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Thor Halvorssen Risks All To Bring An End To Injustice Across The World

In much of the world human rights simply aren’t respected. Across the developing world brutal dictators rule and use their power to suppress democracy, human rights, and other important basic needs any modern country has. Activists looking to fight against these injustices aren’t standing up to regimes that allow for dissent.

These activists risk imprisonment, torture, and even death as a consequence of their actions. With this image in mind it’s not hard to see why someone like Thor Halvorssen are such exceptional humans. Over the course of his 40 years, Halvorssen has led important organizations in the fight to advance liberty across the world. From the Foundation For Individual Rights In Education to the Children’s Peace Movement, Halvorssen has made a mark just about everywhere he steps.

One of the earliest but most important battles Halvorssen fought was against the slave labor camps of China. In 1999 Halvorssen led a movement to convince the corporation Lucent Technologies to adopt a strict policy against slave labor. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

At the time he decided to take a stand against child labor in China the country had Laogai camps across the country with up to 8 million inmates held in these camps being used to make consumer goods. After convincing Lucent Technologies he moved on to focus on other important issues.

Halvorssen’s success in founding multiple organizations has produced many of the positive results he has become famous for. FIRE, the Foundation For Individual Rights in Education, he united both liberals and conservatives in order to advance personal freedom across the world.

While the company was successful in accomplishing this goal, its 5 year run came to a close. The next year Thor Halvorssen founded the Human Rights Foundation where he currently heads as it’s president. Through the Human Rights Foundation he continues to fight for individual rights across the world and for the establishment of free societies.

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