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Live in the Moment With Lime Crime

LimeCrime is not your average makeup collection. Their palettes are out of this world bright and bold and make a statement. Whether you wear the lipsticks, eyeshadows, or unicorn hair dye, you are sure to stand out.

All LimeCrime products are completely vegan, so they are not made with any animal ingredients. This includes any animal byproducts such as whey, carmine, beeswax, or lanolin. They are also cruelty-free which means that their products are not tested on am=nimals.

Lime Crime has everything that you need including lipsticks, lip glosses, hair dye, nail polish, liners, and makeup tools. Their newest addition is the Venus XL Palette which is by far the biggest. This palette has a whopping 18 different eyeshadows such as Eden, Lve, Idolized, Inspire, and Triumph, to name a few. The shades are long-lasting and range from deep reds to bright pinks and go on nice and smoothly. All you need is just one swipe, and you are good to go. There are also four delightful finishes such as matte, matte sparkle, metallic, and glow. Matte is just that-matte, and matte sparkle is non-shiny with a hint of sparkle. Glow offers a nice glowing hue with some shimmer and metallic is ultra-shiny.

LimeCrime has many best-sellers such as their velvetines and plushies and they even have fun sets that make great gifts such as their Diamond Crushers Cracker Box. The Unicorn Hair dyes are brilliantly bright and come in any color you can imagine such as teal, orange, yellow, grey, and a whole palette of purples and blues. They also fade out gradually, so your mane always looks great even when your color is washing out. Unicorn hair dyes are also semi-permanent, so they will last a long time but wash out quickly enough that you can switch up your color before you get bored of it. Or you can redo your favorite color. Lime Crime has what you need to live brilliantly.