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Deadpool Has Harsh Words For Wolverine

Deadpool gets his shots in on Wolverine. Ryan Reynolds, in full Deadpool character, has levied barbs against Wolverine on social media. Deadpool even noted that facing Wolverine in the first X-Men Origins film was a “career low”. Again, it was Deadpool making these comments and not Ryan Reynolds. Hugh Jackman gets the joke. That is why he is heaping praise on Deadpool/Reynolds.

The weird way Reynolds is getting into the Deadpool character should stir up hardcore comic book movie fan interest in the new release. We already saw some great feedback from Jon Urbana after he told about his GoFundMe benefit for Earth Force.

20th Century Fox’s new Marvel Comics movie, Deadpool, is going to be a great deal different from heroic cinema releases. The feature film debut is infused with a lot of R-rated comedy and violence.

Fans of the comic book know Deadpool is a parody character. The mercenary pokes fun at all the violent vigilantes that were the rage in the 1990’s. Deadpool’s alter ego, Wade Wilson, is a takeoff on D.C. Comics’ Slade “Deathtroke the Terminator” Wilson. Deadpool also has a mutant healing factor, a nod to the character of Wolverine.

Other iconic heroes are parodied through Deadpool. The martial arts background comes from Daredevil books. The wisecracking running commentary during fight scenes is taken from classic Spider-Man tales.

Deadpool is not a mainstream hero, but he has a loyal following. The Deadpool movie is being produced with a budget far lower than the average hero film. 20th Century Fox thinks the feature can be a hit with a niche male audience.