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Fortress Investment Involved In Massive Real Estate Development

Fortress Investment Group was not only the first hedge fund but the first one to be public on the NYSE in 2007. It was eventually purchased by SoftBank Group Corporation from Japan and now has a 2.5 billion real estate deal in Times Square for global imports in a retail location.

Retail Location Project

The project of FIG is expected to be completed in 2021, there will be a 46 story building put up around the Palace Theater. The interior will be completely restored to its original glory that was seen over a hundred years ago when it first opened and lifted up to the third floor. There will be an exterior stage as part of the new renovations. A luxury hotel will also be built to allow viewing of the annual ball drop from 30 of the suites in the unit.

TSX Broadway

The project will be ten floors, with retail space. Times Square will be faced by 100 feet of the tower with more than 15,000 square feet of ground-level retail space. There are over 15 million people expected each year. There are several more additions expected to the construction project from Fortress Investment Group.


Times Square Background

One of the world’s most recognized, financially valuable and culturally important areas Times Square is an ideal investment for development by the Fortress Investment Group. The area around Seventh Avenue and Broadway began to increase its traffic flow and revenue. After the first World War, the area began to have the majority of theaters in the area.

The Group Itself

Fortress Investment Group has a history of innovation as a management company for investments. They are now part of one of the most important and valuable conglomerates in the world, SoftBank Group. The group has extensive robotics and telecommunications holdings as well as investments in technology that made Fortress a natural fit.

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Matt Badiali Encourages Investors to Invest in Freedom Checks

Over the years, the internet has become a great tool for investors to put their resources in. Always providing a major source of research for investment opportunities, trading securities have also become an easy business to jump into. With that said, the lack of major rules on the internet sites makes it the perfect platform for fraudulent characters to flourish. However, to avoid running into fraudulent people who promise major investment opportunities for no apparent reason, you need to align your business with the right investment advisors that can offer excellent advice in regards to the required direction you should follow in business. Learn more about Freedom Checks at


Background Data


Of late, Americans have been asking questions about the possibilities of putting money in an investment docket called freedom checks. First announced to the common citizens through a video released by Matt Badiali, freedom checks have injected some hope into American investors who hope to invest in the business and reap a lot of returns. Some people think that freedom checks are government programs. Well, these are not government programs like the typical Medicaid and Medicare programs that are issued to help the common citizens get affordable healthcare. In essence, checks are an investment opportunity that allows the ordinary citizens to put their money in MLPs with the hope of reaping profits.




Speaking of MLPs, these are companies that operate in the form of publically traded limited partnerships. Such companies combine the significant tax benefits of partners including profits to reward investors through distributions. By law, MLPs mostly operate in the industry of energy by providing as well as managing different resources in the form of oil and gas. As such, these companies can only operate checks if they can part with about 90% of the total revenue that has been made by these companies.



Operating Freedom Checks


Recently, America has been registering little to no importation of oil and gas from the Middle East. At the same time, the two have been performing well regarding being produced in the country. Therefore, most companies in America can operate checks. With that said, investing in freedom calls for diligence and great input regarding understanding the possibilities of making it in the long run. Perhaps the major question is why Matt Badiali should be trusted. Well, Badiali is a skilled geologist who holds a master’s degree in earth sciences. Moreover, he earned a Ph.D. in sedimentary geology from the prestigious University of Carolina. Watch this video at Youtube.