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Ann Scango on Motherhood and Art

In the world of art, motherhood has held a human importance. The images show the love and sacrifice only a mother can give to their children. Artists use the sketches to pass a message about the bond between a mother and her offspring. Käthe Kollwitz uses a piece, Frau mit Totem Kind, to show the pain of loss. Today most of the mother images represent love and responsibilities of a woman due to the changing roles in a family setting. Motherhood portrays are so emotional and vivid.


Ann Scango Biography

Ann Scango is an American sculptor and visual artist. She creates 3D creations and textural complex. Her artwork is recognized across Texas. She works with numerous materials like polyurethane foam and industrial components. Scango recently launched Scango Collection to fulfill her dreams of opening a gallery to promote female artists. She completed her fellowship in 2015. Her work was featured in MoMuseum, the Nature Gallery, and This Woman’s Life Magazine.

Ann Scango revealed that she started practicing art since her childhood. She stated that the gallery was a result of her passions ranging from motherhood, art, environmentalism, and female empowerment. Her friends, family, and donors supported her financially. She never doubted her art business from the start as it had reliable workers. Scango promotes her art on social media accounts and referrals. Cutting back time at the collection gallery has been the toughest decision the artist has had to make. She needs some time off to satisfy her creativity outside the studio.

Ann Scango believes that her keenness and evocative pieces set differentiate her work from others. She is always after finding the next art paradigm the public want. The most satisfying moment for Scango while in business is her being stable to invest in riskier pieces and acquire better tools. She recently acquired hand moisturized gloves to avoid knuckles from cracking. Ann Scango encourages new artists to take risks and never stifle their voice.