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Fortress Investment Involved In Massive Real Estate Development

Fortress Investment Group was not only the first hedge fund but the first one to be public on the NYSE in 2007. It was eventually purchased by SoftBank Group Corporation from Japan and now has a 2.5 billion real estate deal in Times Square for global imports in a retail location.

Retail Location Project

The project of FIG is expected to be completed in 2021, there will be a 46 story building put up around the Palace Theater. The interior will be completely restored to its original glory that was seen over a hundred years ago when it first opened and lifted up to the third floor. There will be an exterior stage as part of the new renovations. A luxury hotel will also be built to allow viewing of the annual ball drop from 30 of the suites in the unit.

TSX Broadway

The project will be ten floors, with retail space. Times Square will be faced by 100 feet of the tower with more than 15,000 square feet of ground-level retail space. There are over 15 million people expected each year. There are several more additions expected to the construction project from Fortress Investment Group.


Times Square Background

One of the world’s most recognized, financially valuable and culturally important areas Times Square is an ideal investment for development by the Fortress Investment Group. The area around Seventh Avenue and Broadway began to increase its traffic flow and revenue. After the first World War, the area began to have the majority of theaters in the area.

The Group Itself

Fortress Investment Group has a history of innovation as a management company for investments. They are now part of one of the most important and valuable conglomerates in the world, SoftBank Group. The group has extensive robotics and telecommunications holdings as well as investments in technology that made Fortress a natural fit.

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NexBank; Financial Expert Leaders

The NexBank Financial Leaders

The superior NexBank financial services group is based in Texas and has over 35+ years of industry experience. They have been able to exemplify personal account services, but it’s important to focus on their other three corye financial services. NexBank focuses on investment, industrial, and commercial banking services as well. They have been able to secure their net-worth to an estimated $54.6 billion. Their customer funds are backed with additional government insurance. In fact, their 0 fraud liability protection against unauthorized purchases. NexBank puts more of your hard earned money to work for you allowing their customers to meet their financial goals.

NexBank Online Services

NexBank has gained over 346,000+ thousands customers nationwide from their online services. They have been able to gain over 346,000+ online customers nationwide. Their online portal gives them any time access to their account. Thousands of customers have been able to use their features including easily switching money in between accounts. NexBank also offers support from a live IT professional on your new or existing account. Business Newswire, a popular online business magazine has said; their one of the largest growing online banks in North America.

NexBank Services

You can get NexBank services that will help you meet many of your financial goals. For example, the NexBank financial tab allows you to take part in a first-time homeowner program. Together, with local area Dallas, Habitat For Humanity, you can buy your first home with lower interest rates and monthly mortgage payments. They have been able to help hundreds of low income residents realize their dreams of owning a home. You fan also become a part of their financial service group and save on college expenses or make installment payments for your dream car. Join the NexBank family today.