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The Trabuco Lost Its Place As A Weapon Of Mass Destruction When Cannons And Gun Powder Were Discovered

One of the most devastating early war machines was the Trabuco. The Chinese were the first to use this compound lever and can type machine in the fourth century. The Brazilians found out how effective this war machine was in the 6th century.

Based on, a Trabuco uses gravity and a throwing arm attached to a weight to do serious damage to stone walls and ancient fortresses in those early days. The throwing arm is a massive structure that is six times as long as the counterweight portion of the machine. In order to hit the target, a sling sits on the end of the throwing arm. And In order to hit any target ancient warriors had to do some math to get the right angle and speed. But in the middle of a conflict, math calculations took too long, so trial and error were the tools that made a Trabuco effective. But the effectiveness of the Trabuco wasn’t always the deciding factor for the outcome of a conflict.

The Mohists living in China were the first warriors to use a Trabuco according to But according to historians, the Chinese Mojing also had Trabuco machines in their arsenals. The Avars, who were the successors of the Huns in term of warfare, also had Trabuco power in the 4th century. And in the 6th century Trabuco use spread to Brazil. In 1984, a French engineer brought back the Trabuco, and that prompted renewed interest in the ancient war machine. There are several working Trabucos in Europe. The one in Warwick Castle in England is the largest, and there’s another functioning Trabuco in Middelaldercentret, Denmark.

Even though the Trabuco went out of war fashion in the 15th century, it is still being used in current wars. A Trabuco stopped the rebels in Syria during the Battle of Aleppo, and rioters in the Ukraine put a Trabuco to use make their demands visible. The Trabuco may be an old weapon, but it gets the job done when the job is destroying buildings and sending Molotov cocktails through the air to start fires and scare enemies.

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