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Bruce Levenson Looks To Change The Way Philanthropic Courses Are Taught At College Level

The 21st century has seen major changes to the way the people of the world are looking to develop their skills and become educated; the growth of Internet based learning opportunities has made it difficult for many campuses to develop a sense of community, but the “Do Good Institute” at the University of Maryland is the first step in attempting to bring a sense of community to young people as they learn. On a PR News interview, Levenson said that he believes the philanthropy and not for profit business skills cannot be taught Online and has partnered with the educators at the University of Maryland in a bid to develop a program that could be transferred to other campus locations across the U.S.

Not only has Bruce Levenson played a key role in making students, parents, and community leaders aware of the “Do Good Institute”, but he has also played a key role in funding and raising funds for the development of the school that was established in 2010. Molding individuals willing to work in the not for profit and philanthropic industrial sectors means more than simply working with those choosing to attend classes in this area of education; one of the aims highlighted by Bruce Levenson has been the development of college students who are willing to volunteer and see the benefits of giving their time for the benefit of the community as a whole.

There are few business leaders who can point to as much long term success as Bruce Levenson is able to through his work with the UCG business he founded in 1977 and as the head of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise he led for over a decade. Community can take many forms and Levenson gave back to the NBA family during his time at the Hawks by joining the NBA Board of Governors and a number of charities backed by the league.

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