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EOS Limited Edition: Peppermint Cream Review

EOS (evolution of smooth) holiday collection peppermint cream lip balm is a Target exclusive limited edition item. This item can only be purchased at participating Target locations. The peppermint cream is a part of EOS’s visibly soft line. It is made to deeply hydrate, restore softness and seal moisture on your lips.

At the time of this video review, the product was only being sold at Target locations. The product was not even available on the EOS website. This exclusive limited edition holiday collection lip balm was flying off the shelves. The cute red and white striped packaging was perfect for Target stores. The design of the lip balm went perfect with Target’s red color scheme. The peppermint cream lip balm runs around $5.00 per package. This is slightly more expensive than the traditional visibly soft lip balms which normally run around $3.99-$4.99.

The peppermint cream lip balm is packed with rich cocoa and shea butters and a blend of four moisturizing oils. The lip balm is designed to nourish your lips keeping them smooth and soft all season long. The peppermint scent radiates outside of the package, offering a bold vanilla mix with peppermint. The red and white stripes give the dome a fun festive look. Upon application of the peppermint cream lip balm, it goes on very smoothly and leaves a slight tingle on the lips from the peppermint. The lip balm is not overly thick, but you can feel it working on your lips due to the tingle.

The lip balm leaves you with a bold shine and a refreshing holiday peppermint aroma. If the lip balm gets wet, water will activate the tingle, giving you a stronger aroma of the peppermint. The EOS limited edition peppermint cream lip balm is sure to leave your lips moisturized, refreshed and hydrated.