounding cybersecurity. His advice to people who want to protect themselves online is to think of going online as “eating.” Just as you would be wary of a random person off the street who offered you food, so you shouldn’t leave yourself vulnerable online to a party that has been unverified.

A large part of the problem, according to Saito, is that people tend to view cyber-risk as a separate type of risk, divorced from risk in the real world. But with the ubiquity of the Internet in all facets of life, this dichotomy is meaningless. In short, for Saito there is no such thing as cyber-risk, just risk.

Another myth that William Saito points out is that many believe that it is enough to take precautions for your own sake. Unfortunately, this ignores the fact that custodians of your personal data may be unable to keep it safe, as countless hacking scandals have demonstrated.

In addition, Saito asserts that there are really only two kinds of organizations: those organizations which have been hacked and those who are unaware they have been hacked. He believes that people need to move beyond viewing being hacked as something embarrassing in order to gain the benefits of sharing information in order to prevent security lapses.

William Saito is one of the world’s great pioneers in biometric software. While still in college, he founded I/O Software in his dorm room. Thanks to a partnership he established with Sony, he would later sell his biometric software firm to Microsoft in 2000. With Sony, Saito was able to develop a software-based portable finger print scanner that took a picture of a fingerprint in order to verify it. In 1998, Saito was honored as Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year for his efforts in creating this breakthrough technology.

William Saito Shows an Example of a Successful Entrepreneur

William Saito is thriving as an entrepreneur in the field of cyber-security. He meets all of the requirements for success in being an entrepreneur. A successful entrepreneur does more than just start a business and sell products. A successful entrepreneur gains a lot of insight in the industry of his choice. Without the right type of insight, it will be harder to succeed in the chosen industry. William Saito as an entrepreneur solves problems when it comes to cyber-security. He also has some good advice for people who want to make significant strides towards making the cyber world a much safer world for users.

One interesting and important piece of advice that William Saito has given experts in the industry is that cyber attacks are going to be inevitable. In order to solve the issue, it is important to stop blaming the victim. This is a common thing across many different aspects of life. When someone becomes victimized by an attack or an incident, they get blamed for it as opposed to getting the support they need. After all, anyone can get hit in a cyber-attack. As a matter of fact, a large accounting firm was hit really hard in a cyber-attack.

One issue with blaming the victim according to William Saito is that this can cause some companies to try to fix the issue themselves when they don’t have the experience or required skills to do so. Another thing that this can cause a business to do is hide any type of breach or cyber-attack. This is the exact opposite of what cyber-security wants. Victims need to have someone they can trust so that they will get the support they need. One thing to remember is that hackers have a lot of skills when it comes to breaching security measures.

EU is a great trading partner for Japan: William Saito

In town for Interpol World 2017, William Saito, special adviser to Japan’s cabinet, talks about the Japan-EU trade deal and the third arrow in Abenomics.

Matt Badiali Encourages Investors to Invest in Freedom Checks

Over the years, the internet has become a great tool for investors to put their resources in. Always providing a major source of research for investment opportunities, trading securities have also become an easy business to jump into. With that said, the lack of major rules on the internet sites makes it the perfect platform for fraudulent characters to flourish. However, to avoid running into fraudulent people who promise major investment opportunities for no apparent reason, you need to align your business with the right investment advisors that can offer excellent advice in regards to the required direction you should follow in business. Learn more about Freedom Checks at


Background Data


Of late, Americans have been asking questions about the possibilities of putting money in an investment docket called freedom checks. First announced to the common citizens through a video released by Matt Badiali, freedom checks have injected some hope into American investors who hope to invest in the business and reap a lot of returns. Some people think that freedom checks are government programs. Well, these are not government programs like the typical Medicaid and Medicare programs that are issued to help the common citizens get affordable healthcare. In essence, checks are an investment opportunity that allows the ordinary citizens to put their money in MLPs with the hope of reaping profits.




Speaking of MLPs, these are companies that operate in the form of publically traded limited partnerships. Such companies combine the significant tax benefits of partners including profits to reward investors through distributions. By law, MLPs mostly operate in the industry of energy by providing as well as managing different resources in the form of oil and gas. As such, these companies can only operate checks if they can part with about 90% of the total revenue that has been made by these companies.



Operating Freedom Checks


Recently, America has been registering little to no importation of oil and gas from the Middle East. At the same time, the two have been performing well regarding being produced in the country. Therefore, most companies in America can operate checks. With that said, investing in freedom calls for diligence and great input regarding understanding the possibilities of making it in the long run. Perhaps the major question is why Matt Badiali should be trusted. Well, Badiali is a skilled geologist who holds a master’s degree in earth sciences. Moreover, he earned a Ph.D. in sedimentary geology from the prestigious University of Carolina. Watch this video at Youtube.

Sheldon Lavin’s Change in Career from Finance to Meat Production and Supply

Great leaders tap into the needs of their organizations and employees. They discover the universal variables of success and capitalize on it. Moreover, their main agenda is to work with people toward a better organizational future. For Sheldon Lavin, leadership was not one of the dreams he had in mind. However, he always he aspired to be a finance executive. After graduating from college, he started a small consulting firm in Chicago. Unknown to him, the establishment of the firm marked the beginning of a successful career that currently defines him.

The Beginning of OSI Group

Currently, OSI Group is a principal food provider in the industry. It has about 20,000 workers in 65 facilities spread across in 17 states. This company’s rise from the modest beginnings cannot be ignored. First starting out as a small firm that supplied food to the residents of Chicago, the company utilized various resources including technology and human resources to get to where it is.

Lavin Joins OSI Group

Mr. Otto Kolschowsky wanted to approach a lender for a loan to expand his business. However, he did not have the right person in mind until when Lavin offered to lend a hand. Because he was visionary and a finance guru, he succeeded in finding Otto & Sons a lender that could finance their business. Also, Otto needed to rebrand the firm. Sheldon Lavin came in as a contributor. That was now all as he also bought some of the shares. That is how he became a significant contributor to the firm’s growth. Today, Sheldon Lavin is the CEO, and his roles include overseeing the formulation of policies and deciding major of cause of actions for the company.

Global Expansion by Sheldon Lavin

It is true the American market for most commodities has intensely decreased. For that reason, many companies are opting for global expansion. OSI Group has not been left out as from its inception it has adapted to major global expansion projects thanks to Lavin’s help. In the course of 2016, this company majored in the expansion of its portfolio across different cities. For instance, the Baho Food acquisition led by Sheldon Lavin added a client base to the organization.