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The Legacy of Alastair Borthwick

Alastair Borthwick is a respected author and broadcaster. He has created a number of works that have stood the test of time. Borthwick has served his country in the army and has used that experience to educate others. Both of his books are considered classics. His legacy continues to make an impact years after his death.

Alastair Borthwick is a native of Rutherglen, Scotland. He spent the majority of his childhood in a town called Glasglow. He would eventually go on to attend Glasgow High School and get some early military training in the Officer Training Corps. Borthwick didn’t stay in school long and eventually dropped out of school. Soon after he would get his first job working as part of the Glasgow Weekly Herald, the local newspaper. At this position Borthwick would have the opportunity to write about a variety of topics including the changing culture in Glasglow. Borthwick documented how many young people in the town had free time and were participating in activities like rock climbing and hitchhiking.

Borthwick’s experience lead to his first book “Always a Little Further“. The book documented the time period that Borthwick wrote about while working with Glasgow Weekly Herald. The book was well received and considered by most to be a classic. Published for the first time in 1939, “Always a Little Further” has not been out of print since.

Alastair Borthwick served in the British Army for several years. Borthwick spent most of his time serving as Battalion Intelligence Officer. He eventually reach the rank of captain. He also served in the Reconnaissance Corps where he was a lieutenant. Borthwick is perhaps most known for leading more than six hundred soldiers into German territory. Borthwick’s experience in the war lead to his second book titled “Sans Peur.” This book gave an account of his experience during the war.

After the war Alastair Borthwick took his focus from writing to broadcasting. He spent lots of time producing television shows. He produced well over one hundred thirty minute television shows during this time. His work has continued to be viewed and used many years after his death. His legacy appears set to live on for many years to come. Check out Alastair Borthwick official Facebook page.


The life of Inventor and Philanthropist, Adam Milstein

For awhile now,many people in today’s society has been dedicating their time and money into investing. Investing in something is sure worth your hard earn money. Not only is it a great way to stay afloat, it is also good to know you’ll always have something valuable to fall back on. There are so many investors around the World. One in particular is a man name Adam Milstein.

It is with great pleasure to write and tell about Adam Milstein and his life and accomplishments. Not only is he a real estate investor, but he’s a philanthropist as well. Being a native of Israel, Adam Milstein had in mind about what he wanted to do and be in life. He attended UCLA earning his MBA and later got involved in the commercial real estate business. All of his hard work will eventually pay off and he would become a managing partner at the firm Hager Pacific Properties.

Adam Milstein is not only a business man, he is also a man who has great compassion for helping others by doing charitable causes. Many, but not all investors sometimes forget where they started from and what made them who they’ve become today. Adam Milstein cared so much about giving back to his community and other organizations that along with his wife, he founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation and Sifriyat Pijama B’America.

Adam Milstein was all about caring and unity. Especially from what has happened awhile back with the U.S. and Israel. His charitable services are provided to strengthen the people of Israel and the U.S. The services also has resources to educate and train upcoming students who wants to be investors/philanthropists. Students learn the basics fundamentals of investing. Investing can at times be stressful and somewhat of a burden. The programs that the Milstein’s provides gives the students a sense of clarity to what they love and is it worth investing in. When it comes to investing in what you love , the sky’s the limit and you can share all of your struggles and accomplishments with others who are striving to do the same.

Nonito Donaire Joins Greg Secker in the Iloilo Project

Nonito Donaire Junior, the former world boxing champion, has visited the town to offer his support to Greg Secker in the Iloilo housing project. Even though he was invited by the European philanthropist, Nonito has confirmed that joining the project is his personal decision aimed at encouraging athletes to embrace corporate social responsibility. The turnover would see Secker present over 100 homes to the victims of the typhoon in various regions, including Capinahan, Iloilo, and Lemery.

Donaire and his wife arrived from Las Vegas and flew to Iloilo to witness the turnover. The Donaires and Secker are reported to have met at the Manila Airport for a flight to Iloilo. During the event, the former world boxing champion called on fellow boxers to go beyond motivating people in the ring to supporting local communities. He believes that they can build over 1000 homes to the less fortunate members of the society when they combine efforts.

While explaining that the event was the greatest way to begin 2018, the boxer pointed out that he wholeheartedly contributed P1 million towards the rehabilitation of homes of Ondoy typhoon victims at the beginning of his sporting career. Donaire applauded the Greg Secker Foundation’s effort in giving back to the community. Popularly known in the region as Greg Secker Foundation Village under the initiative “Build A house, Build A home, the project has transformed the region through its over 100 new homes presented to the locals.

Within the short trip, the boxer spared time to train at the Elorde Plus Gym. He has however chosen to train in Las Vegas for his next big march in April this year.

About Greg Secker

Born in 1975 in Norfolk, England, Greg Secker was already a successful English businessman in his twenties. The renowned foreign exchange expert pursued Agricultural and Food Sciences from the University of Nottingham. He worked with Thomas Cook Financial Services as a trading technologist before joining Mellon Financial Corporation as the vice president, only at 25.

Secker received key awards for his innovativeness, including the British Telecom Award in 1993.the founder of both Knowledge to Action Group and The Greg Secker Foundation is a reputable author and philanthropist. He was listed in the 2017’s Most Influential Philanthropists and Social Workers.