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Beneful Changes The Face Of Pet Foods Advertising

Ever since the company was formed in 2001, Beneful has been one of the most innovative and adventurous advertisers on the planet with a range of television and billboards aimed at pets or showing the benefits of owning a pet. Beneful commercial has gone so far as to use TV ad’s complete with high pitched sounds only audible to dogs to attract them to the commercial’s produced by the brand.

In recent years, Beneful has placed the focus of its television advertisements more on the relationship between pet and pet parent in ads such as the “Einstein” ad where both the dog and his owner are given a voice in the ad. The advert includes details of how beef is the number one ingredient in the Beneful Originals pet foods that are loved by dogs as the canine star of the ad, Einstein, states through his human voice.

A fun way of looking at the innovations developed by Beneful over the course of recent years is found in the “Doggy Licks” commercial produced by the brand. Every pet parent knows the problem of their dog having bad breath which is addressed in the commercial with the issue of bad dog breath seen as something that can be overcome with the aid of Beneful Healthy Smile. The “I Stand Behind Beneful” series of ads remain some of the best-loved from Beneful and give us a glimpse into the lives and dogs of those responsible for creating the pet foods bearing the Beneful name.