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I Received A Magnises Membership As A Gift From A Friend

I was given a Magnises Black Card membership by my best friend, who already has a membership of her own. I noticed that whenever we would go to certain places, she was getting discounts, and I wondered where they were coming from. She explained to me about the card, but I never thought about getting a membership, but now, I couldn’t do without one. I’ve been a member for just under six months, and even though I haven’t paid for the membership out of my own pocket, it’s definitely paid for itself. I like going to nightclubs all the time, and I can easily go to a club up to three times a week.

Since I’m a club head, I chose to add the ClubPass to my Magnises account, which has been so amazing because I’ve been able to cut to the front line, I always gain entrance to every club that I choose to visit, and I visit a lot of clubs around New York City. Even the hottest club had a rapper performing there, and everyone had to stand in line to gain entrance, but a lot of people were turned away. I was so surprised that my Magnises credentials were able to get me through the door to see the rapper.

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Some other great perks that I’ve enjoyed while using the card is the alcohol bottle service, which has been fantastic. I can purchase a bottle to get another one free, depending on where I go, which not only saves me money but makes the membership so useful. I’ve been to all types of restaurants that I used to have a hard time getting a reservation to, but my Magnises card got me through the door. I also was able to obtain discounts at these great restaurants too.

One particular pass I also decided to add to my Magnises account in the HotelPass because I may have times when I need to stay in a hotel around the city because I’m traveling or because I had too much to drink and won’t be able to make it home. The Dream Hotel is the one I stay at the most, and I get such great discounts to stay there that I frequent the hotel at least a couple times a month. I’m paying as little as $79 for my luxury room, and I even received upgrades in the past for free.

I almost feel guilty that my friend bought me the membership, but when my renewal date comes around, I will be paying for it myself because I am sold on Magnises and its benefits. I’ve been to several of the Magnises members-only parties because they have been extremely beneficial to me and the work that I do. I met a guy at one of the parties who worked in industry I was interested in getting into, and he gave me such valuable information that it made my night and was able to give me some perspective.

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