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Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters Awards Robert Ivy the Noel Polk Achievement

Congratulations! Honor is what Robert deserves. Mr. Ivy is an accomplished architect. But there are many others. Why all the praise for him specifically Robert Ivy is the executive officer and vice president of American Institutes of Architects(AIA). He has had other previous responsibilities as Editor-in-Chief of Architectural Record and Editorial director of McGraw-Hill Construction where he oversaw 33 publications – both print and digital editions. The leadership of Ivy saw growth of Architectural Record worldwide dissemination and launch of Mandarin Version in China

The Noel Polk Award stands out as it’s the first award to an architect. Now, you see why Robert Ivy deserves the compliments. Of Course, this is not the only award. He was awarded the G.D Crain Award for contributions to editorial excellence and business media. Alpha Rho Chi acclaimed Robert as Master Architect in 2010 after the Crain Award – an award that he shares with the eminent architects like Richard Buckminster Fuller. In 2017, Ivy was also awarded Deans Medal from the Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture.

The Polk Award in normally awarded to alive Mississippi-connected artists and art patrons. The artists and patrons must have supported the creation and performing of art. For this reason, Robert is considered an artist and joins a small number of distinguished persons. Robert Ivy joins the ranks of infamous actor Morgan Freeman and writer Shelby Foote who are some of the celebrated people that have been award the Polk.

The Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters – privately funded, the non-profit organization will award Robert Ivy the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award on 2 of June. Fellow members and leaders of Ivy in AIA have acknowledged his efforts. MIAL President Nancy LaForge commends Robert Ivy for making architecture accessible to the public. AIA President Carl Elefante also appreciates the efforts of Ivy in being the ambassador for the architectural profession as practicing architect, author, and editor. The efforts of Robert have grown AIA to the highest membership level in its history. America Institute of Architects has practicing architects across the world – having seven global.

The achievements of Robert sprout from the education he received. He has Bachelor of Arts in English from Sewanee – The University of the South. He also has a Masters of Architecture from Tulane University. Notwithstanding his education, he has also served in the US Navy.


Robert Ivy Awarded By The Mississippi Institute Of Arts And Letters (MIAL)

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has announced that its Chief Executive Officer, Robert Ivy has been named the recipient of the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. The nonprofit organization is based in Mississippi and usually awards artist especially from its locality for promoting talent. According to a press release, it was the first time MIAL was giving out such an award to an architect. “This is the first time the Mississippi Institute of Architects and Letters has awarded someone outside the art and music industry, we are delighted that the institution decided to award our CEO” read the statement.

“Being the CEO of the American Institute Of architects since 2011, an editor, an author and a practicing architect makes Robert Ivy a great ambassador for this profession” commented Carl Elefante, President of AIA in the press release. It was a rare opportunity for Robert Ivy considering the fact that only a few dignitaries have received the same award over the past few years. According to the press release, Stained-glass artist, Andrew Carey Young of Jackson and Robert Ivy would be officially handed over the award later in June this year.

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Robert Ivy served as the editor-in-chief for the Architectural Record before joining the American Institute of Architects as the CEO. The award came as a crown for the soft-spoken Ivy who has been vocal in championing diversification in the field of Architecture. Since joining the institutions, Robert Ivy has introduced several changes which have brought the institution into public limelight and accorded it international recognition. He has also previously received prestigious awards such as a National Magazine Award and also named as the “Master Architect” by the national architecture fraternity, an honorary title which is usually given to the world’s renowned architects.

The President of the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters, Nancy LaForge congratulated Robert Ivy terming him as someone with who is talented and has a passion for his job. “There is no one else in Mississippi who has tried to publicize architecture like Robert Ivy,” she said. “We are delighted to hand him this prestigious award because we know that he deserves it.

Robert Ivy enters the books of MIAL’s prestigious award together with the likes of writers Shelly Foote and Eudora Welty who received the award in 2001, Singer Leontyne Price who was awarded in 2000, actor Morgan Freeman of 2007 and artist Walter Anderson who received the same award in 2007.

The company has changed to become more responsive, influential, and proactive. It has also transformed the people’s perception of architects in America. The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has a network of more than 90,000 architects and design professionals as members in over 250 chapters. AIA is located in Washington DC.

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