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The Dimensions Of Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran is 58 years of age. As a Malaysian businessman, he has made tremendous strides throughout his career. He is the Executive Chairman of QI companies located in Hong Kong. He is known for his philanthropy, businesses and books as well. Vijay Eswaran goes on speaking tours frequently to discuss different topics in front of panels and audiences. London School of Economics is where he earned a degree in socio-economics during the year 1984. The experience of this prolific businessman ranges from construction to picking grapes. Shortly after graduating LSE, he embarked on the journey of binary system marketing. This newfound interest sparked to him to obtain his MBA at Southern Illinois University during 1986. That information that Vijay received at these two universities would be a solid foundation for his future endeavors. For the next decade he would work several positions as a systems engineer for different companies throughout North America and South-East Asia.

1998 is when QI group was started. Vijay Eswaran served as co-founder of the multilevel marketing company. The company has offices in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. QI Group specializes in travel , luxury products, and corporate investing; to name a few. Eswaran is also the author of five books that have all received high praise and reviews. It has been a progressive journey for him and he appears to be slowing down no time soon. The guy who used to be a taxi driver is now worth well over $500 million and sweats persistence. His panel discussions range from topics such as business growth to personal growth. The more people he talks to, the better things are. Vijay does not believe in isolation and is always rubbing elbows with someone. Dreaming big and believing in himself are keys that he states helped bring his ideas to life.