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Why Ricardo Tosto is the Mentor that Brazilian Law Students Should Look Up To

The large number of law schools in Brazil has contributed to the country having many lawyers. Brazil was ranked third as having the highest number of lawyers in 2010. The government of Brazil is dedicated to working towards ensuring better education and highly professional and well-trained graduates from the law schools of the country. The ministry is planning to do inspections of all the law courses to ensure that they are in accordance with the basic standards of the world. This will also help to reduce the cases of law students that are not approved during graduation and raise the number of graduates who are approved after the Bar examination and more information click here.

Brazil uses the civil law system that has its origin from the Roman law. Civil law is based on legislations enacted by the power of federal legislature and legislation of states. Being a federative republic formed by the states municipalities unions, it was suitable for Brazil to adopt the civil law system. The government of Brazil is made up of Judicial, executive, and legislative arms. There are several law firms in Brazil that handle emerging legal issues and learn more about Ricardo.

The highest legal system in the country is the Federal Supreme court that has the responsibility of reviewing and safeguarding the Constitution. The court’s decisions play a major role in the country’s legal system for harmonization and law development. The Supreme Court issues interpretations of the constitutional law of Brazil. It is meant to prevent the multiplication of law suits. Since 2004, all the legal systems in Brazil are bound by the sumulas of the Supreme Court and contact him.

Ricardo Tosto went to the University of Presbiteruana Mackenzie where he studied law. Ricardo Tosto is the most prominent lawyer at Tosto and Barros. He is also recognized as a market leader in the Brazilian law field. Tosto and Barros is a firm that offers legal services and is known for providing litigation services. Clients appreciate Ricardo Tosto for his excellent legal services and dedication to his work. All young lawyers in Brazil should look up to Ricardo Tosto as a mentor in their law career. By following his footsteps, one is likely to be successful and Ricardo’s lacrosse camp.

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Why Successful SEC Whistleblowers Have Attorneys On Their Side

In July, 2010, when the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act became a law, the whistleblower incentive program was created as well. The whistleblower program pays people a bounty in return for information that leads to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) uncovering violations that lead to monetary sanctions exceeding $1 million.

The SEC whistleblower program depends on individuals who are willing to report possible violations, nevertheless, not every tip submitted to the SEC warrants further investigation. An SEC whistleblower attorney, who has access to resources such as forensic accountants and financial analysts, is capable of determining if the information is actionable. Having an attorney submit the tip has two main advantages; it is an anonymous submission and if the law firm is experienced in securities litigation, they will ensure the submission contains enough information for the SEC to begin an investigation.

If a tip significantly contributes to a case where sanctions are imposed for SEC violations, the whistleblower may receive 10 to 30 percent of the sanctions as a reward. This is where having an SEC whistleblower lawyer is important; the lawyer is an advocate for their client. The SEC uses seven factors for determining the whistleblower’s reward, including the helpfulness of the tip and the whistleblower’s cooperation during the investigation. An SEC whistleblower attorney’s job is to liaison with the SEC and see that his or her client gets largest reward that they are entitled to.

Whistleblower attorneys also help individuals who are subject to unlawful retaliation by their employer for submitting information to the SEC. Employers cannot fire or demote employees who give the SEC information about possible securities violations. While the vast majority of whistleblowers are employees of the corporation committing the possible fraud, anyone may submit a tip to the SEC if they have credible information. Typically, only employees have access to proof of a fraud scheme since tips cannot consist of publicly available information.

Hesitant whistleblowers should consult an attorney familiar with the whistleblower program for a free case evaluation. It’s not necessary to disclose any information, including the name of the possible securities law violator.