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To the utter surprise, in 2009 and 2010 more than 125.2 million bags of coffee were produced throughout the world. A statement by the Association of National Coffee, with this production of coffee, it has become the second at the rank of beverages and drink which are most used and consumed throughout the globe after water. Coffee stands out everywhere, whether it’s a coffee shop at the corner of the street or it’s packed in packets in different grocery shops and stores. Relying on coffee and its production can be best in regards to economic terms as well. Organo Gold Company, a Canadian coffee brand provides several ways to the people and individuals sellers to promote and upgrade their coffee products.

History and Staff

Bernardo Chua who is an experienced member belonging to the marketing industry founded the coffee company Organo Gold in 2008. He used to look after the selling and production level at the company himself. The company has its offices and units in the United States and Canada.


The company Organo Gold doesn’t sell their products on their own at the stores. Instead, they sell the coffee to the different buyers and individual sellers as a wholesale. Then the sellers or the distributors sell the coffee to the general public and through this they are able to earn more than 50 percent accreditation on the sales. The company uses the technique and strategy of marketing at multiple levels to promote their products on a daily basis. The sellers or distributors, the team selling and the company, divide the profit among them through a domino effect.


The product despite being a hidden one has different ingredients in it. Bernardo Chua combines a Ganoderma, a mushroom with coffee beans of gourmet. The company assures that the products used are safe and healthy as well.


The company Organo Gold has earned more than $35 million throughout the world.

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Leadership approaches adopted by Rick Shinto in Transforming InnovaCare Health

The success of any organization is often influenced by the leadership and management approaches that are adopted by the leaders. Visionary and committed leaders help create a positive organizational culture and improve the performances. Since joining InnovaCare Health in 2011 as the CEO, Rock Shinto has overseen the introduction of sustainable and cost-effective models that have positively transformed the healthcare sector. The InnovaCare Health is regarded as being the leading healthcare management provider in North America. The improved performance of the InnovaCare Health can be linked to the contribution of Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides and their experience in the healthcare sector.




Rick Shinto serves as both the CEO and the president of InnovaCare Health. He has also excelled in other organization where he previously worked. Before joining InnovaCare Health, he worked as a pulmonologist in Southern California. He later moved to MedPartners and served as the vice president and oversaw the medical management activities. In the early part of his career, he worked in Cal Optimal Health Plan, Orange Country. He served as a senior medical officer and oversaw the delivery of quality health care services. Shinto has worked as the operations manager of Pathways Management Company. In 2008, the entrepreneur moved to Aveta Inc before being appointed as the CEO of InnovaCare Health in 2011. For more details visit LinkedIn.




Shinto has also collaborated with other professionals such as Penelope Kokkinides who is experienced and qualified in innovating clinical programs. Penelope can be defined as having an in-depth understanding of healthcare management systems, and she has in the past worked for Medicaid and Medicare. She has also worked with other organization such as Touchstone Health, AmeriChoice and Center light Health Care. Through her skills, she has coordinated the services and models of InnovaCare Health through the Medicare Advantage and Provider Networks avenues. For more details visit Bloomberg.




The InnovaCare Health Group




The vision of the InnovaCare Health is to redefine the healthcare management sector. The group holds the view that the quality of health care services can be improved while also lowering the operating costs. Shinto and Penelope argue that the adoption of lost cost and sustainable models, enhanced collaboration of stakeholders, technological innovation and integration of healthcare systems can lead to improved efficiency levels. Healthcare management is argued to work in settings where all stakeholders are accountable and committed to transparency. By working in this industry, Shinto is committed to serving the healthcare needs of the Americans.


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Alex Hern Is The Productive And Always Focused CEO Of Tsunami XR


Alex Hern is an entrepreneur who has been working to help build early stage companies for many years. Most of the companies he has worked with are in the technology industry. Hern is the founder and chief executive officer of Tsunami XR, which is a company that is headquartered in San Diego, CA. He was once asked where the idea for Tsunami came from, and he responded that it started, for him, when he realized that computers were moving into a new era where they will be ran by GPUs instead of CPUs. This transition will be opening up a new market where customers will desire software apps and platforms that are compatible with a GPU.

Alex Hern focuses on improving productivity by working on one single thing that will make his company better every day. He is a man who likes to set up goals and then accomplish them and is a believer that multitasking is a waste of time. He points to hard science to back up this claim and has also discovered for himself the value in focusing on a single task at any given time. Alex Hern brings ideas to life by spending time alone at night when everyone else is in bed. During these later hours, he is able to focus without all of the distractions that the day bring.

Alex Hern is excited about artificial intelligence and machine learning and is also interested in how cloud-based computing can improve applications that are graphics-heavy. He is curious to see the future of how all of these will assist with augmented reality. When asked what advice he might give to his younger self if this were possible, he commented that he would tell his self to take his time because life is not a sprint. Alex Hern believes that one of his best habits as an entrepreneur is to wake up early and to stay productive. As a technology enthusiast, he loves to use the software that his company creates and feels that TsunamiXR is the way of the future for collaboration projects and more.

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Sheldon Lavin’s Commitment To The Environment

Sheldon Lavin is an easy guy to root for. He has been running a food supply company called OSI Group for the last few decades. He has overseen the expansion of this former meat supplier into a global food supply conglomerate. Now, that doesn’t sound too interesting but the story of OSI Group is pretty astonishing.

You can trace the origin of the company all the way back to a Chicago neighborhood in the early 20th century. A German immigrant by the name of Otto opened up the meager butcher shop in 1909. He worked hard and was eventually able to parlay his butcher shop into a meat supply company. And then he really lucked out when he met Ray Kroc.

Ray Kroc famously founded the McDonald’s chain. In the early 1950s, he reached out to hundreds of meat suppliers to supply the beef for his hamburgers. Otto and Sons were one of these meat suppliers. But it was a shrewd move by the Otto and Sons meat supply company that really vaulted them to the top.

The Midwestern meat supply company invested all sorts of time and money into cryogenic freezing technology. This breakthrough allowed them to deliver more meat over a larger geographical area. Eventually, Otto and Sons became the main meat supplier for the McDonald’s chain. The company’s expansion was meteoric.

Now the company is known as OSI Group and its CEO, Sheldon Lavin, is committed to sustainability. And that’s quite impressive coming from a global conglomerate that operates 65 different facilities across 17 countries. The company employs more than 20,000 people.

Sheldon Lavin directed his company to construct two different research facilities. One of them stands in the United States while the other performs research in China. These facilities search for innovative ways to lessen the company’s impact on the environment.

Sheldon Lavin and his respect for the environment grew out of the company’s roots in the Midwest. OSI Group still retains that Midwest earnestness. After all, the company’s headquarters is just a few miles down the road from the first McDonald’s restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois.

Barbara Stokes Thanks Cullman For Welcoming ‘Green Homes’ Production Facility

Stokes Development, LLC. is bringing a new manufacturing facility and a host of new jobs to Cullman, Alabama. Green Structure Homes of Alabama, a division of Stokes Development, will be investing $8 million in the new manufacturing facility. Read more at Business Insider.

Once complete, the plant will employ 80 area residents. The company hopes to expand quickly, however. Within three years of opening its doors, Green Structure Homes of Alabama hopes to employ more than 300 full-time associates. If plans go accordingly, this could be a big boost to the economy of Cullman.

Barbara Stokes, who serves as the CEO of Green Structure Homes of Alabama, issued a statement about the new facility. She expressed the company’s gratitude to the people and local government of Cullman for accommodating the company’s plans. While other cities in Alabama had been considered for the new facility, Barbara admitted sentiment played a part in choosing Cullman. She revealed that she and her husband had made a home in the area several years ago, adding that they wanted to do something to give back to that community. Bringing the new plant and the prospect of so many new jobs seemed like the perfect opportunity.

“Scott and I chose Cullman many years ago, when we decided to purchase a home on Smith Lake,” revealed Ms. Stokes. “We found Cullman to be a great location with friendly people. Setting up business here was the obvious choice.”

The new 99,000 square foot building is to be located within the Cullman Industrial Complex. Although the complex was constructed through a city and county collaboration, it was recently sold to Stokes Development in a separate real estate deal. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

The homes to be constructed at the new facility will be light-gauge steel homes in the style of those built after Hurricane Katrina. Green Structure Homes of Alabama expects to construct between 500 to 600 of the homes each year. Scott Stokes revealed that the homes will be built using state if the art technology and will be resistant to mild and mildew. Additionally, they will be hurricane resistant. What may be even more impressive than the quality of the homes is that each home will take just two days to build at the facility.

Barbara Stokes added that the constructions will be primarily made from recycled steel. She said the raw materials will mostly come from Cullman, but added that they will also have to ship materials in from Birmingham and Decatur. Ms. Stokes added that the steel is designed to resist other elements as well. She says the homes will be fire resistant.