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Jeremy Goldstein Outlines The Importance Of Compromise At The Workplace

Creating a good work environment is something any and every corporate wants, but with the challenges that they face, this can sometimes become harder than it needs to be. Employees and their employers tend to face constant clashes about things like the terms of employment, work hours and mainly incentivization. Corporates all over are constantly facing struggles when it comes to the incentives that they have to give their customers, mostly because of the unsure nature of this task.



Employees tend to want more, which often the company is unwilling to pay. It is common for employees to feel like they need to either be paid more for their hard work or receive a small bonus for the same. Sometimes, corporates want to give them these bonuses, but are not in a favorable position to, while some corporates outright deny any incentives to their employees. For something that can cause so much stress at the workplace, coming to a quick and easy resolution is becoming imperative. Learn more:



While working as a corporate lawyer, Jeremy Goldstein has encountered several cases where employers are put into these unfavorable situations because of the demands that their employees have pertaining to incentives. Goldstein states that one of the best courses of action to implement in this state would be to instate a system that could determine the various aspects of the benefits that an employee can receive.



Currently, a number of companies have been implementing a system known as EPS, which stands for Employee Per Share. This system accounts for the share percentage of the company and correlates that to the number of employees to determine how much an employee can get. However, it is still left up to the employer to decide if an employee should receive that or not, which is something that can still lead to hostility in the workplace.



Goldstein states that the best approach is to communicate and come to a compromise that works for the employer and the employee. This ensures that both parties are satiated with the offer and will be able to carry on their work without any interruptions. Through this route, the employer will be able to understand what it is that the employees expect from them as a company and for the work that they are putting in, and the employee will be able to better know the incentives that they can be offered for the work that they do.



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Jeremy Goldstein is a member of the New York City Bar Association and has been a practicing lawyer for several years. He leads his own company, Jeremy Goldstein, and Associates, which is a well-known name in the field. Through the course of his career, he has worked for a number of big names, helping them with all their legal matters.