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What we need to know about Betsy Devos

People of the state of Michigan who know Betsy DeVos best are having trouble reconciling the fighter they know with the person who was recently confirmed as President Trump’s Education Secretary.


DeVos has made many friends through her travails in Michigan politics. She has people whom she is friendly with on both sides of the aisle. But those who know her as polite, pragmatic, and generous, is coming off as aloof, unprepared, and even insulated.


The former Betsy Prince was born into an affluent Dutch family in Holland, Michigan. She grew up with conservative leanings, and attended Calvin College in Grand Rapids. Not long after graduating college, she married into an even wealthier family — The DeVoses. Her husband Dick DeVos is the son of Amway co-founder Richard DeVos.


Over the years, the couple has used their massive wealth to push for charter schools. They have also given to a number of charities and religious causes. Mrs. DeVos’s political leanings shouldn’t come as a surprise, especially when you look at her family’s ties to the Netherlands.


The debate over public and private schools was a huge issue that dates all the way back to the 1800s in her home country. In the Netherlands, liberal politicians argued against religious schools receiving the same funding as secular schools. This angered reformers and conservatives. What took place in the Netherlands is also one of the earliest known forms of school choice.


The Calvin College theology is the blueprint for what Mrs. DeVos believes in. It is also what the Trump Administration is now pushing. Critics argue that the push towards more religious schools violates the tenants of separation of church and state.


Another knock against school choice is the lack of oversight. Mrs. DeVos opposes this regulation, which many believe is the the detriment of the programs. Even some of her supporters are at odds with her over the lack of monitoring.


Wayne State University Education Professor Thomas Pedroni says Mrs. DeVos has done much to harm public education. “She is a divisive figure,” said Pedroni. The fact that so many charter schools in Michigan are publicly funded and privately operated is not good.


The Potter House is a school in Michigan that the Mrs. DeVos finds near and dear to her heart. She has devoted a lot of time to the school in the form of volunteering. She and her husband have also donated hundreds of thousands of dollars for equipment and other things needed by the school.


Many people who know Mrs. DeVos say her critics really don’t know her at all. “She has a good heart. And she does everything she can for people in need, said Potter House superintendent John Booy.”


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Being one of the great philanthropists, Ara Chackerian is a knowledgeable and skilled entrepreneur based in the United States. For several years he has had a successful career in the healthcare industry. He has been able to invest in many things especially with the fact that he acquired a degree in Marketing from Florida State University. As a result, he has used his knowledge to start up many companies which have been of significant impact in the health sector. Other than that, he has assisted in the provision of solutions in many health problems such as the BMC diagnostics.

Ara has been beneficial in providing practical strategies for many things such as the annual revenues and the long-term profits and losses associated with staff distribution. This has given him a lot of chances to work with different organizations, and in some, he has gotten the privilege of being a board member.




He has been in partnership with physicians and businessmen with the aim of providing more employment opportunities to improve the lives of others and also work to provide solutions for better healthcare provision. This has given him more achievements such as the realization of a more digital mental health care through magnetic stimulation. He understands that for better healthcare, it requires teamwork with a team of people who are skilled, determined and supportive such as health practitioners and entrepreneurs among others. The collaboration will ensure creation and discovery if an idea, the evaluation, the execution and the spread or sell of the concept through visionary entrepreneurs who will help in one way or another improve healthcare and in the long run the society. Check out to see more.



It is his ambition and passion that has made him join in with many investors who share the same goals. As a result, he has made a big difference in the society. This is evident as he has improved the social status of many through employment which in turn has caused the economy to be gradually raised. Ara has also helped the investors relish their full potential in the business realm. He has also been of enormous impact in the digitalizing of medical care making people have good and better health. Therefore, the United States is currently trying to gauge whether his innovations have been a change in the country.

George Soros Highly Influential and Resourceful Political Contributor in the United States

George Soros has been a controversial figure in the United State’s political sphere and has been actively connected with the global politics as well. He is regarded as one of the smartest investors across the globe and has run one of the most successful and profitable hedge funding companies on the planet, Soros Fund Management, since the 1970s. George Soros comes across as radical to a section of the people while for many he is preparing a way for a better tomorrow for the next generation. He believes that there was a time when people and the world were afraid of communism and Nazis ideology, but today it is the Capitalist threat that the people should be more worried about.

George Soros believes that Capitalist threat is getting bigger and more real with time and it is essential that the forces of the world come together to defeat this threat, once and for all. George Soros has been contributing to his financial resources and political influences in the U.S. elections for many years, including trying to block Barack Obama and George Bush for re-Presidency. George Soros also spent around $30 million to finance the Presidential Campaign of Hillary Clinton in the last Presidential Election in the United States. George Soros doesn’t mind using his enormous wealth for a good cause, whether it is social or political. As long as it is making a positive difference and helping build a better future for the next generation, George Soros doesn’t mind spending his fortune.

One of the examples of his giving nature is that he transferred $18 Billion recently to the Open Society Foundation, which has been working for many years in conjunction with hundreds of other charities and organizations. The primary aim of Open Society Foundation has been to reach out to as many people as possible, and George Soros has left no stone unturned in ensuring that the Open Society Foundations has the resources needed to succeed with its mission. George Soros has seen the world transform from his eyes and knows the role of politics in making a positive difference in the world. It is for this very reason he has been supporting the Democratic Party in the United States even though he is not keen on becoming a politician himself and more

George Soros had seen tough times in his life and had even escaped death by a narrow margin when he was young and in Hungary during the Nazi occupation of the country. George Soros doesn’t mind spending his wealth to ensure that the children of today’s generation don’t have to witness and experience what he has in his childhood. George Soros has been funding Open Society Foundations on a regular basis to help towards causes such as public health, marginalization, LGBTQ Community, injustice, education, and more. George Soros is in his late eighties currently but continues to live an active life even at this age. George Soros gives his due attention to both his charity work as well as business and ensures that he keeps a right balance with both of them.

Adam Milstein Support for an Upcoming Meme Competition

The Adam and Gala Milstein Family Foundation in collaboration with other organizations supporting Jewish ideology will be awarding cash prizes to meme creators. The award goes to competitors with the best memes expressing patriotism to Israel. Adam Milstein’s organization will be accepting submissions to its global competition for the Pro-Israel memes. Many talented meme creators have been given a chance to make money from their talent in the Milstein Meme Competition.

The competition accepts dramatic, funny or poignant memes. The competitors can submit photos or any social media tool that can go viral. The contest looks forward to creating a meme stash from classics such as Bad Luck Brian macros and lolcats to emerging memes like Snapchat’s hotdog and MS Paint tributes filter for pro-Israel activists.

Adam Milstein stated that he is using the competition to express the love that pro-Israel activists have for Jewish. The panelists who will be judging are top authorities in social media in meme sector. The contest will start on August 3 a.m. Eastern Standard Time and end on August 14 after voting takes place. Adam Milstein and his team will conduct a reasonable evaluation of each meme before posting on the website for public voting. The public will vote via Facebook reacts such as sad, like, wow, angry, love among others.

After the public votes, the winners of the day will be picked by a board of high school and college student pro-Israel activists. Winners will be announced on August 17 which will include cash prizes given first place will be one winner, second-place winners will be two,and third-place will have five winners and finally ten runners up.

Adam Milstein is a top America’s pro-Israel philanthropist. Adam was born and raised in Haifa, Israel.Adam Milstein and his family migrated to the United States in 1981 where he pursued his studies in the business school at University of Southern California.He focuses on “life path impact” as his priority for effective philanthropy creating programs to maintain a broad and continuous connection to his target population.


The Career of Entrepreneur John Goullet

John Goullet started his career as an IT Consultant, made his way into IT Staffing, and is today is the Principal of Diversant LLC. Diversant is a large IT staffing firm that has offices in states across the United States. Since joining the company in 2010 Goullet has led it into being one of the fastest growing private companies in the US, according to Inc. Magazine.

John Goullet obtained his Master’s degree in Computer Science from Ursinus College in Collegeville Pennsylvania. He then worked as an IT Consultant for about 11 years when he then switched over to the field of IT Staffing. Due to working these two sides of IT he was able to build a deep knowledge of the industry and market trends. He went on to found IT Staffing company Info Technologies and provided staffing solutions to S&P 500 corporations as well as mid-market companies. He then decided to partner with Diversant and together they were able to expand their reach and revenues.

In an interview with ideamensch Goullet goes over his thoughts about IT Staffing and entrepreneurship. His biggest advise to do over and over again as an entrepreneur is to look at what the best run companies are doing and then emulate their best practices. He also advises that you need to hire the very best people you can, and give them a stake in the company. He also emphasizes having a largest group of trainees that you can and to create a culture of responsibility in your company.

He believes that new government regulations are business opportunities in the services industry. He states that any time the government comes out with new regulations there is a way to use them as a moment of opportunity for your business. He is also a firm believer in “productive paranoia”, which is a mentality to cultivate where you believe your competition is always one step ahead and so you need to push yourself and your company ever harder.




Heard of the common adage, “A living is made from what we get while a life is made from what we give?” Well, it seems like the DeVos family realized this secret way back. For the longest time, decades actually, this prominent family has shown relentless commitment in contributing towards charity. Through generations, they have managed to give at least $ 200 million to key institutions of the Christian right and the Conservative Movement. This qualifies them without a doubt as one of the most paramount benefactors of the two institutions placing them among the likes of the Bradley, Koch and Coorse families. These philanthropic deeds have earned the DeVos Family a lot of respect and even some very coveted social positions including access to the Koch brothers invite only donor summit. They have contributed to a good number of charitable organizations. Be it David Koch’s Americans for prosperity, Jerry Falwell’s Moral Majority, The Arch Conservative Heritage foundation, name them. Clearly, the DeVos are a big-hearted family. But all that said about the family; let’s take a sneak peek into the life and charitable deeds of their favorite son, Dick DeVos.
Born in 1955, Richard DeVos Jr is the eldest son to Richard DeVos Sr, one of the co-founders of the Amway foundation. In 1974, this Northwood University alumni began work in their private firm holding various positions and has risen steadily to become the company’s president from 1993 to 2002. During his tenure, he successfully managed the company’s vast operations across 50 countries worldwide and even managed to report a sales record of a handsome $ 4.5 billion in his last fiscal year of service. Apart from that, he was appointed by his father as manager to Orlando Magic, a basketball franchise they acquired in 1991.
In the year 2000, the visionary leader decided to restructure the Amway Corporation and formed an umbrella firm they called the Alticor foundation. Under it was the Amway, Quixtar and the Access Business group. This new idea is what propelled the company to its great heights of expansion into over six continents and multiplying their general sales threefold, a record that has remained unmatched. After this noble work, he retired from the family business and devoted himself fully to his private venture the Windquest group. In 2006 we also see him trying the political scene as aspiring Governor for Michigan only to lose to Jennifer Granholm after a highly contested battle.
Dick DeVos is married with four lovely children to Elizabeth Prince, a union spanning over 35 years now. He still continues to uphold their family values of generosity and philanthropy. In 1989 they successfully founded the Dick and Betsy Family Foundation and have continued to use the foundation as a vehicle to foster their generosity. Richard Jr also pioneered Education Freedom Fund, a scholarship program that has awarded a record 4000 needy students in Michigan.
The accolades on this man are a dime a dozen if not a thousand. The list is endless. In the words of Albert Pike, “What we do for ourselves dies with us but what we do for others and the world at large is immortal.”

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